The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God


By John O.. Ex-WCG pastor.

There is only one life in creation and that life is eternal. So, there can be no death.

For years, most of us believed in the doctrine of "Eternal Death" and that we'd all be thrown into the Lake of Fire if we didn't obey Church doctrine. If we rigidly conformed to the cult teachings, then we'd live our eternity of "rulership" over all nations, or in the case with some groups, an eternity of indolence.

Each church group has its own wacky interpretation of this "final" happening, but the bottom line of the whole doctrine is that - no one wants to die. Death was held out as the punishment for "disloyalty" and certainly for those unrepentant ones who may have left any of the COG cults. If the disfellowshipped one did not return quivering with repentance to the fold, then . . . ZIP . . . into the lake of fire they would go.

The Catholics, since the middle ages, have taught the utterly sadistic concept of souls burning forever if they mortally disobeyed Catholic doctrine. Since that's not only illogical, and it's even Biblical rubbish, most Catholics have ignored this teaching. Recently, the Pope came out, with an official statement, and said that there's really no hell fires at all, and that "Hell" is actually a state of mind. How about that?

But none of these groups sees fit to talk much about death. So, let's have a look at the that much avoided and taboo subject. Since we now know that the Worldwide Church of God cults, plus their progeny, are a bunch of theological wackos, an open look at the facts behind death may be helpful to some and healing to others. Death is an inescapable part of life that we honestly need to examine, because each of us will pass through this event.

The information that is given here is only some of the data available on this subject. It is, by no means, the end of the matter. Once again, I can only ask that people check into the details for themselves, keep looking and researching, and use these particulars given here for your own input, and hopefully, for your encouragement and betterment.

The opening statement in this article actually gives the summation of what we're discussing. To begin, there can ONLY be God alone throughout the entirety of creation, and since there cannot be God AND something else, then all of us must have been spawned from that one Divine source. And that source is eternal.

It would take too many pages to discuss the various manifestations of God as related to us, and God's expressing Himself/Herself/Itself AS us, but as the previous article IMMORTALITY brings out, we are already immortal, and the only part of us that disintegrates is the physical body, and that only changes molecular form, since it's not needed anymore. The Higher Self or Divine Inner Self or Spirit moves on, and is now unimpeded by the physical body structure which it has worn for so many years.

Lots of scientific experiments have been done over time regarding what happens when a person dies. Granted, the physical body ceases to function, the breath goes, and everything physical simply goes limp with no more movement. But, something else has oftentimes been recorded at the moment of death, or soon thereafter.

In many cases, a departing person has been in hospital and hooked up to a variety of electronic instrumentation. There are the usual voltage sensors, the EKG machine, the encephalograph, and the oscilloscopes set to compute the frequency of any energy transfer that can be measured. Medical and research doctors are still seeking the unknown things that occur at this time, and they would do anything to document the full extent of what is happening. But, neither the encephalograph nor the oscilloscopes can give us a complete and satisfying answer.

While we're still basically in the dark about all the facts here, and doctors are too, one thing does stand out as having been documented (when the applicable instrumentation was connected) and after each person dies. It is a release of vibratory energy whose frequency is literally right off the oscilloscope's scale. Storage oscilloscopes, with long phosphorescence displays, have been used to try and record this release, which may take up to a few seconds, but the actual vibratory frequency of the energy is too high for our best instrumentation. In other words, it is beyond the speed of light.

It would be logical to then conclude that when our Spirit Self leaves the physical arena of the body, it moves on to somewhere akin to its own vibration, and this frequency of operation is much higher than anything we experience in this physical world. The atomic structure of our physical body has its own maximum vibratory frequency of the speed of light, but the inner Spirit has an agenda of its own. It's frequency extends to the higher bandwidths of upper dimensions, and when the physical body "sleeps" or dies, this Spirit is then free to travel to wherever It calls home.

The physical body - of itself - can neither see, hear, touch, taste, or smell. The proof of this is that a dead body can do none of these things. But when the body is alive and the Higher Self or Spirit is then living within it, then the outer body can indeed perform each of these sense functions. Therefore, it is the inner Spirit that is the "proprietor" of these senses and not the outer body. So, when the body dies and the Spirit moves on, that Spirit Self must logically move on, possessing the same senses as the body simply used while it was still active. In other words, when we "die," in reality, we are still alive. The real life is in the Spirit and not the body. We then - when we're released from the body - will still be able to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell, but this time, without the restrictions of the heavy, outer body, and we'll do all this at a higher level of existence and alongside a higher order of comparable beings.

We can probably use an analogy here. Suppose we look at our TV set. It has numerous channels, and each channel covers a band of frequencies. All those TV frequencies are inside our homes all the time, but it takes a tuner to select which channel or bandwidth we wish to watch. While we watch Channel 3, we cannot see what's on Channel 4, because Channel 4 is a higher frequency and we are not tuned to it. When we tune to Channel 4, we cannot see Channel 5, and so forth.

Since, at death, our Spirit moves on to a higher frequency plane or dimension, then it's logical that we won't be able to see it, the same as we can't see higher TV channels when we're still tuned into a lower one. And we, as Earthbound folks, are still (for a while yet) tuned to our lower frequencies. But the Spirit (which is our "real" person and not needing a body) is still very much alive. It's simply in a higher dimension, that's all. But, it IS still alive, and this then, is the updated home location and the new life of that late person we once knew. Life is eternal. It just changes its locale and dimension, but it is still a living intelligence.

If this information is "freeing" for many folks, then good. It's intended to give the facts as we now have them, and people would rather know the truth (at least as much as we know) than be left in the dark. Cults will never tell you anything that resembles truth, especially about death, because they always want to hold that fear over people.

Some may now ask the logical question: "If this explanation is correct, then why don't our departed ones come back to tell us what it's like?" The answer is that they don't have to, nor do they need to. If we know the facts, then none of us would ever want them to come back here either. They've moved on. They have their own lives now (it's eternal and ever-growing), and we have ours to finish here on this planet. Their job here is done. They've finished their time here, and now they're continuing to grow in another locale. It's almost like parents letting their children leave home to start their own lives. It must happen sometime. We may not like it, but we must realize that it has to happen. And so, it must happen with our departed. They need to grow in their own eternal space now. They've graduated from this Earthly plane. They need to get on with eternity, and learn and continue to grow. They're Ok. They're doing just fine, and we don't need them to leave their new abode and come to us just to say: "Hi." It's simply not necessary. Live and let live.

Sure, we all miss our departed ones. There are oodles of folks I'd like to have back with me, but I've also had to realize that they have to get on with their own segment of eternity, just the same as I have to get on with mine. And I'll always miss them . . . until I see them again.

If this has given food for thought to many, then good, because this is the greatest gift we can be given . . . the gift of free thought and logical reasoning. That's exactly where proper freedom is truly at home. And cults hate this freedom. That's why our Forefathers proclaimed that we must have the right to free speech, because that shows we have open minds and intellects to make choices, and that is our true freedom.

Cults, on the other hand, don't want anyone to think. When they read this article - and they surely will - many will predictably start frothing and foaming at the mouth. Any such presentation of facts only leads to more and more questions. What about reincarnation, people will ask? What about the time before our birth? What have we been doing for eternity? What is eternity? Who are we, really, and what is our real nature? Why are we here? And cult leaders and their hirelings do NOT want these questions coming from a thinking congregation, because these ignorant leaders have no logical answers.

Cults, and many churches, would rather their membership behave like cultic zombies and never ask thought provoking questions . . . especially about death. Death is a cult's ultimate weapon, and (as Paul said) will be the last enemy to be conquered. If we have the facts about it, then it can be conquered here and now. And the cults with their demented, sick teachings will have no more hold over any of us. We can be free.

Since most cult leaders and their hireling "ministry" are fundamentally uneducated in any theological (and lots of other) matters, they have no reasonable answers to the eternal questions which can be found simply by allowing people to think freely for themselves. This is our basic, fundamental and inalienable right . . . to think freely. And that - as stated before - is REAL freedom. The answers to our greatest mysteries have always been there, but evil men (or tares) seek to suppress any truth because it detracts from their own ego, their power, their accumulation of wealth, and their perversely destructive natures.

Let's hope that this article provokes lots of thought and new ideas as a result.


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