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Does God Care?

By JohnO

How many times over the ages have we heard that question? How many times on the PT site have people said they doubt if God cares about us at all? How many times have people grieved over the loss of a loved one who died before their time? How many times have we all asked the question as to why God allows all the suffering in this world? With many, the answer has been that since God appears so indifferent to human suffering, then there probably is no God.

The aim of this article is not to give all the answers, but maybe open some new areas of thinking on the subject. I'm not pretending that this will be an easy article to read or its contents easy to digest, but for what it's worth, what follows could be the answer to many questions that the above title raises. As always, the reader is encouraged to prove all things, and check out any references. If further references are required, then please ask. There's an email address at the end. But please, prove all things.

The biggest blockage to the answer of the above question is religion. All of us remember the trite answers in Worldwide Church of God, and after a while of listening to that drivel, the sub-conscious starts to believe what was told us, even if the cultmasters lied. I seriously doubt if any of them knew the answers either, but they parroted the same rubbish that was fed to them from the cult leaders. The standard answer was (as most of us remember) that this is "Satan's world," and since the devil ruled in the kingdoms of men (maybe that part is figuratively true), then we were virtually at Satan's mercy, and God could only spare us suffering if God wanted. But the reason for suffering was all Satan's fault, and it seems the devil had emasculated God. God, we were told, loves all mankind, but He was incapable of intervening at this time, because Satan ran the show on Earth. Thus came the standard conclusive answer that eventually Jesus would return, kick Satan's ass, and the world would then become God's. Amen.

The article PRAYER AND MEDITATION gave only some very broad principles of the workings of God and prayer - as it all ties in with the premise of God caring enough to answer prayer. There were many details that could have been included, and there were many questions that could have been addressed, but since the article was given as a study in overall principles, many queries and explanatory reasons had to be eliminated. It's also impossible to give details about any subject if the overall premise is not first presented for readers to absorb as they will. The article talked of the mechanics of prayer and meditation only, but there were many more things that could have been said that would fill in the numerous gaps. One of those gaps is the question of "Does God Care?" and hopefully, what follows may help some in understanding the principles that seem to forever by-pass religious teachings.

It's worthwhile noting here that nothing which follows is new. For those who many wish to examine the subject further, then please look up "Science of Mind," on the Internet and indulge yourselves for a start. This and other subjects are available in books from DeVorss & Co in CA. These concepts are thousands of years old, but with our modern view of science and physics, these ancient concepts make more and more sense with each passing year. This explanation will also dove-tail in with other articles written on the site.

If it wasn't for religious teaching, and Worldwide Church of God helped perpetuate this falsehood, then we'd all be able to stand back from things and take an honest look at most questions without being afraid of the consequences. Do we all remember how we dared not challenge God (or His ministers), and if we queried God's methodology, then this was blasphemy, and God would "blast" us into molecules? We had to - like robots - accept whatever God fed us and say "Amen." To get pissed off at God, or even challenge the whole she-bang was tantamount to the Lake of Fire. Well, this is what we're going to do now. We're going to challenge the whole idea of "God's Love" to man, how it's viewed by religion, and try and make some sense of it all in the light of what we see, hear, know, observe, and have proven for ourselves.

The bottom line - Does God Care? The answer - NO. God doesn't give a damn.

The reason? Because God is incapable of caring. That is not God's function, and this "caring" matter has been shown - and proved many times - to be an issue which is obviously of no interest to the Infinite Power that runs the Universe. We are of no more personal interest to God than we, ourselves, would have personal interest in a bunch of fleas on a dog's tail in Lapland.

God - the Infinite - is not interested in us personally, privately, or in any other way. God doesn't care what we do on this Earth, how we live, or what karma we may incur. God doesn't even know about our little games of life, nor is God concerned. Our planet can blow up, and it is of no interest to God. The Universe can crumble, and it still is of no interest. There are plenty more universes. God doesn't care whether we're sick or healthy, whether we live or die, whether we we're happy or sad, or whether we're rich or poor. God doesn't care for anything except Its own existence. God just IS, and there's no room for our own little personal problems in that scenario.

So, if God doesn't care for anything or anybody except Its own existence, then does anyone care at all? Yes. We do. We are the personal aspect in this huge equation, and we care - because we're personal beings. God is not. More of that in a moment.

Why is God incapable of caring? Because God is not self-made and self existing for that function. Although there must be personal creativity in God (since God is "all and in all"), but if we look at all creation, then we see that the personal aspect occupies only a minute segment of the Infinite. A few articles on the site have given a broad attempt at putting God into the proper perspective, and in each case, it appears by observation that, God is not personally connected to our lives in the way we've been taught by the emotion of religion.

That fact that we receive life, breath, bodily functions, and thots from something "out there" is undeniable. We don't do any of those things ourselves, and can only attribute those things (which are totally correct from a scientific point of view) to a power way beyond our understanding. Since we cannot "see" that power, we regard It as spiritual, and since Its capabilities appear to be endless, we regard It as Infinite.

In fact, we can regard God as the "plasma" of the Universe from whom we derive life, breath, and all other things that constitute our physical life and existence. God is simply the energy or power into whom we have been plugged, and from the contact with that power, we have life. For anyone to pray directly to this plasma, for the most part, will find it useless. It's just as useless as praying to the electricity from the wall outlet. However, prayers are answered for another reason which will be explained later. Although there is an infinity of ideas, creations, and all emotions in this plasma, it is not individualized, and as such if we're to pray to such an Infinity, then all we're doing is throwing our requests against a vast wall of Infinite energy that has no concept of us as individuals or has any concern for our personal needs. The proof of this is evident. If God, being "Love," were really involved with us in a personal way, then the world would obviously be a much better place to live with all the prayers for peace now being offered. It has to be obvious that this Infinite Energy is to be respected as more powerful than anything else in creation . . . granted. But, It exists in a realm of originating thot that is so far beyond and different from us that It simply is not relating to us personally on this physical, human level. We, as mere humans cannot relate to Infinity. So, God feeds us with life and supply, but it is quite obvious that It is not involved in the rest of our day to day living.

Over the years, God has been called other things besides Infinity. God's been called Energy, The Force, Ether, Spirit, and that which IS, etc.. There are so many different schools of thot on the subject, and each has its own pet name for the Infinite. But most metaphysicians and even scientists will concede that, whatever "It" is, It is beyond the scope and dimension of any understanding that we may have, and It does not and cannot interface with humans. Although It has within Itself, all aspects of humanity and non-humanity, love and hate, personal and impersonal, and only exists as and through all creation, It's function is simply a vast storehouse of Energy supply which can be drawn from and used as we individuals choose. It appears to know only Itself, and is content to live eternally in the realm of thot and constant infinite growth.

So, where does this leave us? All of the above makes God sound like some impersonal "blob," but as stated, It has within It every quality we all need, including compassion and caring. Since It does not dispense these human or personal traits to us on our lower level of existence, then how do we get them? And how are they fed to us?

For that, we must look to ourselves and our own nature. Since we derive our lives from the Infinite, then our lives are an extension of the Infinite. But since our lives are personalized, and the Infinite (in general) does not relate to this, there must be some part or segment of the Infinite that is individualized as our personal nature, since we are personal beings. We are, in effect, a minutely filtered part of the Infinite, and a part that contains individualization as well personality, ideas, character, and abilities. We are an extension of the Infinite, but manifested as a miniscule fragment of Its thinking. We are a result of this extension's creation, as since this extension of ours is a piece of the Infinite, then it too must be spiritual in nature and not physical. We could regard this spiritual ray of the Infinite like we regard the rays of the sun. This is the real us. This is our real nature. We are simply like one ray, or aspect, of the sun's (or Infinity's) outbreathing. We, as spiritual beings, express the Infinity through our own personal - and outer physical - form, and in a very limited way. We are all the expressed creation one of an Infinite number of these rays that extend from the Infinite, but since we all have the same life source with different forms, we are still all one.

Teachers for thousands of years have called this "spiritual" self of ours our Higher Self, or the Father within, or the Christ (anointed nature), or the Divine Nature. In Biblical vernacular, this inner spirit life that is the real us, is called "The Soul."

Back in the 1930's, they invented the oscilloscope. When they stuck in enough amplification for the vertical sweep, they started to measure voltages and looked at all sorts of wave shapes. They also started, over the years, to examine the voltages produced by the human body. In particular, they looked at brain and thot waves. After a while, they found that the body gave out two lots of waves that were regarded as brain waves, and they came from two different body areas. One was, naturally, from the head, but the other was from the area of the heart. Despite what area of the brain that scientists finally deduced these "heart" waves eventually flowed through, most agreed that the origin was the heart.

While the brain waves from the head responded in sync to conscious thinking, the heart waves appeared to be calmer, more balanced, and coincided with a person's deeper and more mature thots. The metaphysician calls those heart waves the result of "Soul" thinking, while the scientist called it the working of the sub-conscious.

Since the Soul is the only thing that is spiritual about us that has any personal feelings whatsoever, then it might be wise to establish some sort of internal communication with this inner spirit of ourselves - the Father within. Since the Soul has direct contact with the Infinite, then all our answers are there and not in some Church, philosophy, or cult. In the previously mentioned article on prayer, the comment was made that God knows what we want, while we (as humans) do not. It is our own Soul that has these answers, and the Soul knows exactly what we want. Also, since the Soul (which is the anointed "Christ" of everyone - and this is not talking about Jesus) is the one open conduit we have between us and the Infinite, it becomes our only way of communicating with God, as it is impossible to do so directly. In this way, we can be participators of the God energy, and blessings. This is probably the origin of the ancient text that says it is "Christ" who is the mediator between God and man.

The body is the outer physical form, and is again, a scaled down, compressed and lower frequency structure that has been produced as an outbreathing from the Soul. This body is the fastest way we have to learn, as the pain is usually so intense. If we're honestly led by the Soul, we'll certainly have our trials and tears, as well as joys and laughter. But the Soul knows the quickest way for us to evolve. When we are totally in sync with the Soul, then we'll know as much as it does, and we won't need to be here any more. The Universe and Infinity await us.

So, God in this context doesn't give a hoot about us. God's function is to exist and provide life and not to be involved with any of us personally. That personal function belongs to the Soul. That fact has to be obvious to any who have asked the question: "Does God Care?" The answer again - no.

Caring and nurturing is the job of the Soul, and the relationship between it and our conscious minds will be the most important relationship we can every have. It is an eternal relationship that will guide us - if we let it - to the heights of the Divine Nature that was intended from the beginning. It is the Soul that has intervened (in our ignorance) to see prayers have been answered, and it knows what is the best for our lives, future, and eternity - whether we like the results or not. But we must let it be the ultimate judge of our future.

To sum up - God is the Infinite Energy of the Universe. It is neither personal nor impersonal. It exists, knowing only Itself, and for the purpose of distribution of life and energy to whatever vehicle is tuned to Its output. The Soul is our own personalized ray or beam of the Infinite that is expressed as us. Since the Soul is spawned from the Infinite, then it too must be spiritual. The Soul is the real us. It is our Higher Self, and our Christ. It uses the Infinite to create a personalized expression through us, learn through us, and feed the learning back to the Infinite who continues to grow at an infinite rate as a result. The Soul is our contact with the Infinite, our guide, our wisdom, and our Father. Our body is the outer vessel for manifestation, and the one that does all the hurting, receives all the pain, but is also the best vehicle for spiritual growth in this time-space continuum.

And that's why such an Infinity like God, who cannot relate to us, doesn't really care about us or our problems. That's also why praying directly to It isn't going to have the effect we want when we ignore the one mediator that's in the middle. Forget the prayers to God. Talk to the mediator, the Christ within us all, the Higher Power, the Father within, and wait for the inevitable results.

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