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By JohnO

While this article is not a "How to . . ." type of essay, it's intended to provide food for thot, and is in answer to a number of private emails regarding the above subjects.

Do we all remember in Worldwide Church of God how we were taught to pray? If there wasn't something in our prayers about "God's work," then we were doing it all wrong. How many of us remember getting sermons about our prayers that were not answered. Most of the time, as I remember, the reasons that our prayers were not answered were always due to a lack of our "loyalty," or our hearts were not "in the work."

With meditation, it was much of the same drivelish teaching. "Meditate on the law," we were told. Think about this, think about that, concentrate on this and that. And that was the problem. For in actual fact, during meditation, we shouldn't have been thinking at all.

With each discipline, we were taught incorrectly. While Worldwide Church of God never taught most things correctly anyhow, some hirelings may have had some clues on the subjects of prayer and meditation, but the resultant teaching was so "iffy," that no one could be sure of what anything was. So, let's open up each subject, from a metaphysical point of view, and see what we were taught and how it differs from what actually works.

In an overall and simplified sense, prayer can be regarded as talking to God, and meditation as God talking to us. But this must always be a two-way conversation. To get answers to prayer, we must also learn to listen. And this is where many have had problems, and why so many prayers go unanswered.

Remember that we were told that we had to beg God until the tears rolled down our cheeks? We had to tell God how unworthy we were to get anything, and sure enough, we got nothing. We were taught to pray for God's will, but most of us thot, what the hell is God's will? We weren't listening. We were never taught how. I remember one sermon on how God answered our prayers. We were told that God said either, "Yes," "No," or "Wait." Now, that's one helluva cop-out answer. It says nothing.

And so, the membership begged, prayed, groveled, and beseeched God for favors, and while we sometimes got our requests granted, the odds would have been just as good if we didn't pray at all. Things came to us whether we prayed or not. People lived and died, got jobs and didn't, made money and didn't, found their loves and didn't. The odds were really not much (if any) different than if we weren't in any church at all. In the end, if we were honest with ourselves, we had to conclude that prayer did not work in the way we were taught it would. Something was radically wrong here. The Bible supposedly taught us that we'd always get our faithful prayers answered. No exceptions. Many of us did not.

Another thing that we were taught is that God answered the prayers of righteous people for righteous reasons. He would (supposedly) never give us anything that was bad or evil for others. Oh??? But, Hitler and Herbie both unknowingly prayed, and their prayers were for much darker purposes. Both used the universal principles of prayer, got what they wanted, and neither one even realized that they were actually "praying." They both had a focus, a dream, a desire, and saw only that end result. And, in the metaphysical sense, this is praying. This may sound a little weird, but although these jackals didn't actually kneel down and pray, they applied the principles, and were rewarded with those terrible results for everyone else except themselves.

This is also how witchcraft works. There's no "magic" here. It's simply the result of people using the universal laws for the wrong and selfish purposes. Many who have foolishly dabbled in these darker areas have found that they can get their prayers answered too. But karma will have its toll. All it takes is the concentrated focus on a goal and the persistent desire and drive toward that goal to achieve the end result. The principle is the same in all cases, but the karmic output is entirely different. Hitler was reputed to have used witchcraft, and I wouldn't be surprised if Herbie did the same - judging by his fruits. Both could have used those universal laws to benefit others, but instead, they used it for their own aggrandizement and the oppression of others.

When someone prays, they can pray for anything they want - good or bad. But, when we pray, please be assured that we will get everything we've asked for, and we'll reap whatever karma comes from the prayer's answer. So, it's vital that we know what we're asking for, because we'll most assuredly get exactly that. Both the actual process and details of always getting answers to prayer are remarkably simple and always dependable, but first, some explanation is necessary of the spiritual process involved. Once that's understood, the foolproof methodology is simple.

In the article WANNA MEET GOD, some details to express "God" were attempted Since it's impossible to define Infinity, the best thing we can describe God is as "All life - seen and unseen." And that's a really rough description. This "God" energy life force permeates everything, even mineral life, and although minerals have no consciousness, there is phenomenal life within the atomic sub-structure of the mineral mass itself. As life becomes more evolved, consciousness is more developed until the stage of self awareness appears, and homo sapiens is manifested.

Maybe it's best to think of God as the Infinite Energy of all creation that lives AS everything and in ALL forms, in all galaxies, in all universes, in all dimensions, in all time space-continuums, in all other continuums, and in all other aspects of Originating Thot. George Lucas called it "The Force." As such, it's no good begging, pleading, or beseeching such a Universal life force to bend Itself to suit our fancies or desires. Such a force (and all such forces and life derived from it) follows the principles of universal law. And such laws won't change just because we simply want them to. We cannot change the laws of gravity or electromagnetic attraction by praying about them. But we can use them to advantage by harmonizing ourselves with them. So, it is we who must adjust ourselves to blend with these laws and then - mountains will move.

Imagine a wall power outlet. It has electricity power for our use. We don't beg it, pray to it, or plead with it to give us power. We simply make sure that our application conforms with the way electricity works. If we follow the laws of electricity, we can then light a lamp, run our appliances, and power a whole house with comfort. We didn't pray to it. We've just used its principles properly. So it is with God.

But, as has already been stated, we can use this power in a wrong way too. If we plugged a cord into the outlet, and stripped the end of the wires, we could electrocute someone. It's the same power, but it's now used in a wrong way. That's how Hitler, Herbie, etc., always got what they wanted. They unknowingly plugged into the universal Infinite principle of creation and life for the wrong reasons. But they got what they wanted because they used the one foolproof key to "suck" energy from this Infinite source, and used it for the dark purposes that they wanted, and to their own perverted advantage. That key is the mind.

What overrides these despots and neutralizes their power input, is - that when many others find out about their wrongdoing, the combined, spiritual opposition to their evil doing is negated, and thus Hitler eventually fell, and Herbie was neutralized. This is why the Worldwide Church of God+ cults are suffering today. People are waking up, and unknowingly, they're mentally sending a prayer of deliverance for the truth which counteracts the madness of those cultmasters and their teaching.

Once we form an idea (or ask) for something we'd like, we start a spiritual "prototype" in a higher dimension. That prototype can be for something good or bad. It doesn't matter, as the universal law only sees it as a starting creation. If that prototype is allowed to grow undisturbed, then in time, it will produce a physical creation, and our prayer is "answered." The big clue here is not to change the prototype every five minutes. Once we're sure of what we want, the rest will follow. It's not necessary for us to fill in all the details of how the end result is achieved, because that would be impossible for us to guesstimate, but it is necessary for us to continue to hold the vision and focus on the final goal and not let it go. God fills in the details.

But, there's a down side here too. Getting answers to prayer may take quite a while. So, whatever happens, we must be patient. To get a prayer answered can take the shifting of many other things in the world around us in order to bring about the thing that's wanted. So if - in this process - which may take a short time, or weeks, months or even years, we decide to change our minds, we've actually wrecked the creation that we started when we first asked for what we wanted. So, as mentioned before, it's vital to really know what we want and that we don't change our minds. In time, when all the forces come together just right, the answer will come. This is also why many prayers fail. We change our minds so much because we don't really know what we want.

That brings us to the next question. How do we really know what we want? The answer? We don't. But God does.

Since God is all life and breathes this living force through us, then God lives as us. God takes our form, the same as It does with everyone and everything else and lives as them too. Our life and breath (spirit) are all God empowering life. God can certainly decide what's best for the particular form that It's occupying in the same way that It decides what's best for a plant, a rock, or a cloud. So the easiest thing for us to do is let God decide what It wants for the betterment of our own vessel. In that way, we'll always be the happiest and most content throughout life.

Since God is ever growing, then that too must be the formula for our particular vessels, and if we let it happen, we'll grow too if we don't fight it, and with growth, will automatically come more blessings than we can imagine. We simply must let go of our own desires, and let God decide what It wants for our lives, and then our prayers will work because they must be totally in sync with the laws of the universe. "Your will be done." Sometimes this can be tough to swallow, as we always tend to want to achieve our own personal way. In the meantime, we carry on with our regular lives.

This is where meditation comes in. This is where God talks to us. When the answer comes, we will find that what God wants is actually the deepest desires of our heart. It will be things that we've always wanted, and wanted to do, it will be the things that will give us the greatest satisfaction, and it will be the things that will fill us with the greatest joy. God wants only the best for the vessels It's inhabiting. The worst happens when the vessel is not listening. Have we ever felt (over a period) that we'd like something? Have we ever felt we'd like to accomplish something? Have we ever visualized ourselves in some position or state that would give us the greatest happiness? That's God talking. Let's listen.

Again, please let's be careful of what we visualize. If our mental creation would bring destruction or pain on someone else, then we'll suffer the inevitable karma. If the creation is good and pleases all concerned, then it's good karma and worth continued consideration. But, either way - good or bad, the creation belongs to us, so wisdom is involved here too. We will reap what we sow.

For the most part, and with most folks, our desires are usually good, and can be a blessing to ourselves (and that's Ok too), and if applicable, to others as well. Meditation helps us sort out the good from the bad and the ugly.

Sit in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed for a few minutes, relax comfortably as you normally would, close your eyes and think of nothing except the peace within yourself. Do not doze off. If you think of nothing for a while (and this takes practice), the peace will come. You may even find yourself grinning and a joy rising within you. Don't even try and think about anything, or expect anything. Just relax and enjoy the quiet, peace and happiness of the moment. Stay there as long as you want, or can, but don't strain yourself. If you're itchy, then scratch. If a thot enters your mind, gently put it aside and go back to thinking about nothing. It will take practice, but sooner or later, everyone who persists, will connect with the periphery of God. You'll know it when you touch It.

This can be done each day, if we can find the time and place. Apart from seeking "God's will," it's also good to get input from a higher and Divine source regularly. This continued guidance can give us wisdom, confidence, peace of mind, and has even been known to improve the health of folks in some cases.

Since we've all wondered what's the best thing for us and the best things to desire and pray for, we enter meditation with that question in the back of our mind. Don't expect an answer at any specific time. It will come, in due course. We cannot "push" it. And when it comes, and it proves to be our heart's desire (or many of them), we'll then know that what we really want (and many already know what that is), and we'll know that our human will is indeed at one with the will of God. Then we can be assured that this desire (or prayer) will automatically be answered in the right time. There is no other scenario. This is the law of the universe.

If we then have this burning desire for that particular something/s, then let's acknowledge that this is only God wishing for a fuller expression through us. God wishes to express Itself in a more complete manner, and we are Its vessel. So, let's allow God to do what It wants. And that's making us happy as well, giving us what we really want, as well as Its experiencing more of this life through our psyches.

The rest is simple. Since we've now accepted what God's will is, and besides that, God's will is that we be happy, prosperous, growing, and productive, we proceed to the next part. And that part finalizes and cements the whole deal.

The only prayer that may need be said is something like: "Ok God, since we now know what we both want and that is both your will and mine, then please fulfill your desires through me. Your will be done."

There's nothing else that need be said. We've just given God the Ok to use us as Its vessel to accomplish what we've both decided is the best for us both, and will bring us the greatest blessings. The choice of acceptance is ours. And now, we've opened the spiritual floodgates, and the God energy will flow. In time, the creation (desire) will appear automatically. And if everyday - no matter how long it takes - we keep the end result in mind, and have the assurance that "Your will be done." We also maintain the positive and happy guarantee, knowing that this prayer MUST be answered, because that's a universal law, then it most surely will, and the blessings will follow.

And that's called "Living by faith."

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