The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
By JohnO

 Yes. There is a balance to ego. We can have pride in ourselves, our accomplishments, our work, and our life. But there is also a dark side to ego. It leads to the Hitlers of the world, the Saddam Husseins, the Stalins, the Maos, and the dead Herbies, etc. It also leads to the fluster of arrogants that now think they're successors to Apostle Herbie, each believing personally that they alone are "God's chosen."

An oversized ego can lead to arrogance, domination of a membership, and eventual physical and psychological destruction to all the "believers."

An interesting article popped up on the internet on 10/17/01. This was regarding the 9/11 bombing. It's contents are below. "Steven Waldman, editor in chief of BeliefNet, explained the surge in interest in spiritual issues: 'No former-general-turned-TV-pundit is going to help us understand why God allowed his children to be slaughtered. You have to turn to religion to deal with questions like that. The questions raised by this attack are so hard and so unanswerable. It is religion that traffics in the most terrible of life's questions.'"

That's a great cop-out. "Only God can help us." Is that so? Then why didn't IT? Please refer to the article ACTS OF GOD, and then put a lid on it. Let's face it. If religion COULD answer (above) life's questions, then where are the answers? No one's obviously listening. No one's been listening for the total time of human history. There's nothing but war and slaughter since time began. Where was "God?"

Again, as I've said before - I don't believe in "A" God, but an Infinite source of thought energy from which we can derive anything we want. What religion has taught people is really "God" is some monster spirit being above the stars. And if you follow His laws (as dictated by your particular church), then you can live with "God" and bask in His glory, or burn forever in hell fire. Each church has its own rules, regulations, and laws. No wonder people are confused.

But if we look at God as the Infinite source of life, love, and all things, then we can draw from that power. We can become a Hitler, a Herbie, or we can be an Albert Schweitzer or a Mother Teresa. This energy "breathes" through us in our own individual way, and that could happen by using our own individual talents, that combined, make up the collection of (what could be) a harmonious world. What we do with that energy is up to us.

The problem with the present Taliban is ego gone mad. "My beliefs are better than your beliefs," and "My religion is better than your religion," and "Look to me for guidance, and I will lead you to Allah. Kill yourselves against the infidels." This is ego gone crazy.

This rubbish is a repetition of what happened during the Crusades, but what good did it do? It slaughtered Christians, Muslims, and Jews. In the end, it was pointless. A result of ego gone awry. The Muslims had their blood purges. The Catholics had their Inquisitions, and if modern "Christian" religion gets their way, there will be another blood bath. And it all bases down to ego. When will we ever learn?

If there were no unbridled ego, there'd be no religions, no hatred of any race, color, or creed. There'd be no boundaries between countries, and complete freedom to learn from any other race or culture. We could visit each other, learn from each other, and grow as a result.

WCG, headed by Apostle Herbie was loaded with ego. Like Osama Bin-Laden and his bunch of bloodthirsty (Zeig Heil) lieutenants, dead Herbie also had his close following of cultmasters who would have done virtually anything for their paychecks and perks. Their egos were stroked, they were always called "Mister," and - like the Pharisees - they always sat in the prominent seats in the congregation. WCG was an "ego" out of control. And now - they're all (WCG+ cults) are scrambling to get that adoration back again. Sorry guys (and your wives) it ain't working.

For some strange reason, you WCG+ cultmasters and hirelings believe you're better than the membership you control. For some egotistical reason, you believe you think you're superior to the congregation. Lemme tell you a secret.

"He who would be greatest among you, then let him be you SERVANT." You have yet to learn that lesson and live as the regular people . . . which - of course - you won't do.

Herbie gave you too much and inflated your egos like the Good Year Blimp. It's ego that's stopping you all from abandoning your ill-gotten luxury and using the APOLOGY PAGE.

Please remember, many of your membership are reading this site. Articles can and are being downloaded to printers, and the emails are being sent out. Granted, the members may be threatened from the pulpit, but that a sure sign of your guilt. The membership isn't stupid. Sooner of later they'll get the idea of the over inflated egos that infiltrate the "leadership." Cultmaster's arrogance will show - especially if you specifically ask the questions in the below article It may take a while, but it WILL come. Check out the questions proposed in ISLAM, TERRORISM, AND THE RUBBLE.

We all have egos. Some more than others. With the "Hitlers" of this world, the ego plot is off the map. Many cultmasters and hirelings of WCG+ get sucked in at an early age, and simply don't know how to get free of the mess that they're in.

The answer is simple. LET GO OF YOUR EGO. As it is, the Osama Bin-Laden fanatical attitudes have permeated the minds and hearts of the loyalists of the WCG+. It's all the same goose stepping loyalty of Hitler's mob, Mao's mindless followers, Stalin's brutal regime, Saddam Hussein's strutting force, Osama Bin-Laden's suicidal maniacs, and the same spirit is spawned in the "loyalty" sermons, subtlety fed to congregations that will not think for themselves. They fear . . . so they blindly obey.

There is NO tithing system anymore (proof available - just ask for it), and if you cut off their supply of buckaroos, then you shrivel their egos. Without your money, they can't exist. Test them. If you must, then put your tithes into a separate bank account. If a minister rolls up his sleeves and goes to work at a real job, then you know he's serious. If not, or if he threatens you with "God's wrath," then he's sponging off you . . . the membership.

Bill F. reminded me of John Lennon's song the other day. "Imagine there's no countries,

It isn't hard to do.

Nothing to kill or die for,

And NO religion too."

With each particular religion thinking, it believes that IT is the ONE true religion, then the egos go flying. If we get rid the world of religion, and live as one, appreciating each other for our differences and cultures, and loving each other, then the world (like John Lennon said) "would live as ONE." Religion is nothing but control over a congregation, and a biz to make money for the top brass. Completely get rid of it, and we'll have a new world. But first, the egos must go.

But how do we rid the world of the egos of a Saddam Hussein, or any of the WCG+ lieutenants? We cannot. They, themselves must do it. But must it take the complete destruction of a country or city to bring people to their senses? Let's hope there's an easier way.

Bin Laden (who I believe is an offspring of Saddam Hussein), is a nut case who hates everyone who isn't dedicatedly Muslim. Anyhow that's his excuse. His real reason is most probably that he wants power. He has vowed to Allah that he will bring the world under the Muslim regime. This is a repetition of the ancient Crusades, and it's just as insane. With an ego like that, what can we do? Right now - nothing. Our government is taking the only defense.

Dead Herbie also wanted the whole world brought under the "Government of God," as preached by him and his goose stepping supporters. The egos here were flying like the Taliban's madness. Has this world gone totally mad?

Thankfully, there are many who see the idiocy of what's happening. Thankfully, there are decent people all over the nations of the Earth. Thankfully, there are people who love each other as themselves. Thankfully, the Earth is not completely crazy.

There are some principles that I'd like to propose:

#1 Respect each nation, religion, and culture for their individual beliefs.

#2 Open all boarders with other nations, but remembering everyone's proper homeland is where they came from . . . unless specifically invited to stay here. No one can just come in and settle in a new country because they can sponge off welfare.

#3 The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence should be strictly adhered to.

#4 Get rid of ALL religion.

#5 Get rid of ALL incumbent politicians, and let's get a fresh start.

#6 Cut off all the extra perks that politicians get when they retire.

#7 All illegal aliens ought to be deported.

#8 Lower the taxes, and keep the budget in line with the income.

#9 NO special privileges for white collar workers if they're convicted.

#10 Learn to love each other, and get rid of our egos.

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