The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Islam, Terrorism, And The Rubble
By JohnO

First, we all wish our deepest love, concern, and empathy for those who were killed in that cowardly act in NY on last Tuesday.  This was undoubtedly a well planned act of war, similar to the cowardly Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, at 7:50 am., on December the 7th, 1941. For the relatives and friends, our love and deepest compassion goes out to them too. The PT Editor sent a few of us a memo from an ex-member of the CIA.  If it's possible, it's well  worth reading - with permission.  It shows what Clinton and his gang should have been doing as part of his eight tedious years, instead of his simply enjoying the succulent benefits of Monica.  So, let's hope that George W. is a "hawk" like his dad.

Islam is not all that different from the WCG+.  Sure, it's doctrines are different, but the mentality is the same.  WCG+ thinks that "in the resurrection," the evil (i.e. anyone anti-WCG etc.) will be burned to death in agony, and the Islamics - even from the middle ages - would slash the heads off anyone who did not obey Mohammed and their version and view of Allah.  In actual fact, the Islamic radicals in general are now regarded by the world as an insult to the memory of Mohammed, and nothing more than "pork stench" in the nostrils of Allah.

This is NOT to condemn all Islamics, but merely to point out the similarity of the Islamic code to WCG+. 

I had a friend - a fellow engineer - that I worked with in Valencia CA.  He was a Muslim, and a nicer guy you couldn't have met.  He was from Tehran, Iran.  He became an American citizen, was tall, handsome, and certainly had a good eye for good looking American women.  He wanted to marry, settle down, raise a family, and see his grandchildren.

He once told me something that hit me.  He said:  "John, we Muslims aren't ALL crazy.  Tehran is a city like Los Angeles, only smaller.  People,"  he said, "are just like you and me.  We marry, have our families, work for our living, and want to live our lives in peace and productivity.  My family in Tehran," he continued, "is much like that too.  They go to work every day, live in normal houses, and live in peace with each other, as Mohammed commanded."

Then he said something alarming.  "Most people, John," he said, "are like us in Tehran.  They're normal.  At least FIFTY percent of the population  are perfectly normal.  They do their jobs, and go to work, just like you and me.  But he added something that was sobering. "The other FIFTY percent," he said, "well, they're just crazy."  He knew of the insanity that was going on all over the world.  And, although he hated the terrorism, he had to live as a Muslim in a world that was clouded with the activities of those "crazies."

How much are the Islamic terrorists different than Jim Jones, or dead Apostle Herbie's edicts?  If you find a leader - or bully - that can badger you into obedience, then anything's possible.  People can be so stupid.  They'll follow anyone who says that he's "God's" representative.  Let's admit it.  We too were stupid.  We blindly followed doctrines that dead Herbie plagiarized, and because we were too Biblically ignorant, we blindly followed them. 

An ignorant, mindless, little bully can intimidate people and make them believe that (as I actually heard Herbie say) "God revealed all knowledge to me."

A forthcoming  tragedy will, hopefully, be met with some solid retaliation.  Let's face it.  There are many people on this planet that will never see the light of freedom.  They will soak themselves in their own cultism.  And some will defend it to the death.  A-la, the Islamic attack on New York, last Tuesday. 

What about security at the airports?  Please lemme give you an example of the security at Burbank airport in CA a few years ago.  I wrote this to several guys, but it serves to illustrate an example.

"As an example, several years ago I designed facility and filters for electronic companies.  I took this one prototype (a six inch cubed, silver, metal box) from Burbank to San Diego by plane.  Inside this filter were coils, capacitors, and a couple of resistors.

 When this thing went through the normal X-Ray check on that belt, the insides of everything are clearly seen.  Although it was only a simple passive filter, the thing looked like a deadly weapon in the X-Ray monitor.  It would have alarmed me, IF I didn't design, built it personally, and know the contents.  Yet the lady who was supposed to be watching the monitor was half asleep, and the filter went through. I took the filter (after I'd got it at the end of the belt), and went to the supervisor, who could hardly speak English.  "Si senor," he said.  I told him what happened, and he looked at the filter, shrugged his shoulders, and said:  "You may go."  This guy hadn't a clue.

I carried that filter on my lap for the whole 20+ min. flight, but neither the stewardess or passengers seemed to give a damn.  Even though I KNEW it was nothing but a passive filter and it was perfectly safe, it seemed no one cared.  I'd have been scared outa my wits if I'd have seen something like that.

So much for airport security."

Now, let's suppose that dead Herbie had given me an instruction to destroy anything, would I've obeyed in those days?  Loyalty was everything, although we know now that is mindless.  But the offspring cults are a parallel to just about everything Herbie did.  If they told you to "Go forth and kill," would any of us?

It all bases down to our minds and what is "breathed" through us.  None of us is born "evil."  It's only our egos that take over after a while, and we think we can control everyone else.  We allow ourselves to be controlled.  Cultmaster teach us that we're BETTER than everyone else.  So does Islam.  That's what happened with WCG+, and that's what now happening with the radical Islamics.  If WCG and their odious offspring, had been allowed to continue unchecked, then we'd have all sorts of scenarios.  That's why it's time for all members to THINK, use their God given minds and intelligence, and get out - while you still all have your sanity.

 Unfortunately, the people who are epoxied into these cults are ignorant or fearful of reprisal from God.  Don't worry.  "God" ain't gonna getcha.  The only ones who want your money, time, and loyalty are the cultmasters/hirelings.  God doesn't care.  If the question of "loyalty to God" comes up, then PROVE it.  Show and prove that "loyalty" to God has anything to do with loyalty to any particular organization.  After all, Hitler convinced his followers that he was the called and anointed too.  Question them.  This is vital to their own egos and finances - and it's vital to your future happiness.  Don't be afraid.  Check them out.  Ask them questions.  If they get angry at you, then you know you're on the wrong side.

Try the following questions:

 First:  Since dead Herbert had his credentials revoked by the Church of God, 7th Day, (Check it out), then how come you're supposedly an "ordained" minister?  The CG7 site is at:    As Ray Straub, a once minister who worked in the Denver office said:  "Certainly,  Herbert Armstrong was a member of the Church of God Seventh Day.  We're Not in the habit of ordaining men to the ministry who claim to be non-members."  Since he WAS a member, and they revoked his credentials for: "conduct un-becoming a minister of the gospel," then anyway you wanna slice it, dead Herbie was NOT (or qualified to be) any sort of minister.  If he was kicked out, then what qualifications does he have?  He couldn't "ordain" anyone.  He was just a simple, rude, and theologically ignorant layman who marketed a product that could be called fear, ignorance, and self-profit.  The membership in Oregon saw the con-game he was playing, so they cut off his finances.

It was then he came to CA to start the same con-biz again.  It worked.

   Second:  Can anyone explain the horrendous expenses that have been incurred by the WCG?  Check out the PT Site, and be prepared for what you find.  Please check out the AMBASSADOR REPORT.   Not one piece of reporting has been proved wrong.

   Third:  How far would any member go if a leader said:  "Go kill?  Jim Jones did.  Remember the chaos of 1979?  People would have died to protect their ideals.  I actually heard members say that:  "If Mr. Armstrong told me to drink the cyanide, then I'd do it." Meanwhile, Herbie stayed gutlessly huddled in Tucson with his gold, etc, jet loaded and standing by for a fleeing to Mexico.  Ask your hireling why this parasite (or coward) didn't come to California to "take charge" of the situation, and be a REAL leader?

   Fourth:  Why do ministers live on a higher level than the membership?  Ask to see into their homes.  After all, what's to hide.  They come into your homes and examine everything - don't they?  Why can't you do the same? 

 Fifth:  Members are in "Church" to learn.  Ask yourselves - aside from the same old crap in different forms -  have you  REALLY learned anything new in the last twenty years?

Let's start with those questions.  You have a perfect right to ask.  After all, you're tithing, and you're paying their salaries.  THEY ARE WORKING FOR YOU.  If you cannot get positive answers, or a diatribe of generalization, then you KNOW you're being conned.

Fundamental Islam isn't that different from the WCG+ bilge.  It's doctrines are different, but it's mentality is the same.  Now, if some "new" WCG leader raised himself up and called himself a "Man of God," how many of the deceived would believe him?   As we can see from last Tuesday, it only takes a few ground crew and a few suicidal pilots to do irreparable damage. 

If one group can follow orders like this madness that happened Tuesday, then others with some fundamentalist "cause" can do the same.  Please, look inside your own backyard, and ask your hireling/cultmaster,  those questions that are listed above.  By their answers (fruits) you'll know if you're in the wrong place.

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