The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
By JohnO

This is an often misused term that simply means the ability to see more than the average person. It means spiritually becoming aware of what we could not perceive before. It is the ability to rise in a thinking that is above the normal hustle and bustle of everyday living. In essence, it is a huge step to ultimate freedom.

Across the millennia, men and women have touched into, or reached, this state of consciousness, and while this is not a common occurrence, it's probably more widespread than people realize. Recently, Jim V. and I have done some email correspondence and speculated about the human mind. Jim brought out that we (according to the specialists) use about only ten percent (or less) of our minds, if we're lucky. This brings up the question as to how we'd think if we used all of our minds? How would we solve problems? How would we relate to those around us?

This would be much like, at first, driving a V8 Cadillac on only one cylinder. We may get it started, and it might splutter and limp along our driveway, but it sure ain't going anywhere. But, if we had that Caddy running on all eight cylinders, then we could tour the whole continent in style. Please remember, the fuel used in both cases is the same. Only the vehicle condition that uses the fuel is different. Let's use the analogy of the Caddy being our brain, and the fuel is the spirit of thought.

We could never discuss these subjects in Worldwide Church of God+, or in any religion, for that matter. Such things, as spiritual thought, don't go over well with "religion." Personally, I think that in Worldwide Church of God, we were dealing with cultmasters with way less than half a cylinder of real intelligent activity anyhow. And the reason that these characters remained ignorant and uneducated is twofold. First their boss, HWA, was a pathetically ignorant man, and the second is because these dictators remained uninformed - which was their own dumb choice. They never chose to advance their thinking any more than a rudimentary interpretation of the Bible, which of course, pleased the obnoxious one who provided all their paychecks.

Over the years, I've talked to people who've touched into using more of their brain than the normal. Now, their own personal Caddy is probably running on about two cylinders, or maybe even three. And suddenly, the whole world changes. They can now get out of their driveways and putter up and down the street. And our spiritual world and viewpoint is enhanced accordingly. We understand more, see more, develop more wisdom, and a tingling sensation of love energy permeates our being. Most times, this feeling and awareness lasts for a short time, and at other times . . . only an instant. But it's there.

Try telling this to your local pastor or any Worldwide Church of God+ cultmaster. They'll think you're demon possessed, rush to lay hands on you, and do their best to snuff out this type of thinking. "Rebellion," they will squeal. They will automatically assume that you won't be tithing from now on, and that, of course, is the ultimate sin in Worldwide Church of God+. Rebels=witchcraft= no more tithing. But, as we said, these are ignorant men and women who could never (of their own choice) visualize this advanced type of spiritual existence. They simply choose to stay at the level of "mammon".

Much of it, I think, is due to their continued type of thinking that I call - flea vision. With only a pea brain, we naturally, can expect only flea vision. And if we will not look further and refuse to allow our thinking to take wings with imagination, then we've gone no further in our mental development than we had while in the Worldwide Church of God+ cults. Whatever happens, we must allow ourselves to imagine, or "image-in." If our perspective proves wrong, then it can always be rejected, but when we stop imagining, we unplug all of our Caddy cylinders, and then we can't even traverse the driveway.

It's a strong, but sad, characteristic of religion (and also many people) to try and stifle our imagination. This prevents enlightenment. When the Wright brothers, Edison, Oppenheimer, and Kessler - for example - used their imagination, more of their brains swung into action, more cylinders fired up, and then we had "miracles" like alternating current, lights, electrical apparatus, over half a million pounds of thundering mass that could now fly unfettered through the air, and even the ability to wipe out mankind with a few bombs. For good or bad, our imagination and enlightenment can be a blessing or a curse. It's in our hands to decide which aspect we will use.

But where does all this understanding come from? It's not so difficult if we allow ourselves the luxury of using our minds and imagination. However, while we wallow in the primitive thinking of a "God" that religion defines, we're no different than the ancient Sumerians who made stone statues in the likeness of a phallic symbol, and then worshipped that stone as the giver of life. Is the God of Worldwide Church of God+, and most modern religions, any different? How far have we come in our enlightenment since those ancient Sumerian times of ignorantly and agonizingly burning alive their terrified, screaming first born sons in front of a stone penis so that their "God" would be appeased and give them all adequate food and protection for the following year? Weren't they following the laws of their day?

And nowadays, did we not all tithe, and give up our family's sustenance, sacrifice our families, and throw away their honor and security to appease our own little God? Did we not all give loyalty to the despot, HWA, as our own personal, supercilious high priest? Did we not serve a system that was as ignorantly antiquated as any mentally enslaving cult that was thousands of years old? Were we not the modern day version of those un-evolved Sumerians? Did we not sacrifice our families, children's welfare, education, medical well-being, and our homes so that this mindless "God" would then be happy with us? Did we not pay homage to our cantankerous and bad tempered "high priest?" Were we not obedient to all his wishes? Were we not just as advanced - or maybe just as ignorant - as those ancient pagans? How much have we grown?

Shouldn't our "God" be greatly different than that of the ancient heathens? Worldwide Church of God+ doesn't seem to think so. Look at their limited spiritual viewpoint. Doesn't our real God take a different and more enlightened form? Does our "God," however we regard It, take on a more incomparable and complete perspective, and then open to us a new vista of infinite understanding?

Let's take a look at things we've discussed before, and while there's absolutely no complete understanding of the Infinite Life, let's go ahead and fire up another cylinder or two of our Caddy here, and look at a more enlightened perspective of this phenomenon. Please also remember, none of these information is new. It's been around forever, and many have written on the subject before, but most folks chose to ignore it and stay in their driveway.

Like Thomas Paine said in his work, AGE OF REASON (please really, check out the site), he points out that we can "see" God or appreciate It by the nature around us. It is, he said, nature which reveals God, whether it be on our planet, the solar system, or to the furthest extent of the galaxies. We find "God" in nature. This is the physical manifestation of God, or such a One reduced to finite terms, so that we may now be able to understand It and appreciate one aspect of It's infinity. Now, let's use some of the scientific, common sense logic that was forbidden to us in Worldwide Church of God+. Also let's use the principles of OCKHAM'S RAZOR, insofar that if we have the logical facts, then the simplest answer is always the correct one.

What is God? Despite the description given in WANNA MEET GOD? we can use a basic and even more fundamental breakdown which can be easily understood if we allow our imagination to function. Although this is somewhat abstract, it is different to what most people think, only because man has gone the opposite and always regarded God to actually be in man's own image and likeness - and not the other way around. Man, who cannot fathom anything of the Infinite, has dragged God down to his own level, and as such, turned the Infinite into some bright spirit being in the sky who throws lightning bolts down on earth people who don't follow the Laws of Moses.

Behind the physical creation, outlined by Thomas Paine, there must be energy. Energy is the basis of all physical manifestation. That energy is vibratory, eternal, and can be broken down - per quantum mechanics - into molecules, atoms, and further into electrons and a nucleus, and further into muons, muon-neutrinos, charm quarks, and strange quarks. That can be further broken down into "strings." These are dancing vibratory circles of energy that can probably be sub-divided even more. Please check out "The Elegant Universe," by Brian Greene.

This energy (vibrating around light speed) is then seen as an emerging, outward, physical form. This is something we can now relate to. With this diversity of energy, composition, and character, we can then see, touch, and therefore appreciate and enjoy a physical creation within our continuum. This would be much the same as the gasoline and machinery of the Caddy that would eventually become mobile as a visible energy form, expressed or manifested through the seen, physical moving object, and then used as a vehicle for our travels. That is: Energy is transformed through matter, is expressed as such, and is made manifest in physical form and content. Energy equals matter, but in a different form.

Since all this focused energy is highly sophisticated, mathematically perfect, and completely systematic in its operation, there must be intelligence behind it. Intelligence demands thinking, and so, behind all energy there is intelligence, and behind that is thought. Since thought must come from something, it follows that thought had to be spawned by life. So, life is behind all created or manifested phenomenon. If creation is apparently limitless, so then, the life behind it must also be infinite. And behind life is what is called "consciousness." This is an awareness of self. And again, behind all of this is a constantly evolving awareness. Scientists have called this occurrence "Original thought," or "First Cause." And man ignorantly calls this whole thing - "God." In actual fact, it's all nothing more than infinite thinking expressed and condensed as energy and matter within the function of cosmic law.

So then, the creative process, from our viewpoint, would proceed in the following manner. Granted, we cannot know (with our little "pea brains") the full extent of creation, but this outline might give us an idea of the complexity, its marvels, and how limited we once were in our thinking while in Worldwide Church of God+ etc.

First, there comes an awakening of consciousness. Please don't even ask me to elaborate. I can't. No one can. This thinking of the actual origin is too unique to even humanly comprehend. These steps are only logical deductions based on what we can observe. Next comes an awareness of life. Next comes, the awareness of intelligent thought. Next comes the awareness of intelligence. Next comes the focused concentration into that intelligent thought. Next comes the spawning of energy. Next comes its focus into formulae and that energy breakdown. Next comes the energy's manifestation. Next comes creation. Then we have more life forms evolving from that creation. And we all know the story from there. It's all an evolutionary process from original consciousness to the galaxies, and then, creativity beyond our wildest dreams. But, some may ask - doesn't all that demand a lot of time? The answer is no. When the maths of time and space are analyzed, it all happened in "no time."

This is, as was already stated, is somewhat abstract. But this type of thinking is good for all our brain cells, as the universe doesn't operate on the scale, the convenience, and the codes or principles that minimal man dictates. We tend to relate most things (like a God or a Satan) to physical personalities, and when dealing with people who think on this "personal" level, then it's probably best to talk with those good folks from that perspective. And if it helps them, then great. I've many friends who I dearly love and relate to them in that way. They still attach the personal to the spiritual. But the cold facts are more scientific, more realistic, and more honest. For the religionist and Worldwide Church of God+er, the "plain truth" maybe far more cold, impersonal, unfamiliar and annoyingly abstract - but, at least, it's a lot closer to reality.

While in Worldwide Church of God+, we were never allowed to either think or discuss anything of this nature. We'd only have been talking to the proverbial "brick walls," anyhow. These so-called teachers would never have allowed us the freedom of thinking for ourselves, and they invariably related their own (or HWA's) version of a man-type God to a past, present, and future. However, there is no past, or present or future. There really is no time or space. But - then again - that's another subject.

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