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"God" - In Our Image?

There used to be a joke (serious to some) about "God" in Worldweird.  It was said:  "What does God look like?"  The answer from the hard core cultists was that God was five foot six, had white hair, wore glasses - occasionally - and flew around in a Grumman Gulfstream #II or # III.  It (naturally) matched the description of the (thankfully) late Herbie.

Gerald Watermouth had said (and I was a witness) that "God" picked the man most like Himself in mind and stature to lead the church in these end times.  This was to infer that God looked and behaved just like dead Herbie.  Ouch!!!  Could we imagine if we entered the kingdom (or whatever) and found ourselves facing TWO Herbies?  We had been brainwashed (as were others) to believe that God was made in "OUR" image and likeness.

Please remember that the Biblical Hebrew word for "God" is twofold.  It's "Elohim," and the Tetragrammaton word: "YHVH."   This is commonly - in Hebrew - called:  "Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh."  It's an unpronounceable word that has vowel pointing (if you've studied Hebrew), which is deliberately designated to make it unpronounceable.  The ancient scribes would never pronounce the word, and the Sabbath reader would pass over it.  They considered it too sacred to even speak the syllables.  The JW's think they have their "handle" on God's name and call the name "Jehovah."  This is idiotic, since the JW's have no clue as to the Hebrew language.  Charles Taze Russell (the founder of the JW's) was proven to be a Biblical ignoramus - in open court.

A Jewish buddy of mine told me once that:  "We never think of God as a person."  Many Jewish people regard God a little more practically than most Christians.  Many Jewish people look at God as (much like the American Indians)  as some sort of "great spirit" or its equivalent.

For myself - and I take this to be a personal opinion - I take God to be: "Infinity, the Original thought that produces formalized energy in a myriad of forms, and that in turn, produces an outward manifestation in our universal lives."  As, has been accurately said, on this site, that God doesn't answer prayers, grant petitions, or is personally involved with any of us.  In fact, this IMPERSONAL energy doesn't give a hoot.  It's energy.  That's all IT is.  We sync with IT - that's all.  IT doesn't do or hear our bidding.  The evidence is clear.  Check out the ACTS OF GOD page.

This doesn't mean that there is NO God.  It means there is NO God that matches the churches description of IT.  The mistake that we've all made in the past is looking at God from the wrong perspective.  It simply means that - as we've been brainwashed - that God is not what the Worldwide Church of God (and other religions) taught us that IT was.  "God" is NOT some dumb-schmuck that hides in the vapors of the universe.  But, we have been taught to fabricate God into our own conception of a human.  And any concept of a human God is vulnerable to human characteristics.  And thus, we have the foibles of humans written into the pages of the Bible.  For Infinity to have such petty characteristics simply doesn't make sense. 

For example (and this is something that Worldwide Church of God never taught us), we KNOW that we are alive and are conscious of self-awareness.  We also know that our existence is powered by energy.  Check out the THE ELEGANT UNIVERSE by Brian Greene.  This energy has intelligence, and is obviously formulated to match our outward form - whether it be animal, vegetable, or mineral, or a simple rock, tree, or even in the form of an egg.  That manifested energy has a FORM.

Please check out the website and the associated links on Deism.  This site gives an overall approach that makes sense.  It acknowledges "God" but keeps the religious emotion out of it.  Deism sees God as Infinite, indefinable, and ongoing.  In other words, IT is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent.  And there's no "spirit man" behind all this.

Some may argue (IF you believe in Biblical accuracy) that Moses talked to God on Mount Sinai.  That's incorrect.  Moses, reportedly did NOT speak to God, but to YHVH - translated LORD in the KJV version.  There is a wide difference between the two, but now is not the time to delve into the Tetragrammaton.  Maybe later.

These Deist concepts show us what our forefathers believed.  No religion.  Freedom.  And any concept of "God" is your own biz.  But, religion would seek to change that perspective. Religion, and the Worldwide Church of God offspring would have you believe different.  God is a huge spirit man in the sky (according to them) and would enslave you according to THEIR interpretation of the Biblical Laws. 

For my own purposes, I approach God as the following.  We see ourselves as outward forms that are "self-aware."  We are energy personified.  Behind that energy, there must be life.  And behind that life, there is intelligence.  Behind that intelligence, there is a plan, and that plan is formularization, whether it be in animal, vegetable or mineral form.  Behind all that, there is Infinite thought.  And behind - and included within that Infinite thought, there is a dimension where there is NO time or space.

Let's imagine, for a moment, that we all have no bodies.  Imagine that we're only pure thot.  If that's the case, we can be anywhere we want simply by thinking about it.  And THAT, I believe is our natural state.  Therefore, space is no limitation.  It's only an illusion of our senses.  Since "Time" is described as the interval it takes to go from one point in space to another, then since there is really no space, there can be no time as well.  Our galaxies are included, and all other dimensions.  For a discussion and probable background, please see the article: index.htm/enlyten_god.htm

But man must fabricate "God" in his own image.  And "religion" - including the Worldwide Church of God+ cults - must make out that representation in their own image and likeness.  For example - God looks like Apostle Herbie.  As I've said before, I think of God as Infinite Thought and limitless energy.  It is there that we can derive our thinking, our breathing, and all our bodily functions.  And it's done automatically.

Like it's been said on this website, praying to energy don't get you nowhere.  Please pardon the bad English, as I make up my own prose as I go along.  For example:  Try praying to electricity or atomic energy.  It simply doesn't work.  We must harmonize with IT.  Then it works.  So when petty religion - as in the Worldwide Church of God+ money grubbers - says that "God" looks like a man, where's their proof?  But, common sense logic, and a proper scientific evaluation proves what's already been said.

Quoting the Bible is pointless, because it's been so heavily redacted, we can't be sure of anything said in that book is true.  Plus the fact, the Bible is flawed in countless areas to be, in any way, reliable.  On top of all that, the Bible never speaks of us being in God's image, but that man was made in the image of YHVH.  This is an entirely different meaning here as to what Worldwide Church of God and "religion" have preached.  "No man has seen God at any time," seems to be quite correct, and it's logical, simply because we cannot see energy.  We only feel its effects.

It's nothing more than the ego and vanity of mankind that thinks God looks like him.  This is also true of the Worldwide Church of God+ spillage.  In essence, we have molded our concept of God to fit our individual perspectives. 

In the case of the Worldwide Church of God+ gang, they each believe that "God" is with them, and them alone.  In fact, "God" doesn't give a damn about any group, religion, or way of life - or whether 9-11 happened or not.  ENERGY doesn't give a hoot.  It's impersonal.  And life goes on without IT caring anything about us personally.  So, we can go any way we want  . . . good, bad, or we can be atheistic.  IT doesn't care.  As far as energy goes, it doesn't matter.  But "religion," including the cults, thinks that it does.  Sorry.  WRONG!!!!!!  However, let's not forget the universal karmic laws.  What we sow, we shall surely reap, and we don't need a Bible or religion to tell us that.

Man has always sought to mold God in his own image. But man has a most limited mentality.  He has tried to drag down the Infinite to the Particular.  Please remember the words for "God" in the OT were different.  I'll leave you to figure out the difference between "Elohim" and the Tetragrammaton: "YHVH."  Please research this one.  It maybe an eye-opener.  But, everyone MUST do their own homework.  Best of luck.

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