The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
God Loves Quality
By JohnO

How many times did Apostle Herbie chant those words? Certainly, it was a justification for his own personal extravagance, and the permissiveness of his loyal lackeys. How often did we, the outsiders, wish we had a fraction of the "quality" that this human "God" enjoyed in his five homes, limo, unlimited expense account, and the total, unrestrained power that he had over the subjects within the loyal membership?

Quality is fine, if you can afford it. But, if you're giving all your money to some phony, then we personally, have a lot less quality than we ought. Everyone has a right to blessings in life and the quality that goes with it. Herbie always said that we should buy the best we can afford, but with no money and nothing to buy anything with, most members simply went without. That didn't stop Apostle Herbie.

By now, most of us hopefully have read the disgusting expos, of the auction in PASADENA GOODIES UP FOR SALE, and the updated (and links) follow up. Although most of us knew lately of the extravagance of this little individual's lusts, some of the full extent of his insane greed and covetousness can only be touched upon when reading this (above) article and the connecting links. Please remember that Ramona (his ex) took off with many of the paintings and his gold and silver place settings. This was something that was never mentioned or declared in the auctions.

This story was told to me by a past friend who once worked in HWA's house on the electronics. Here's what he told me. One day, he was working on the installation of Herbie's JBL stereo system, and a delivery came to the house on Orange Grove Blvd. in Pasadena. It was a twelve piece dinner place setting in solid gold. There were the gold plates, and all the cutlery. Since 24 carat gold is somewhat soft, this setting was hardened wherever necessary. The physical weight - I was told - was astronomical, but the price was even more so. Since his housekeeper, Rona, was reportedly a metallurgist, it was her job to keep the gold "clean and ready."

The twelve gold plates, in normal use, are used as the underplates for the expensive China plate that goes on top. The specially prepared food, prepared by (naturally) the finest chefs, is served on the hand painted, China plates, laid on the larger gold plate, and is eaten with the gold utensils. Not even royalty dines with this much luxury.

Not to be satisfied with only a twelve piece gold place setting, Herbie went and also purchased a twelve place sterling silver set with all the sterling silver utensils. This was for the "lesser" royalty or guests that were privileged to grace his portals.

Apparently, Ramona got all this when she divorced Herbie, after he claimed that "she corrupted him." Hmmmmmmmm!

And this was at one of the usual times of " . . . .never before has this great work needed your support . . . ." And: "Give now like never before . . . ." And the willing tithe payers finished up paying for all of it. Please check the auction listing. We can now see exactly what "great work" we were all paying for.

When we consider the inventory that Herbie left, we must consider others knowledge behind all this wealth. While Herbie was screaming for more money for "God's work," was he - in fact - ignorant of all the suffering and want of those people in the field who went without so that he could enjoy more luxury than royalty? Since there were some top people (now fired, retired, or resigned), that informed Herbie of the needs of the members "out there," there was absolutely no excuse for this type of gluttonous conduct, and covetous, extravagant behaviour that was seen by the intimidating money-grasping tactics that were found in Herbie's co-worker letters. Herbie knew. But it's obvious that he didn't give a damn. Ex-members have also realized the same thing. "The guy was a thief," many have said. "He was nothing but a crook."

Now, it's all gone. Countless - probably hundreds of - millions of dollars have been sold off to those more affluent than any of the membership. And while the rich and famous took away the prizes at the auction, they also took away the blood, sweat, and lives of the members who gave their living, their health, their comfort, their vacations, and the retirement for a pile of Herbie junk that is now worshipped by others.

And the prize money? According to Bernie Schnippert, the money will be put into: " . . . the general fund that originally provided the money for Armstrong's purchases." That means, very simply, that it'll all go back into the Worldwide Church of God bank account, and into the hands of the Worldwide Church of God cultmasters. How much more money do these guys need? The college sale? The artworks and antiques? The ? How far does this all go? Hundreds of millions are flying around here with seemingly no control, except that of the cultmasters themselves. They appear to be absorbing it all. The membership has been royally screwed, and the cultmasters have gotten away with it.

Now, let's consider another point. Herbie's dead. But there were many who knew of his lifestyle and kept it hidden. They knew of this stuff that has now been auctioned off. During this despotic bug's lifetime, they all saw the way the "apostle" lived. They had it literally thrown at them. And Herbie loved to brag. Since these minions couldn't ignore all this opulence, then why did they chose to cover it up? Why didn't most of them, in good conscience, simply resign? Why did so many of these whores chose to look the other way, ignore the obvious, take their generous paycheck, and just disregard the "plain truth?"

Maybe GTA had the answer. Teddy always preached that if you wanted to have a people subject to you, then don't give them too little (as in the case of CG7), but give them too much. They will then become lustful, greedy, and will do anything to maintain that lifestyle. This is what happened in Worldwide Church of God. The upper cultmasters were given the best of everything, and before long, they were hooked . . . on mammon.

Let's not kid ourselves. If we could have the lifestyle of those top ego-maniacs, then we'd be hard pressed to give up such luxury. Homes provided (at one stage), the wives could decorate them (money from 3T - check the AR's), autos (and gas) provided, clothing allowance given, Amex (no limit) credit cards available, luxury vacations written off as "preaching tours," expense accounts with little or no limit, and bonus money for "special purposes." Comfort galore. Glamorous living. World travel. Lavish life styles. And the tithe payers all footed the bill. God loves quality.

Maybe it's no wonder that these whores turned their backs on Herbie's lifestyle and chose to ignore it. To complain, argue, or even question the Pontiff's lusts would have meant immediate termination. So, like cowards who won't challenge anything, these cultmasters went along with the will of the Apostle. Thank God that we did not have pathetic wimps like these characters for our Forefathers. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights would never have been written.

When Joey Snr. took over Worldwide Church of God, it was a blow to many. Some of these characters actually thot they'd be the next "apostle." There were a couple actually chomping at the bit to be one of the two witnesses. It's a sad commentary on the egos that prevailed in Worldwide Church of God. But many of these cultmasters have now carried this perversity over to Worldwide Church of God+ cults. The same spirits are now running loose all over the world in the guise of being the "new improved" God's church. One would-be apostle even claims that God moved the anointing from Worldwide Church of God to his PCG. Apparently, God didn't move the gold and silver dinner place settings. Maybe Ramona took the anointing with her?

There's no doubt that if you look and examine the lifestyles of the rich and Worldwide Church of God+ famous, you'd find a standard of living that's above most or all of the members. For those members who are reading, and emailing this page, please understand that this type of religion is nothing more than a ruthless business that milks the members out of their hard earned money. But, it's a most profitable and tax exempt business. And the quickest way to prove it is such, is to have them all open their books to an independent audit, and then open their books to the IRS. I'll make you a promise. They won't.

When we all look at the results of these auctions, we see the madness of Herbert. We see the man's lust, his insatiable desire for recognition, we see the pathetic little man for what he really was . . . .a nobody. We also see the lies, and the way he conned so many innocent and trusting people. We also grieve when we now know the way he lived while so many of us went without - sometimes for the rest of our lives. We see the waste of a human that he was. We can imagine the pain and suffering that went into the members hurting, paying, and straining to pay for all the luxury, partying, and opulence in which Herbie soaked himself. We can probably see the tears in the eyes of folks who scan the list of the auctioned articles. We can see and feel the heartache of all those who scan the inventory list of those, now sold articles, and understand the moans of those who have lost family, property, and futures because of the greed and lust of an incestuous little nobody.

If God really loves quality, then it ought to go to those who really deserve it.

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