The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Hate Filled? Bitter?
By JohnO

It's Ok for any of us to be angry, but at least, we can - and do - state the truth. Cultmasters don't even know the meaning of the word "truth."

How many times have we heard the same old line that followed so many of us when we left the Worldwide Church of God cult. "Those were hate filled, bitter, ex-members?" And, of course, we who left, were all (naturally) involved in some "massive conspiracy" to destroy God's only church. Those cultmasters had every explanation available as to why we were jealous and hated them. This is somewhat pitiful when we look back on it all.

In fact, it was not the membership who were the culprits of the deceit or the accusations. We know now that it was the cultmasters themselves. They were (and still are) the "hate filled and bitter" people, because they've now been exposed for what they really are. But their fragile egos simply couldn't handle it. So, they naturally retaliate toward the only folks they can attack. The membership.

But, while many of us were rightfully angry at having our incomes stolen, our minds fractured, our characters assaulted, and our retirements substantially reduced, most of us are not really jealous of what Worldwide Church of God+ still has. We never were. None of us (now) really gives a damn about what happens to "God's Church." We've all left that madness. We're grateful for leaving it. And we're happy at finally being free. Sometimes (granted) it may take a while, but it will happen. While we have a right to be angry, we do NOT hold the bitterness that they carry in their hearts and souls.

So - logically - why should we be (according to them) so bitter and hate filled? The answer is simple. We are not. They are. We've exposed them for what they are - and that has caused their bitterness. You see, when we left the cult, we became our own people again. We became something akin to a free spirit. We became what we were designed to be. We became the lively ability to be happy again. We became the drop in spiritual stiffness that made so many of us self righteous. We became freedom.

And the cults don't like it. They hate it. The cultmasters are fuming at it.

I hate to pound out the same theme, but we were given freedom by God and man. Cults - like Worldwide Church of God+ would encapsulate us into a mental prison and mold us into an epoxy of theological madness.

I get a lotta emails. People write to me from all over, and most are private. I send the general ones to the editor. And from all this correspondence, I've learned a lot.

People - the ex-members - are angry, and they have a right to be. Who can blame them? But they're not bitter against any particular person in the cults. They now know that these cults - like Worldwide Church of God + - are phony. They're awake. But, they're also mad at the cult system. They now know that these cultmasters are nothing but basic chowder heads whose main purpose is the glorification of "self" and the accumulation of mammon. Certainly, people are angry. Why not? People from all over have been cheated out of their hard earned money that could have been used for better purposes than crystal chandeliers, multiple homes and exorbitant "parsonage" expenses, voluminous quantities of Dom Perignon, jet aircraft with bedroom mods, Rumanian plastic surgery for sagging genital rejuvenation, fancy suits, luxury cars or limos, ostentatious get-aways, Steuben glass gifts, hunting trips, gambling expenses, costs for illegitimate child support, monumental expenses, cheating of the IRS, and a life style that is beyond the dream of any average tithe-paying member. This life style could also apply to any and all of the new Worldwide Church of God+ cult leaders and their minions, and not only, to a (thankfully and permanently) dead Herbie. But, the loyal and dutiful tithe payers still pay for this indulgence of the cultmasters.

People, or ex-members, are not "hate filled" or "bitter," but they're rightfully angry at having been cheated from a real life. Again - they have a legitimate right to be angry. Folks are legitimately angry at having been lied to, and having been fleeced of money that was really needed by their own families. Many of us know tons of examples. Look at "healing," for example How many have needlessly suffered and died from edicts, that for now, we consider irresponsible, brutal, and cruel. People suffered, did without, and died, so that the cultmasters (and their arrogant wives) could have their luxurious "flings." Do they care?

There was a movie made, many years ago. It was a classic, and it was called "Lawrence of Arabia." Maybe Peter O'Toole (who played Lawrence) should have got the Oscar instead of only the nod. But it didn't happen, and Peter delivered one of the most profound lines in the movie. He was instructed by the character of Claude Raines addressed to Lawrence, himself, as Lawrence held a burning match. Claude's character explained that going into and knowing the desert is, in reality, "hell." "No," Lawrence said, "this is going to be fun." And, with one poof, he blew out the match. David Lean was a master of direction, editing, and cinematography.

The desert, the ugliness of hell, is what is painted to all the leaving cult members. Most were informed that "out there," is the ugly world, hell itself, and the ultimate lake of fire. Fried forever - pain and death for us heathens, while the "righteous" in Worldwide Church of God+ would agreeably look on with laughing contempt in the final judgment as they entered into "The Joy of the Lord, and ruled all nations with a rod of iron." Dream on guys. It ain't gonna happen. But, in reality, coming out of the cults has been fun for most of us - at least, it's been freedom. Worldwide Church of God+ was pitifully wrong. And life has taken on a different perspective - not one of regimented law, fear, or obeisance to some ignorant cultmaster - but one of freedom, probing and re-examining the living laws of life that surround us, opening ourselves to possibilities, learning, finding true education, and finding true love in our fellow humans. Now, we're allowed to have fun.

Up to this time, only the cultmasters were allowed to enjoy the privileged life. Members had to pay, pray, shut-up, and wear their plastic smiles. Only the advantaged few were permitted to soak themselves in the hot tub of champagne, sex and luxury at the members' expense. As was quoted in the AR's, regarding the squandering of money and honors to those at the top of the Worldwide Church of God cult, Bob Kuhn was reported to have said: "Could it be any better than this?" Much laughter from those around. Enuf said.

Bob was right. The elite lived in luxury while the members struggled in hell. The elite guzzled the Dom Perignon while the members struggled to pay for any cheap wine they could get. The elite traveled in leased (or purchased) jets, and were transported in luxurious limos, stayed in the best suites, basked in luxury, slept between only linen sheets, had (according to reports) used only the top class hookers, the finest and filtered illegal drugs . . . and charged it all to the gullible members.

And what is the reason that members continue to involve themselves in this controlaholic insanity? It's called IGNORANCE & FEAR. For some strange reason, members still think that disobedience to their cultmasters is an assault to God. People can be soooooooo scared. But when the time comes for awakening, a break from the "cult of your choice" can mean total freedom, and in time, life can again become fun.

Do you know who reads this website? Granted, there are many who are looking for info, understanding, and the background of much of the Worldwide Church of God+ crap. But many (as has been testified to by private emails) have been, and are current members of the Worldwide Church of God+ cults. They hi-lite the articles on the site, and then cut and paste those articles, in email, to many other members. These articles are going everywhere, much to the chagrin of the cultmasters. The hits on the website (despite the fact that Tripod rolled back all hits to zero around last May), don't really show the number of people who are actually getting this message. There are lots more readers, by the tons more, and this website has contributed an invaluable and educational input to all people, whether they're cult oriented or not. This website has provided an invaluable learning experience to all people everywhere.

Are there cultmasters reading this site? You bet. Are they really pissed? Should we give out the names of those cultmasters that we KNOW are reading this site? Some mindless, loyalist, lackeys are undoubtedly copying this article, even as you read it. They're then running "ruff-ruff" to their cultmasters, licking his hands, and begging for approval in handing over a copy of this article. Obviously, these poor lackeys' lives are not fun. The cultmaster will read it, and as usual, gnash his teeth, over acidify his ulcers, stomp his feet, have another drink, and fluster his/her feathers as he/she gets on the phone to another cultmaster. They will chat. And they'll probably grind their dentures.

But we know that current members also read this site. They tell us. We know they do, but they can never admit it. They cannot even admit it to even their closest friends because they can and probably will be "reported" if they ever did. We know there are many who are reading what's happening, and as a result, the Worldwide Church of God+ cult membership is decreasing. And also, their cult money is fizzling. There are many who are getting the message of the real "plain truth." Even in the Worldwide Church of God headquarters, in beautiful, downtown Pasadena, the fever has so much dwindled now that the precious HQ has been sold (or imminently sold) for all sorts of reasons, thereby profiting Joey and his minions, and eventual fleecing the tithe paying flock. Billions have been dumped onto this campus (worthless for its product), and now millions of dollars are being sucked, drank, and retiremently leached and enjoyed by those perpetrators who have insidiously lied to, fleeced, and driven the very life's blood from honest, decent people whose only sin is that they trusted Worldwide Church of God criminals.

The other morning, I happened to catch Flustered Flurry on the tube. I thot it was utterly pathetic, and I personally wondered how I could have ever been sucked in by a body (pre 1979) of con-men. I also wondered how so many innocent people could still be swayed by the likes of someone - as this - so drab and "blah" as this person. Where is the energy? This guy looked to be more like "brain dead." But, who can tell?. Maybe that's the normal state of an ex-Worldwide Church of God hireling? There is more spirit in the preaching and the mindless messages of a Bobby Schuler, and he's - from my perspective - way beyond retirement, etc. I never considered Bobby anything but inconsequential, even at his best . . . which was basically nowhere. Flurry has to be, in my opinion, a mindless even less.

So, who are the real "hate filled and bitter" people? A mobster will always point his finger at the innocent and accuse them, but as always, they have NO proof of their own particular accusations. The ex-WCGers can prove their case. The evidence of the Worldwide Church of God+ damaging proof is on this website, the hundreds of testimonials, the pain, the suffering of the members and ex-members, and the luxurious lifestyles of the cultmasters who are the rich and famous who laugh their way to more money, bullying others, and inflate their own ego and power - and all at the members' expense. They must honestly believe that all members are eternally stupid. If I'm wrong then please prove this. A simple trip to any cultmaster's home will show all the proof that anyone needs. Honestly. Check it out. Go into their homes. Look at what they own. Shouldn't any member have the right to visit a "minister"? Does any average member live this well? Does any member have a new car as often as a cultmaster does? Can any member have the vacations that a cultmaster enjoys? Can any member cultivate the retirement benefits of a cultmaster? Please ask them. How many of us have expense accounts like these men and their seemingly prostitute wives?

The reason that cults, and their cultmasters, are so bitter and hate filled is because we've caught them with their pants down - figuratively and literally. Check out the AR's. They're as mad as hell, like we all should be, that they've taken us for our time, our free thinking, our money, and our futures. Are we angry? Yes. But bitter and filled with hate? No. We don't need that. They do. We're not sick the way that they are. We are not deliberate criminals. Most ex-WCGers only ask for honest justice.

While we are maybe simply pissed off at them, they are so furious with us that they even try and damage our reputations, our lives, and our dignity. Why? Because we've seen those hypocrites, and we've seen them for what they really are. We've exposed them. We've shown them up for what they really are. Anyhow, let's face it - they're mostly cowards and phonies in the long run. And in many cases - wimps. Many have emailed me to this fact. Many of the cultmasters' wives, as I've observed, have more testosterone than their starchy, android, and in many cases, bumbling men.

Please remember, many current Worldwide Church of God+ members are reading this and emailing it all over to their friends and other members. Everyone's getting the message, or they will eventually. But, as I've said - if anything here is wrong, then please prove it. I will retract anything that's incorrect. But for current members, please folks, let's prove all things. Check out your minister's (1) Home, (2) Car, (3) Lifestyle, (4) Clothes, (5) Vacation spots, if you can ever find out, and (of course) the obvious, (6) His + his wife's arrogance.

Please - a query to the Worldwide Church of God+ membership. Let me ask a logical question. Why should all these cultmasters live so much better than you - the membership? Should this supposed ministerial servant live and chortle better than the people who are paying his salary? Should you be compelled to absorb all his verbal spillage at an obligated services based on the Laws of Moses that has nothing to do with common sense or logic and certainly nothing to do with any "God?" Should you be forbidden to "prove all things?" Why are people forbidden to think outside their cultic teaching? Why does religion condemn science in favor of superstition and fear? Why should anyone be forbidden to examine science as a source of information, unless the pulpit is scared of the result? NOTE: Science has always and ultimately made fools of religion. Shouldn't anyone - based on the First Amendment to the Constitution - have the inalienable right to challenge his "minister? Just try it and see what happens. Look at the track record of the Worldwide Church of God+ and please research the AR's. If you "fear" God, then let me fill you all in a secret. God - however you regard Him/Her/It - has nothing to fear. Cults do. You can question authority. And in religion - there is NO authority. We are the ultimate and free will authority in our lives. Please, prove all things.

Our greatest gift from the Infinite Source of all, is our minds and the ability to think. When we use that gift, we are in touch with the cosmos, the life source, the First Cause. We are in touch with all that IS. Cults are not. They, and they alone, are the hate filled and bitter ones.

For the sake of all our future sanities, let's take a longer, harder look at the cults that surround us. And if you're in one - dear members - then it's only killing you, your families, your retirement, and it's only profiting those repulsive tares who are ugly and are arrogant enough to control it. You are the ultimate victim. They don't care. They don't give a damn about you. Look at the facts. And they relish in the profit YOU are providing for their comfort now, they're living in luxury, they're living with their off-shore bank accounts, and their ultimate retirement in luxury. You are paying for it all. You are - have, and will suffer - as a result of those insensitive cultmasters. But if you won't think, and wish to support these religions for profit, then they will indeed continue to prosper. All this can be thanks to the trusting and gullible church members. So, please check them out and prove all things. It they resist the investigation or resist you, the please ask, what do they have to hide?

Most will wonder as to why these cultmasters will go to such lengths to oppress and dominate the membership to which they are supposed to "minister?" The answer is simple. These cult freaks have nothing but hatred for the membership. They have nothing but contempt for the people who pay their salary. They take honest, believing, and trusting people and then use and abuse them, bully them, steal their money, their retirement, and their dignity. These are the real tares of the world. Then they arrogantly walk away from it all as they slither away into their private jets, overseas bank accounts, and golden parachutes as their former membership goes without.

If there is "hatred" here, then who are the haters, and who are the victims?

And when we find out and see the "plain truth," then it is really they who have become the "Hate filled and bitter" ones. Now they have been truly exposed for the cowards and crooks they really are. God has nothing to hide, so why do these "church" corporations hide their expenses and deny an IRS tax audit? Go figure.

Ask your pastor . . . . . Trust me. He might try and flounder you with traditional BS, but honestly, he will have no answers.

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