The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
By JohnO

Man is a funny, strange, and illogical creature. He must have an "idol." This applies in general for people who won't think, and not to those who like Jim V. wisely pointed out in a letter to the Editor ("A lazy person will always and forever be ignorant"), who do their own research and are not lazy in their efforts. If one rises from their own asteroid, then one can find the reality in whatever is found and proved to be true. Provable facts and the logic of OCKHAM'S RAZOR can attest to be solid guides here.

The Worldwide Church of God was a master in making idols. Maybe the 2nd Commandment had more than the physical words, and actually referred to the spiritual application. Worldwide Church of God+ seems well on the way. In all of these cases, the idols were men, and NOT the ideology of what they purported to preach.

 How many of us remember the story of Moses going up Mount Sinai to "chat" with God? He took a stonecutter - Joshua - up the mountain with him. Moses then comes down from Sinai with two tablets of stone and claimed that he spoke to God. He also claimed that the two tablets (the Commandments) were made by the "finger of God." So, let's ask. What was Joshua doing all this time? He was a stonemason. Using common sense, isn't it logical that Joshua carved the two tablets of stone, and cut them from the rock of the mountain? God had nothing to do with it.

 But, in doing so and claiming what he did, Moses made himself an idol. (Ref: Josephus - a Jewish historian: "Antiquities of the Jews," Book II, Ch. XIII, Part 2). Both in early NT times, and even now, Moses is venerated as a true prophet and man of God, but in fact, he was a Herbie forerunner. If any wishes to take the time and borrow the Josephus volume from the local library, the history of Moses is most sobering. He was indeed a prince of Egypt, but he was no man of God, as commonly taught. It's of no consequence (to many today) that Moses took (stole and plagiarized) all his teachings from the Egypt of his time, who in turn, got their teaching from the Egyptian viziers, who in turn, got their morals, codes of conduct and teachings from the ancient cuneiform tablets of King Hammurabi of ancient Babylon. The teachings and revelations of Moses were all derived from ancient pagan Babylon. Just think. Moses got all his teachings and the Mosaic covenant from a bunch of pagans. Please remember that sacrifices and offerings came from paganism. Then he beat the crap outa everyone to make the whole nation bow to his will and the will of his (now) plagiarized, and redacted laws. All the time, Moses claimed that "God had revealed it all to him." No wonder Herbie loved Moses so much. A man after his own heart.

 If anyone wants to know more about the antics of Moses, then please read Josephus and his wars against the Midianites, when he captured tens of thousands of Midian virgins (32,000 innocent girls) for Israelite men's sexual gratification, after stealing and plundering all the Midian princes' possessions. He killed countless thousands of those men. Israelite butchers made many a killing, and profited in riches and damsels. Check out Josephus: Book IV, Ch VII, Part I.

 Moses also butchered the peaceful Amorites. Check out Josephus: Book IV, Chapter V, Part 2. Moses left a swash of bloodletting all over the Sinai peninsula. Yet today, he's venerated - in religious circles - as a religious ideal to which we can all aspire.

 Moses the butcher became an idol. And he is an idol to this day. Televangelists will use him whenever convenient. Herbie quoted him often.

 I have the greatest respect for Charlton (Chuck) Heston as an actor, a political activist, and a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. But, I do not support him as a Biblical commentator. While I respect Chuck for his sincerity, I cannot agree with his Biblical viewpoint. People tend to make idols out of celebrities, and celebrities can sell anything. For example: One woman came up to Chuck many years ago. She gushed and said: "Oh, Mr. Heston, Mr. Heston, we just named our son after you." Chuck was somewhat surprised and embarrassed when he told the woman: "Well ma'am, I cannot see why anyone would want to name their child 'Charlton.'"

 "Oh no," said the woman, " we didn't name him Charlton. We named him Moses."

 After a time, this fine line between legend and reality becomes moot. People believe the most ridiculous nonsense. As in the case of Herbie. "God revealed to me . . . ," Herbie often crowed. Simply, that was a lie. It didn't happen. Herbie (again - since he was an intellectual zombie) stole ALL of his info from the Church of God, Seventh Day (CG7), who in turn got their teaching from the false (so-called and dictatorial) prophetess, Ellen G. White. She, in turn, got her info from the two and three century old commentators, Jameison, Fawcett & Brown. They in turn got their ideas from earlier writers. And each was a plagiarizer. But, the phony Herbie, became an idol. Total, absolute stupidity had suddenly became the "plain truth."

 There is NO truth, provable or otherwise, in Herbie - or his odious offspring - that what is preached or blabbed in Worldwide Church of God or Worldwide Church of God+ is anything else than hallucinogenic, theological rubbish. It's a con game, designed to extort any gullibles to empty their bank accounts, give away their present comforts, and their legitimate futures. Cults will steal peoples' futures, and while many of those cult victims might now languish in poverty, please remember that those cultmasters will always wallow in luxury. "What - me worry?" they can laugh. And, all at our expense. They've dumped their profits into overseas bank accounts, and other investments. You and I have given to them, and surrendered to their false theology. We've given them our lawful retirement.

 Cultmasters became idols. We, in the past, worshipped their person, their rationale, and their goals.. They became an extension of our own desires.

 God - as depicted by the preachers - also became an idol. I'm only asking everyone to be totally objective here. If Thomas Paine in his AGE OF REASON, downloadable from this site, can give logic and credibility for a "God," then can every reader use their own common sense and wisdom and view "God" from an honest perspective? "Prove all things."

 God exits - granted, in some form. But the God as depicted by man is a human illusion. And it's man who creates the idols. Idols are the illusion. They simply don't exist. They damage common sense, and they insult spiritual intelligence.

 The actor, Patrick Duffy (of "Dallas" fame), once interviewed with Mary Alice Williams. Patrick is a Buddhist, and Buddhists have a different idea of "God." There is NO God - many Buddhists will say. Incidentally, I'm NOT Buddhist. They believe in law, love, effect, karma, and any other thing that's logical to a human mind. Please reference: "What the Buddha taught," by Dr. Walpola Rahula. Certainly this does not give all the answers, but it does show that the intellect of man was functioning in a "Christ" like manner some 500 years before the birth of the Biblical "Jesus."

 What the Catholics redacted (the modern Bible) in 380 A.D. was really, old hat at the time, as all the teachings therein had been taught in the millennia preceding. That Bible and its teachings are the latest "effort" by a bunch of power hungry theologians to dictate the wherewithal to a gullible membership for the purpose of power, control, extension of ignorance, and money. As Moses was a plagiarizer, so was the Catholic Church when it came to "Christianity." The Popes, Moses, Jesus, the Apostles and the local parish priest all became the new idols.

 God was now worshipped as a some big spirit man in the sky. The very premise of an Infinite Power being relegated to some dinky little cosmic man is utterly ludicrous. That diarrhea mouth, Waterhouse, once said that God picked a man in this age (HWA) who looked like and acted in a manner that was most like Himself. Once more, we were brainwashed into thinking that God was just some "big" man. Like Herbie.

 We cannot describe God. We can only flounder with attempts. There is God, but NOT "a" God. God=consciousness=thought=energy=creativity=manifestation - which is basically what Thomas Paine said. It's pointless trying to make something that's "law" bend to our wishes - just the same as it is trying to make any law actually change according to our personal wills. Law is Law. We simply adjust our thinking and wills according to It's will. "Thy will be done." It's all a matter of surrender.

 While we grovel with the human idea of God - i.e. an idol, even in our minds - the chance of our falling for some religious salesman becomes very real. If God is an idol, then It becomes personal, instead of being "All and in all." And then, any religious shark can prey on our emotions. The concept of "God" is reduced to his definition, and when that happens, the flow of money from your bank account to his, can begin.

 We cannot outdo any law, we must align ourselves with it. The whole universe is controlled by laws. We can't pray or beg electricity to do our bidding. We simply follow its principles, and then, we must live within those results. Praying or begging to law or energy will avail us nothing. That's why prayers go unanswered. But religion still insists on making an idol of some God - "out there."

 Jesus is another matter. Actually, I don't think it matters if a Jesus existed or not. Just like Santa Claus. Who cares? It's the principles that are important. "Love your fellow man," and "Do unto others," etc. These ethics have been echoed by all religions throughout time. The teachers are unimportant, but the principles remain. FORGET THE TEACHER. But modern religion has us looking to a idol teacher, even if that teacher is non-existent. Jesus mania is everywhere. It's evolved into a crazy, emotional, and out-of-control cult. The hallucinogenic madness and frenzy of modern day Televangelism is based on non provable allegories, fictional characters, snake-oil salesmanship, emotionalism, mis-interpretation of an erroneous book, and the "garnering" of money to do the work for some useless God in the sky that was so "duuuuuuuhhhhh" to wait for 4000 years of Biblical history before He finally got around to sending some "Messiah" to save mankind. So much for Jesus.

 In Whittier, SoCal, there is a bookstore. It's just off the #605 Freeway in Orange County, and it's called the Christian Discount Bookstore. Many years (of Worldwide Church of God) ago, I used to shop there. Recently, I had to pull into their parking lot to repair my pathetically running car. I looked into the window. It hadn't changed in years.

 It's a large store and the shelves are loaded with books. They're books about the Bible; books about facts about the Bible; books of Biblical commentaries; books about handbooks of the Bible; books about the customs of the Bible; books about the languages of the Bible; books on textual, literary, and form criticism of the Bible; books about exegesis of the Bible; books about . . . yak, yak, yak, about the Bible.

 The Bible has turned into another idol. There have been more books written about the Bible than any other book in history. And it's still confusion. Just because some ignorant preacher or group once said that this book was the "Word of God," does this remarkably stupid statement make it necessarily so? It certainly cannot be proven, and the indisputable evidence shows it to be a work of men, with the redacting from a lot of religious sharks. It's pointless getting into arguments about the Bible's validity, because in an honest evaluation, they all drown. But the problem is that man worships that book more than he does any decent principles which can be found therein. Mankind goes to church on Sundays (or wherever), and sings and "Amens" to Bible verses. Then, on Mondays, he goes back to work, politics against his fellow workers, and maybe even has a tryst with his secretary. By their fruits? May I remind folks, that both Clinton and Gore are Bible carrying, church-going folks.

 Man, who lacks the infinite understanding, always brings the unknowable down to his own level and worships those things as idols. Man creates a God in his own image. Man creates a Messiah to suit him, and creates a set of legal instructions - namely, the Bible. He worships them all. They are all his idols. Man also fears another aspect of the Infinite - the lower frequencies - and calls this aberrant behaviour "Satan." In essence, man gives power to this myth the more he runs around talking about "Satan" as if he were a real character. Satan now has become a real force in man's life, even if it is a negative and non-existent idol.

 All is life, and all is "God" however we view It - good AND bad. God is all life - seen and unseen, but God is not knowable, as Omnipotent Power and Thought are beyond our realm of our limited thinking. But while we make idols - like within the Worldwide Church of God+ cults - we can never un-cork our minds to see with an open perspective.

 As a wise man once said: "God is only the power generated and stimulated by our own thought action."

 God, Jesus, Satan, Church, Christianity, Bible etc., are all idols. When we scrap all this nonsense, throw away all the worship, and look at things as they really are, we now have the authority to function in accordance with the Infinite Power of Universal Law, and we can start tapping in the ultimate - Cosmic Consciousness.

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