The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
Some Personal Thots
By JohnO

There's a lot of email that I receive that I cannot send to the webmaster, because it's private, and many of us (including the very discrete webmaster) will also honor the same requests. We all respect the privacy of our correspondence. But many of these emails ask (overall) general questions, and I hesitate to put them down in a type of Q&A format. But since some have been asked so direct, I'm really gonna attack it - without any names, of course. Because many of your emails have touched both me and my family personally. And yes, it all ties in with the WCG

In fact, much of it was inspired by Bill F and his perceptive thots and background. Thanks, Bill. This was an eye-opener to all. If you haven't read the article, then, I'd recommend it. Thirty years in WCG? I sure that I couldn't have stood it. I wouldn't have just left much more than an H-Bomb crater on that 42 acres in Pasadena. My patience ain't that great. I think my goal would have been a blast clear through to China. The difference between Apostle Herbie and Apostate Mao would be similar, except for any insult and hypocrisy to the Chinese.

We have been through many of the same traumas with the WCG that you have, and the same persecutions. Most of us have lived under cultmasters and under sneering regimes of unnecessary arrogance. We've all suffered the same departure disgraces as the arrogant, stiff necked and derogatory, cultmasters who watched our departures when we finally became fed up, and definitely proved (including theologically), our point being that they were mindless idiots who followed a cult - and what they ignorantly believed they honestly knew what they believed was really the way that they did NOT outwardly believe. Their paycheck was their God. What they ONLY believed was some innocuous victory for their own silly, little, harmless, stupid little cult - and of this matter, how much you prove the truth to some mindless people, they will always live in denial. If people wish to remain stupid - then so be it The last article BIG BROTHER, we were all told that we had a given a God given brain . . . if we wanna use it. That - in the vernacular - is called Universal, Infinite, Brainpower. Use it - or lose it. But BIG BROTHER doesn't care about the freedom of your minds. BIG BROTHER (as per HWA) - who had no intelligent mind was so swooshed he often couldn't find his way to the bathroom. Just like Big Brother's image, He was a mindless entity like HWA. But, that's not the biggest problem. HWA was just the funnel, the odious lust like Hitler, the arrogance of Mao, the cruelty of Pol Pot, the pudgy Saddeim. He's just the likes of a slimy Milosovec, and the thousands of doodles more to follow. Give HWA the chance, and he (and his WANNABES) will all dance the same yellow brick road to the "new improved" Ambassador Ozellege. This planet has no shortage of nut cases and ego-maniacs.

Just funnel all the greenbacks all to him, grovel on the ground, to wallow in his excretion with loyalty to this twit, make him, a fuehrer, a Stalin, a Mao, a Saddeim Hussein, a Pol Pot (etc.), and make sure you enricho his mucho tithes. Make him an Apostle Herbert - or a HERBIE WANNABE. The gloveless crave to be the HERBIE WANNABES. Which Beast will they crave for one of their own to rule the world? Or, will it be one of their lustful own? Let's face it. WCG, is still behind the scenes (even though chaos reigns supreme), and they're quietly laughing at us. But who cared? They thot we still had the bucks. Please folks - they had to remind themselves - this is fundamentally a biz. Sure, they were wrong. Grossly in error. For what they were doing deliberately, is certainly a massive indictment of guilt. But who cared? They had the bucks. But "guilt" is NOT the nature of this biz. The bucks are. Let's think about it. We - the departed - are now the real victors. We escaped the madness, saved what was left of our bank accounts, and now we can expose those blood-sucking tares. So, who's smirking now? Heck! They don't care. Move on. They're always more gullibles to the sugary breakfast of P.T. Barnum. They can always find other suckers. I was laughingly told that fact by a particular current member. I sometimes wonder about a recruitment fee for a new member? Possible? Pay to get into God's only kingdom? It's a big incentive, and the biz of religion ain't no dumb schmuck. If we pay to get into a movie, then why not charge for admission to eternity (besides tithes) - and the First Resurrection? If Chase Manhattan knows about, it, then - them you can bet you years and years of tax free IRS tithes have been sloshed somewhere? What would any of us do? The IRS know that they're being ripped off within the religious world. But the Government who makes the laws, wants to keep its "religious" (and happily voting) constituents. So, there's no fuss. The "Righteous" voters pull the "short hairs."

Another subject - as an aside way of explanation. With our esteemed Editorial permission, please Webmaster, indulge me on a personal note. By now, some of readers are probably wondering, do I basically follow any rules of the standard English - or spelling? The answer is NO. Screw English. I learned to hate it long ago. Geoffrey Chaucer, Bill Shakespeare, and Sammy Johnson are all (thankfully) dead. And I'm NOT sorry about that. But there were a couple of thrwackbacks that the Bard liked that I really loved), because I hate English - and that's probably a throwback from one idiot Christian Brother (his innocuous name was Brother Lynch, he worked at Aquinas College, in Mount Henry, in Western

* [I'm a reengage Catholic] - and this guy should have been "lynched" in some sort sadistic molestation prison [I thankfully wasn't touched {in THAT way}, however] ) and while his job should have been an inspiring teacher in my youth, instead, he was the closest thing to a religious, Velociraptor that one could meet on a jungle night, colored blue green, and directed by Steven Spielberg. Our faces (much like WCG) would have been shredded into his mouth - of this Raptor a professional carnivore - slowly digesting us into his stomach), and he (like some teachers) was the coldest ,arrogant, sadist available. Like the WCG teachers, he bore a distinct and closely similar example of arrogance, tardiness, and ignorance. The fangs, the snarl, the smell, the Bombastic (like WCG), were reminiscent of the antics in "Jurassic Park II? The flailing Raptor tail swung around to show the power.

But the bottom line is: "How much power did we give this carnivore?? And this all plies to ourselves. How many remember the hungry T-Rex (in JPII) leering with that side-headed "Huuggggh - the guttural roar," Remember the tent scene with the two girls. Imagine "The WCG teachers as a part comparison?" Please remember, that a T-Rex is a carnivore, and we're meat. That means we're all hoers d'ouvers. And remember the toothy smile? Remember the rotten breath, an open mouth and long, open fangs, a slimy tongue, the licking of the heroine, and you can imagine the rest. True, there was a sadist available. But the impetus behind the sadism was the power it was given.

(I'm a fanatic on teaching), but this guy (and too many WCG hirelings) were a total screw-up. So many those goof-balls (and WCG&WCG+) were. They - far too often - enjoyed the humiliating of too many students - except with their, special favorites. In this day, age, and awareness, one must wonder why those few "favorites" were so well treated. Old Brother Lynch should have been teaching the molecular composition of the integral breakdown of cow dung. Something - I would regard as akin to the teaching methods and the bullying of a Meredith?. No arguments? No discussion? No intellect? Just facts. Meredith? I would challenge now to, respectively, be a theological ignoramus. Old Brother Lynch is long dead now. Merry-death is alive. And the same should probably go for many others. No loss. I think some times that some teachers (in the WCG+ mess) should be duct taped to the side of the main (orange) thruster fuel tank (with its participants silenced), and send off to a very long way into space, into a galaxy "far, far, away" My thanks to my (hopefully) friend and colleague, George Lucas . . . and NASA.

They used to call him the "Basher," [Lynch] (a "Christian" brother, of course), because he literally smashed anyone across the head that didn't agree with him. If he didn't like your faces, (if you crossed him the wrong way - contradicted him, if you had an opposing idea, or ), his decidedly reddening of your the skin, maybe re-aligning our jaws, and causing any of us smashed ones, considerable pain. To this day, my jaw has never been in proper alignment. Every so often and once, something "grunches" - on my left side, as he seemed to like that side 'cause he was right handed. But he was much bigger, had more "authority," and acted just like a WCG minister. He had the ultimate power. As Lord Acton once said: "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

With an arrogant Basher [da-brudder] are there always similar to WCG teachers - going back now) who taught our English class. And there were always - rules. His rules. You had to "love" the most asinine of booooring English authors, who would starve to death in today's market, but we simply had to revert to their vomitorious eloquence. (I often wondered if Percy, Bysshe and Mary, Shelley, and Bryon) weren't really the true Frankensteins, ( and if they weren't trying to a combi-gay man - ["IT'S ALIVE"), and poor Byron who later became a finally, sexually twisted and screwed up little man - had to finally and wastefully resort (maybe carelessly drowning himself in this gay lifestyle), sulking on the Bay of Lerici.

 I appreciate the better (modern) authors now, but I would have puked on them in 1954. Teachers are vital to a person's growth, and it is the job of every would-be teacher, to be as perfect as we can be. But he (and I) forgot the admonition of The Apostle Paul when he said: "Don't rush to be teachers."

This, as you can imagine, is getting around to the WCG, its hirelings, and its pay-grabbing cultmasters. The basic principles, that I found here are vital to a person's spiritual growth. There were really no WCG teachers - no one worthwhile anyhow. Only bullies. And, they were at best, a collective bunch of wimps. I only wish that someone had forced me to read this (and other PT Site articles) articles when I was seventeen, going on eighteen. My life would have been changed. I might have even gotten some common sense. My Father said that (this Worldwide Church of God) was a cult. This was a cult. "John," he said, "get out of this cult" I hope to God it helps many, many more. It's doing a tremendous service. I should have learned to be much more intelligent, and listened to my late dad. Read. Learn. THINK. The source of all brain power and intelligence, is God. NOWHERE ELSE.

Certainly, at high school, I never tried to communicate/or argue by the profoundly established rules - which I NEVER followed. Can anyone imagine this, or any article, written in Lord Byroneze? That's Lord Byron, for those who didn't know, and who I hated. The English that I use may be a variable, but I hope that the message is clear. I'm a teacher, and not an English major.

My "thing" was engineering/science. As a (very young) kid, I almost blew up our rear veranda with a chemical set, almost set my hysterical mother's skirt aflame, scorched the laundry (nicely painted) room door (on her washing day) she screamed for the fire department, yelled to the neighbors, spayed the house down, I used the hose chaotically, and she absolutely forbad me any "science" anymore. And I was having SUCH fun. It looked liked I had a screwed life for a while. Do you know how long it is when people are in the perpetual "dog house?" I guess that some people have to resort to having dull lives. Some - like mine - are too damned active.

Them there was the time I tried to hang myself from a tree - just to see what it "felt" like. Thank God for mothers. Sometimes God sends them in the nick of time. Somehow, they're always there. She panicked and "hoisted" me upward. I was always in trouble. I felt like Clint Eastwood in "Hang 'em High." Lemme tell you, it was tough choking. A lotta gargling, and spitting. Sure-nuff, I was un-hooked with a Clint Eastwood type mercy, (Clint lived and choked in the movie, but I simply garroted) To this day, Clint (and for the record - I like Clint), and I share a common bond, even if (we maybe share a common "hanging" experience). Maybe, neither either of us can breathe too well. Remember: "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." Clint, Lee-Van, and Eli. They all had gravelly voices. Maybe there was a good reason. And we were both (Clint and I) were given a braided, grinding scar that lasted a while.. "Hang 'em high." was enough. (Maybe that's why I have a sub-guttural grumbling voice at time, and a soprano at others?). I had (honestly) learned the lesson of the choking lesson. And that gorgeous Inger Stevens (like in the movie) wasn't around to exonerate me. Remember the movie? Anyhow, in a typical Herbie's WCG movie, (with Herbie as producer, director, EP, star, and manager), Herbie was gonna hang all of us high enuf. "Hang all them bastards," he would say, "but get their damned wallets first."

 It really doesn't looked like it's changed that much.. In those the earlier days, I once dissected my dad's carburetor and never made it work again. Talk about pissed! I'd never seen dad madder. I was convinced that this was the closest to heaven that I was gonna get. I thot that I'd fixed his valve cover so that it always leaked oil (it wasn't supposed to) and clogged the workings of the spark plugs with oil drippings (and - incidentally, I - drained his sump as well - only three quarts), ignited the sump oil. Uh-huh, flames. The car was immediately moved. There was a mess of other things that my father on his deathbed, thankfully forgave me (or wanted to kill me) for. And, I think that I had Michael the Archangel for my father, Gabriel had long give up, then along with a shake of his head, and Raphael had forever given up. By the time I was in my teens, Raphael was zooming past Andromeda, (like "I'm outa here, etc.), and to all points infinity. But no, they never caught me personally in the neighbor's girl's bedroom Ha!.

Dad was the greatest, and most wonderful forgiving guy. If there was not that love and forgiveness, then I'd be living in an eternal karma. I only hope I could live up to his memory. He was the best - really the best. I think we were soul twins, but at times, I'm sure he had his serious (and explosive) doubts when the backyard shed became indistinguishable with an experimental "ka-whomp." Wood, the roof, and the pieces of the resident stray cat (black fur covered the local laws and covered the droves of Cyprus for the next couple of weeks), were totally blasted into orbit But that's another story. That was another one of my (gone wrong - solid explosive) experiments. My experiments obviously didn't go the best. (For a while, I wanted to be rocket scientist. To this day NASA has been eternally grateful.)

Anyhow, I tried. But, my Dad always loved me for being so utterly crazy (he never admitted it), but he loved me for always taking those insane chances. He prayed a lot, and offered many candles at that morbid (I guess Mary - Mother of God - forgave a lot). But Apostle Herbie (never an attendee) was a theological, intellectual, and personal bastard. He never forgave anyone, he never forgave me either.

We entered the portals of the Catholic church. God's house naturally. It weren't Herbie's "house." - yet. Apostle Herbie wasn't yet inspired to build HIS (Solomon's auditorium) . So, we were stuck with only a mess of yucky stone bricks. While I oozed, wiped, and dripped against among the darkened, internal Catholic, and depressing columns of tacky, cement - the "Groans," the "Oooooooooooooohs" and "Aaaaaaaaaaaaahs," of righteousness chanters, and some jackass organ player was up in some, cobweb encrusted, (Adam's Family type) alcove (undoubtedly chocking for breath, and discordantly) rehearsing for the next Sunday's Vestal Virgin dance. It sounded more like the agonies of an Inquisition. At that stage - I was absolutely sure - that God loves QUIET. The ether of spirit is always quiet. Who wants to hear that damned racket? How many have heard us as a universe sounding like a roller-coaster? All those "Umahhhhhhs's, and Kyrie Elisions, and Christie Elisions," echoed in those miserable halls. Talk about lifeless. The slime, tackiness, and the play-dough of hanging goo of those stoned pillared walls - we had to be "quiet," after all, this was God's Church, and we were representing reverence. Yeah? Right! God, and all It was, was indeed the most depressing sound I've ever heard? Mount Vesuvius should erupted nearby, with an enormous fart, and it would saved a lot of trouble. If ever there was a hell, then this (inter-Catho-stuff) that was IT. I remember the mumblings of the church and the sniveling vespers within that gloomy church. Gloom was everywhere. So, this was God ?????????????????????????

The mumblers, with their beads, garbled and serious I even still remember scattered all over the church. The priest would walk by, wave his "criss-cross," pass on, and all was forgiven (after confession, of course.) And I (personally) remembering liberally drinking from the fount of the "Holy Water." These were extra, large slurps. Somehow, I thot it would give me some sort of "Sainthood" Status. Then I could sin all I wanted. God! Women! Wow! Wadda blast! And a confession at the last minute. "Father Antonio, I have a last confession to make. And I'm truly sorry to God. God - and ONLY to God, of course, only to God, of course. Absolution would automatically follow, and then all I had to do was wait, and then of course, and then I could sit in Heaven with Jesus - and kill all those unrepentant Protestants bastards. Shoot all the Baptists, and enslave all those peaceful, kind, Buddhists - those passive folks who wouldn't hurt a worm. John (ME) - the Inquisitor, looking like a - throne - robe - and pill-box hat. Just like JackieO. So I thot. Still watched Dad's head shaking The parish priest wanted to kill that little bastard - namely me. (He actually used THAT word). But, I could run a helluva lot faster. Dad was fast, but not that - good, until we got home.. "Get him out of here," the priest screamed. And dad said, "God let him live," I once heard one day, "and give me the blessings of grandchildren." (And, I still bear the scars of my stupidity - a flying split (on a wilder turn) into a bed of rocks). Then so far (the grandchildren miraculously made it). I think my dear parish priest had eventually heart attack. I guess it must have been "God's Mercy?" After the grazing and slicing outside of my (?) ass, my mother (predictably) shuddered. She loved me to no end, but the total end, and what put, she thot I was totally nuts. She prayed a lot, offered candles, and the Virgin was intoned - amounting to endless times.

Now - wonder what that church design was for? It was THE most ugly SOB. Most looked liked twisted alien aberrations from Star Trek. Galaxy XWLF was a close runner up, but nothing - but NOTHING - I'd ever seen on this planet ever looked that repulsive. I promised not to blab. Look at those gargoyles, I honestly thot. They were the ugliest bastards I'd ever seen.. Has ever anyone seen anything like that distortion? If they learned or growled any further, then they'd have fallen forward (gravity, you know), cracked, disseminated, and they'd been much like a sandstone mess all over the walkway by the River Seine. I decided to shut up.

One day, a pastor remarked on my contemplation of one of the gargoyles. Since I didn't know what to say, he took that as a complement to lifetime scripture. He probably thot my next step was the study of the finer inner chapel's prayer cove - rather than Batman.

No wonder I was a rebel in WCG. WCG didn't like scientific questioning. Why? Why? Why? Apostle Herbie didn't like questions. Since he was an theological ignoramus, he couldn't answer - anything. The guy was an intellectual dummy. Herbie was your typical house-to-house sales bully. His method of thuggery, was to give out info, and was only to intimidate. My dumb questions were, why can't a parachute fly? How come I cannot fly from the roof of the house? Eventually, I found the answer. Splattt! I tried to fly the fence, to clear it, soar forever, sour with the clouds, and prove that. It was inconceivable. But again. Ker-splattt! That son-of-a-bitch Einstein wasn't around. And Eternal Herbie had no answers.

That's why so much of my stuff is mathematical. My apologies if this offends or blows away some people. In this, I'm glad to find another mental creature of my (occasional varying) viewpoint, Bill F. Bill's another mathematician and programmer. He argues with me too, and I welcome the discussion. He, Ed, Jim, Sharon, etc., and many others have become firm friends on this site. Bless them all. This site has indeed melded some minds, and we're now all a brotherhood of challenged thinkers. This is the one BIG think that really scares WCG&WCG+. WCG don't like thinkers. They do NOT want us to think or reason. We may argue, we agreed to differ, and we resolve the diffs. Let's hope there are zillions more who will add to what's happened to the remnant of the WCG. If more read this site, then it can be more therapeutic. As children of the universe, we're open to comments, criticism, and ideas for the future. Please remember, you're always loved. But this particular article is more about my personal experience that possibly a similar experience that you have -ALL of you - may have experienced.

That's the real reason that I'm addressing so many of you now. We've all been through the same exit WCG hell. Even if I was a dumb minister, I still had the hurt and pain that you all feel. We can all empathize. We've been there too.

Over the last year or so, I've written some articles. A few. Thankfully, they've been absorbed (much to the WCG & WCG+ cultic chagrin) by many folks who are either in a WCG cult, are now in a WCG+ cult, or those who are thinking that maybe their own version of someone's cultic theology may be the answer. The reason for these articles is NOT revenge. As many have said. It's trying to relate common sense. It is simply to explain the truth. If anyone has a different - and provable version - then please tell me. I'll not only apologize, but send the "plain truth" to the editor/s of this website for a public apology. If I'm wrong, then I'll be the first to apologize. My personal wish is to degrade no one. It's simply to tell the truth, since "the truth shall set you free," and if you cannot stand it, then please: "Get the hell outa the kitchen."

The same must be said about my observation of the editor/s of this site. And this is a personal opinion. In all my extensive, correspondence with the webmasters, I've NEVER found an attitude of vengeance to anyone. Truth is stated, surely, but vengeance has NEVER been the motive. Take it or leave it. The motive has ALWAYS to been to tell the truth. It is the honorable duty of every person to expose the criminals. (Please note Dana's comments to the Editor in the last issues). The forever-unswerving WCG brother has spawned a brood worse than a plethora of HIV rabbits. If people wish to ignore the "plain truth," then that's their own personal fault. And if you cannot stand the truth, then again - please: "Get the hell outa the kitchen."

With the abundance of evidence that's been printed, it must be obvious that the WCG and WCG+ cultmasters are unrepentant, and their efforts are concentrated on their own ego, profit, and personal "golden parachutes." We all know that this attitude is "The hell with everyone else. I'm Ok. So what's the problem?" We know of the reported problems of Robertson, Swaggert, even Flurry, Crouch, Schuler, and the list goes one. What about the opening of the books of TBN, Roddy's, Gerry's, and Joey's WCG+or-? What about the other WCG+ers? Is there something to hide here? This type of behaviour is also found within the workings of many other religious groups. Scandals abound, and we've all read about it. But ALL of these blood-suckers continue to get away with it because they've totally abused the law of the separation of church and state. Cut off their tax-exempt status, and you'll probably see more sincerity in "church" leadership, a better class of memberships, and a more peaceful society overall. We will start to find a class of decent, honest, loving, and Constitutionally gutsy people. But make no mistake. Churches have a lot of "pull" with the big thing. Politicians, and those private political kickbacks are enormous - not to mention what the religious lobbyists make. Certainly, the majority of lobbyists in Washington D.C. are not plugging for their churches. Yes, they have other business to conduct. However, the biz of religion is right in there. But there are many who are also religious lobbyists. In Washington D.C. alone (for their enormous tax deductions), there are a total and in excess of 22,000+ lobbyists. That's true. 22,000 + lobbyists. Staggering, isn't it? And there's an enormous amount of our personal money, that feeds those lobbyists, and fattens the money pot that helps feed the bloated political machine.

It no accident that Stan Rader and the WCG got away with the class action lawsuit in 1979. There was reportedly many millions of dollars that changed hands here, and eventually the suit was dropped. The evidence was there, for sure, but the government decided to "drop" the case. I was also told by a Rader confidant, at that time, that the State's Attorney General, George Dukemejin received about $2 million for his expenses in the upcoming Gubernatorial race. (Nowadays, it's reported to cost $450 million for a Prez run). Two years later, George D. started and served two terms in the Governor's mansion in Sacramento (What a disaster!). I'm not into politics. I only listen. But the antics that went on with Dukemejin are reportedly now going on with Davis. They are both Democrats. (For my votes, they are both "duuuuuuhh." Nose picking and decisions time, folks). Big biz goes bust, because of questionable activities (look at the SCE and PG&E fiascos). The fat cats, at the top "needed" the money for "expenses." Edison, for example, said it needed $2.5 billion just to stay afloat. But, please folks. Let's use some common logic and deduction here. It had JUST sent $5 billion to its "home" corporate HQ in San Francisco. Someone's pocketing big bucks. So, they (the local cry-babies) cry poor, the state picks up the tab, and the taxpayer gets screwed. The taxpayer always picks up the burden. So does the tithepayer. Please watch this scenario. It's gonna go country-wide in time. Watch the price of electricity rise, and the price of oil at our gas pumps shoot up to - who knows where? It's a scam of the highest proportions, and it all sounds like the religious racket. "We've been deprived by the un-Godly. Help us (in your electricity bill and at the gas pumps), and God will bless you." Is this a replay of Worldwide Church of God?

The church situation is similar. Big biz is always the same. WCG can squander the tithe money, it can go on a spending spree, it can violate the tax-exempt laws, and the membership are stuck with the burden of having to pay for the wild (check out the "cheapie" prices for the privileged of all the legal drugs in Morocco - hang onto this one) living and the ostentatious lifestyles. The spending spree is invariably followed by the typical urgent co-worker letter: "Never before" it says, "in the history of God's church has there been such an urgent financial need. Our money is dwindling, and only a miracle can help us now. Sell all, borrow money, and God will bless you . . . .blah, blah, blah." Worldwide Church of God  rips off its membership, and the State ignores it. Pulllleaase! And WHY HAVEN'T those in church leadership sold their sumptuousness homes, emptied their over-stuffed and (ready to vomitoriously expel) filled-up bank accounts, and why aren't they driving second hand clunker cars? Why are they driving their bullet proof Mercedes, and steel re-enforced BMW's (with steel and dilatable Michelin wheels that are now standard), and the normal transport? It's always the membership that must always pay "till it hurts," but that hypocritical leadership still continues to wallow in luxury. It's all just a big biz - please . . . does anyone get this? Is this a con? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Or are we being duped?

Please folks. This is not only a domestic scam. With the WCG money, this whole thing's  become international. WCG have chock-full bank accounts. On-shore. Off-shore. Anywhere they choose. They living off you. If not? Then prove it.


You, enjoy the luxurious villas and you enjoy, and have, obviously, extravagant estates anywhere in the world. Do you want to pick a place outside U.S. jurisdiction? It's your (our) tithe money that's made it all possible. People are starving because of you. Have you ever seen the titles of the tares? Parsonages? Sumptuous ones too, luxury ones - and it goes on and on. You're paying (from tithepayers expenses, and their upkeep. Their homes, the views, the upkeeps, the accoutrements, the servants, the extras, and detached women, etc. . . . . Ring a bell? Ding! Ding! Ding!

So do any of us care? Does you're "upkeep" (off-shore) care? Howzit in Brazil? Or Tahiti? Of the Caymans? Maybe your own island - or county? Money can buy anything . . . . Anything. Hey, you can bounce from Switzerland, from Liechtenstein Where's the dancing going on now? The Caymans, or who are those gullible tithe payers offering it all up to now? We paid for that opulent luxury - didn't we? 'WE KNOW where your accounts lie, (so do others including theirs), and their numbers. Stuff like this can be retrieved. I think that you should be worried. We would be. What affect you have, affects all the wives as well. Tammy and Karen love their goodies too. Ever heard of AFT? Joey, you're gone. Go figure. Joey, (and your minions) your assets are GONE. The United States is coming after you.

With such documented proof, of open and sly corruption, there can only be a total personal repentance of the upper cultmasters, which would possibly equalize this equation, and a complete rejection of the lifestyles by those cultmasters that have brought spiritual and physical slavery to the lives of so many. A genuine resolution MUST be made. That example might help balance the karma of these cultmasters. With all the abundant examples of degeneracy and misconduct that have been amply expounded, then any continuation of such chicanery by such cultmasters must be construed as a deliberate act of criminal behaviour.

Since they've conned the membership, taken tithes and offerings for unlawful purposes (we can prove that - IF they open their books), and they've stolen from the US taxpayer, and defrauded the IRS, then they're guilty of misconduct that would put these cultmasters behind bars for the rest of their lives. But they stay free. And they don't care. Because they're unrepentant. Is it any wonder that the real "plain truth" hurts these tithe paying people?

Neither the PT Site, nor the AR's have been such a vengeful or vindictive source. They are NOT. They simply tell the truth. I'm sorry if you don't like the facts. They've simply told the truth, as it's known, and that's all. So, if you cannot stand the reality of what's really happening, then my suggestion is again (politely) to: "Get the hell outa the kitchen." If you (anyone) have a problem with ANYTHING that's on you're PT Site, then I (with others) am completely open. Prove it wrong. Therefore, this article is for people who are gutsy enuf to wanna know the "plain truth" of what's really happening. Ask them to prove us wrong by publicly opening their personal "churchy" books. Guess what? You'll get a snow job and they won't even talk to you. If you chose to be ignorant of the facts, then you can close your mind, switch this web-page, or simply scoff at something that you've never proved. Please, be honest with yourself first. But, if you honestly want to know the truth that you can PROVE, then please, read on.

The BIG question is really: "Are you ready to face the honest facts? Are decent seeking people ready to examine, prove, and accept that which is actually proved?"

No one's asking you to believe anything that's NOT provable. But, if you're still human, and not some cultically controlled android or loyalist automaton, then the answer must be obvious. READ THE PT WEBSITE ARTICLES, and the AR papers. Please try - I challenge anyone - prove what's said here is wrong. It's genuine. Sure, it may be hard to take maybe, but it's the truth nevertheless.

Are we all ready to 'Prove all things," and face what you may ultimately find? Sorry if this sounds like a dead Herbie, but these questions need to be asked.

The answers may not be nice, convenient, or what you may expect. But, the bottom line is (and it's even Biblical), that you must honestly "Prove all things." And, if you only (gullibly) read the propaganda that's been fed to you by others, then you must - by definition - become a slave to their cultic thinking.

Religion has ALWAYS controlled its followers (from earlier than the ancient Sumerians) by ignorance and by fear and intimidation. "If you do anything contrary to the will of this group," they say, "then God will getcha." Puuulll-leeease. Let's use our God given logic here. The Catholic Church and its modern day "Born Again" Christian followers (and it's an extension of the same cult) will concur and agree with this hallucinogenic BS. Anything for the buck. Even the Vatican needs its liras.

Is the God of the Universe, so dumb, so stupid, so "duuuuuuuh," as to make our universe (one of oodles of many, and dimensions, and continuums), then be so asinine as to confine Its beliefs, benefits, blessings, healings, knowledge, prophecy, and divine benefits, ONLY to those who follow the teachings of some pea-brained hireling in some pulpit or other? Suppose that 99% of the universe (that's a fact) have never heard of the name "Jesus?" Are they therefore doomed, as the moralistic, modern, self-righteous Christians would have people believe? Does all of this make any logical sense? What sort of "God" is running a show that discriminates to only the few that "know" Jesus? Is this logical? Is God some sort of senile, ignorant twit?

If you believe so, then let's check out the site the Ed's ACTS OF GOD. This article maybe sobering to many who may hide their heads in the sand - Good. THINK PEOPLE THINK. It's good for our minds. Good. That's what we NEED to see. Not B.S. We need Realism, and not some religious or sanctimonious BS. We need to see the truth. Religion has kept us in slavery for ULTRA millennia.

 This article may appear to be ugly to many closed minds. But let's honestly grow up. This is LIFE. It's only realism that will open our minds, and realism is truth. GOD MADE MAN'S MINDS, NOW THERE, HAVE BEEN SPAWNS OF (LACKEY) NAPOLE0N PIGS, MORE WIMPS THAT HAVE BEEN MOLDED AND SHAPED FOR PROFIT AND EGO, AND NAPOLEON PIG HIMSELF WAS NOW TO BE THE DOMINANT. HWA WAS NOW STANDING LIKE A HUMAN, SOMETHING HE SAID HE WOULD NEVER BE. (Please read George Orwell's "Animal Farm.")

Herbie was a fairy. He was an sexi-educayed man - like Hitler. He was fairy, like his mother admitted Hitler was bi-sexual.

"The truth shall make you free," no matter how painful it sounds. This article is NOT done to hurt anyone, but only to open people's minds to the real God, World, Universe, and What's coming. This article may be realistic in what is NOW happening - Good. This article may depict things as they are, and the world is really ugly. Ok. Good - learn. Think about it. That's how it is, folks. This article may depict things that are maybe - not "acceptable" to the average "molded" Christian. Good. Come on guys.

Re-read ACTS OF GOD. Did this article shake you up a bit? Good. Learn the truth. Did this article depict the future? Ok, then go with the real idea of God. Swallow it. Did God, for example, heal grandma when she was dying of cancer? Did God protect Johnny when that car hit him in the street? After all, you were a member of the WCG+. Weren't you? How come God didn't care about you, but protected Mohmar Qaddafi (after Reagan's invasions) and Saddam Hussein (after the Gulf War) from a direct bombing attack? Does God favor the Muslims, and not the Worldwide Church of God?

Fear is the overriding factor. These things are vital to anyone's logic.

I know. I've been there myself. I've walked around waiting for God to "zot" me (in 1979 and in those many years following) because I questioned the cultic mentality of WCG. And you can believe me. It won't happen to you or anyone. Common sense MUST prevail in everyone's life. Throw away that fear that's inbred - a fear that prevails to any asininity of religion, and you have a mind that can think.. Fear has no place in religions. Religions with their lackeys are basically paid mouths. They're basically hirelings Mouths for hire. A cultmaster. We've given our intelligence to some galactic moron. You have a "duhhhhhhh" as a Messiah. You have an android. You have another (produced by Paramount - credit given) and a loveable (Brent Spiner) and Data, the "science officer." Data was programmed too. When John Luc-Piccard said: "Data, let's move out of the neutral zone (cause of Romulan conflict, you know - this is a constantly - and funzy - ongoing stuff on Trekker channels)," Let's face it, "Data didn't say - 'Hey duhhh, Cap, I couldn't obey, cause I wuz itching the micro-ooches of my megachips." In much the same way, we were scared. I was plenty scared too, and so were an abundance of others. It took courage - from an abundance of us - to say: "Screw you guys. (namely - those WCG cultmasters). You're lying bastards, and you're full of it." We faced the enemy - full force. And, you know what? NOTHING happened. Those intimidating assholes dissolved into nothing, so did their threats, and they finished up where they belonged. They are now the cosmic and atomic excrement of the universe, and that's where they truly belong. The cultmasters are the real trash and debris.

 I must confess, like many have told me as well. I've been there too. Like I said, originally, that's one big reason that I wrote this. We've all been there too. When I made the decision to leave, I cried like a baby - like so many of us. Really, I remember that there were a bunch of us shaking a lot, huddling a lot, and drinking a lot too. We were such solid believers, that we KNEW that this "God" was gonna blast us. I too was really scared when I made that decision to leave - "God's only true church." I was positive that God was gonna get me personally for being a lousy pastor, ("Traitor, bastard, crazy-man, another Hitler - that sort of thing), and a misleader of God's truth, and guilty for the eternal lives of thousands. I was shaking for weeks. For a longtime, I asked God for everything - mercy, forgiveness, enlightenment, and the truth. I told God - at the time - that all I wanted was the truth, and please (God) don't to blast me into nothingness. I was truly terrified. This John was petrified. I later found out that many more felt the same. Thousands of us, all over the country, have all felt the same at one time or other. We were all waiting for God's revenge. But the cowardly, threatening, and bullying cultmasters couldn't hold down the truth. They tried. Boy - did they try. They threw every bit of twisted and perverted excrement possible at us.

But, as Winston Churchill said: "The only thing to fear is fear itself." Lotsa night's sleep were missed, and lotsa days went along with our fear. We shook, jumped, and trembled in the most beautiful spot on Earth (Hawaii, of course), but we felt guilty about enjoying any of it. After all, God was gonna get us at any moment. We were certainly gonna be fried with the burning of the sugar cane. Many of us woke in the middle of the night, awaiting death. God was surely there, hovering over us, looming, watching, ready to kill us, waiting to extinguish us, personally. That's the way many of us felt because of the indoctrinating of the cults. In that frightening dark of 2 AM+, that intense, atmosphere of no light - and there was the deadness and no swish or movement of any kind, and there was nothing like that mystical "ring" in your silent ears - and nothing visible suddenly shot outa nowhere that must've had lotsa "demons" with it, but, in the end, nothing ever happened. God was quiet. The nights passed quietly. And, in time, it was all nothing.. We just had to grow up, that's was all. God wasn't pissed off at us, after all. It was simply a fundamental part of our development. It was simply part of the needed enema of our fear.

I often walked around - in Hawaii - in the red soil of the cane fields - up north in Oahu - for days and even weeks after leaving the Hawaii church (and this was a no-pay time), and I was indeed a confused person. Honestly, I was hurting. On one side of my brain, it said: "Loyalty to Herbert is mandatory," and the other side said: " Hey John, use your common sense." Even ex-ministers are just human too. We make the same dumb mistakes as many members. Most of us were torn between fear and common sense. Many chose the latter. That's why I cannot understand why more guys haven't signed the APOLOGY PAGE. They KNOW better.

Certainly, since they KNOW better, but why haven't they come forward. Where's the courage that holds them back? None of us has courage of our own self. It only comes from within. And that's from that Infinite Source - some call it "God.". Where is their "God?"

That's an Infinite power that's way beyond all of us. It's Infinite, but It responds. All anyone has to do is honestly ask for It. It'll come. Maybe in time, but It'll come. If any of you have the guts to ask for it. The truth. That's all. But who's willing to listen? No one is asking for a open confession. Just a simple: "I'm sorry," would suffice. Nothing Infinite will deny that. Sure, we were stupid, yes - total assholes. Certainly me. We couldn't see anything else. Herbert was surely , as we gullibly thot that this whore was, "God's anointed," as Denny Luker publicly and idiotically said in Hawaii. He's on tape saying that.

Wadda dumb *'s, we were! We honestly made stupid mistakes? But, what does it take to forgive us? We were dumb, and we were brainwashed. This is NOT some "Jesus forgives" stuff, but we move on. The "Jesus Stuff" for the Bible thumpers does NOT exist. PROVE IT. This latest "Jesus" propaganda is something of the modern day and biz oriented religion - and of course, the BIG religious biz. We simply live our lives in peace. Love our neighbors. We help where it's possible. We do our best, we love our fellow man, love our families, and adore the truth.

Let's please forget this "Jesus forgives you crap." For those who even half way know their Bible, then these remarks were never made by Jesus. Also, the idea (that's been told to me) that "God" died for me, is the most idiotic thing that can be proposed. How can God die? Isn't God immortal? How could immortality die? Wasn't Jesus reportedly raised on the third day (and that's a debatable point)? So quite obviously, God never died for anyone. The idea that "God died for us," and that "His hands and feet were pierced for us," is a pile of unprovable propaganda. This is the organized religion of "church" talking. But it creates ONE, ENORMOUS, guilt trip on all of us. This is a trip that we shouldn't have to bear, but power and money doesn't give a rip when it comes to the building of their empires, the expansion of the control, and the inflation of their own egos. And organized religion knows exactly how to milk this scenario. If someone wants to argue Bible on this point, then I'll do so, and open it up for publication. But remember, please be absolutely sure of your points, as the odds are better than 99% that I know this stuff a lot better - than you OR your minister. I have nothing to prove other than I know my stuff better. Prove it..

As gullible church members, we were loyal - that's true. That's the way we were expected to be. And that's why most of us are so stupid. So why can't more of us ex-ministers ( yes, we KNOW that you read these pages) publicly apologize? You are reading these pages, and you're worried what an apology would do? Answer: Nothing. It will give you a clear conscience. An apology would really go a long way. Hello, out there. Even if that's all we can do. No one's saying that you should write a mass of articles. Just tell everyone that you're sorry. That's all. An open letter: "I screwed up." That's all. An apology would soften the cruelty that was done to so many. We confess. We were total assholes. Sorry. Look at the damage that we've done. To countless thousands. So, why not apologize? There's no shame in making a mistake/s (we all do), even if it's a big one - and even IF we recognize and apologize for it. I must live with the mess that I put my family through for the rest of my life. That also goes for other people as well. The big problem is that I honestly cannot forgive myself. ("He who is without sin among you . . . " think about it) So, can we admit our stupidity? Sure, everyone goofs. But how many of you readers, how many of you ministers who took a paycheck, and I KNOW there are plenty, will could forward to apologize? Take responsibility. Come on guys. Don't hide behind some dumb Christian cop-out. It doesn't work. You may think your conning yourself and your family, but there's no such "Jesus stated, and forgives you," thing. The whole thing's a con-man's crock. It's all a whitewash of modern "Christianity." Buy into it, and you lose bucks. This is total, unadulterated, pure BS. A man MUST prove himself, and for that, he needs to start apologizing.

Please take the challenge and prove it. Modern religion is a scam. Let these whores open their books to an independent audit and the IRS. That will prove the point? Don't be a chicken or try to justify it. Or would your wife rather do it for you? Would you rather hide behind her skirts of some fictitious and un-Biblical theology that somehow: "Jesus forgives all?" You honestly know that's a PROVABLE bunch of crap - as NON stated by Jesus Himself. Lemme clue you in. It doesn't work that way. If you wanna believe your Bible, you had better start repenting, and writing some BIG apology notes. The Blood of Jesus, washes no one (and this is modern profitable, theological BS, and it doesn't exist in JESUS' sayings in the Bible. Really, you won't find it in Jesus' words), and you cannot find those sayings in the words of His own closest followers. This propaganda is nothing more than modern theological crap. It's not only unprovable, it theologically illogical. Basically, what they're promoting, is totally nuts.

Please, apologize, you guys and women. This is your chance. You guys have gotta have the guts to do it yourself. You must stand up and be counted. No justification. Be a man. And a WOMAN. APOLOGIZE. If you have it in you. No excuses. No BS. You screwed up. Dammit! I did, and I'm ashamed of it, and now I have to balance the mess that we've made. To try and whitewash the whole mess by saying that Jesus forgives, doesn't help people. We've all damaged peoples' lives because of false theological stupidity. To try and duck around the consequences is nothing more than cowardice. Doesn't that say something? "Yeah," many may say, "Jesus forgives, and I'm 'saved.'." Hey guys, and this from the Bible, lemme have some news 4 U. You are neither saved, born again, forgiven, nor are any of you hypocrites gonna revel in Jesus' face. Think about it . . . and think about karma. What's you have sown, then that you will also reap. Like it or not, NO ONE's getting outa that one.

This is NOT Old Testament teaching, but it's the laws of the Universe. Wait.

Surely we must try to apologize? It's a great idea. Lemme say something here. I WILL NOT GO THROUGH THE REST OF MY LIFE WITHOUT SAYING THAT "I'M SORRY." Who would? I've damaged my wife and kids, and that's something that I'll never recover from. I don't want that mess on my conscience, and when some idiot (like many of us) screws up, it's only good manners, and proper stuff to at least say: "I'm sorry." If that's all you do. A sorry maybe enuf. You judge. You and your wives. Do the right thing, and let a freedom wash through you. Sure, you can take the cowards way, but the karmic law of the universe will get you in the end. If I'm wrong? Then please prove it. I'm fully prepared to defend my position. With examples.

Many times, after leaving, I was expecting an explosion of heavenly, light power, at any moment, a thunderous blast, and a voice (like heavenly waters) that said: "John, you're a complete and utter bastard. You will surely burn, along with the Beast and False Prophet. Oahu has a lotta thunder clouds. I almost heard God saying: "You belong with the filth that must be atomized. You have defiled God's anointed, and you are burnable trash. You have defied God's only anointed apostle, and for that you will suffer, and suffer, and suffer, and you will suffer the burning of My fire - you disloyal and rebellious scum." And I had visions of Apostle Herbie and his loyalists standing afar from the Lake of Fire and laughing at my agony. I'm not kidding. Do you think that I wasn't nervous? I had nightmares. I was really terrified. But something else inside said: "Hey John, don't be an asshole. Just tell everyone the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Thankfully, I followed the inner voice.

I remembered that I understood what I should do while standing in a pineapple field, on one particular day, and looking toward Haleiwa, on the North Shore of Oahu. I remember the wind. I remember the smell of the ocean. I remember the red soil, and I remember the pineapples. Most of all, I remember the fear. This may sound trite, but standing in the keratosis producing sun, and watching the tourists drive by, I had to make a decision. I KNEW that I was damned forever if I chose to follow my logic - my common sense. I absolutely KNEW that I would die forever if I followed my instincts other than the laws of Apostle Herbie. From there, you all know the story.

When we'd returned to California, I had the need to do one BIG thing. That was give a big apology to my own family. My wife hugged me, and kissed my tears. My three sons all listened, and said: "Don't worry about it, dad. We understand." We're still friends to this day. Although they don't rigidly follow some theology or other, they still follow the principle of: "Do unto others . . . ." I could ask for nothing better. There was only a granting of forgiveness, that's all.

There's been a lot of discussion on the PT Site lately between the Editor and Grant and John B's article of the Deutchlandishachtunginstschtiberlangishmundt (or something) - who's one of the good guys, and should write more articles . . . listening John? Hint - hint - hint. I indeed can only partly empathize with Grant. He must be going through one helluva time. Ministers (and most of sincere ones goes through hell when they decide to leave. Wadda about the family? With minister's families, we all screwed up. What about the family that was "non-church" that I alienated. What are all the sincere folks that I unknowingly deceived gonna think now? How do I tell these folks that I've been a bastard? Maybe unwittingly, but a bastard, nevertheless. A deceiver, a liar? Granted, unknowingly, but nevertheless WRONG. Could Heinrich Himmler have logically said: "But ve are all children of da Fuhrer, unt ve can do no wrong, because ve vere just folloving orters." What sort of cockamamie excuse is this? We were simply androids, and we never had the guts to challenge the leadership.

The Matthew 18 principle of the Bible isn't new. It's found in Vs 15-17. People have been using this principle forever. Actually, it's a damned good principle to use in biz too. That is, for those who have the guts to do it. Unfortunately, I found that - even in - the ministry of CG7 never had the courage to follow this one principle through. Myriads of problems might have been solved as a result. But the ministry, I found, was too gutless. Sorry for the observation, but it's true. Too many people don't have the guts to use it. If those early whores had used the Matthew 18 Principle, then they've defeated dead Herbie. You'd have won against a dead Herbie.. So, why didn't you gutless (original) SOB's use it? Tell me, was that paycheck that much of a problem? We'll publish your answer. If there's an answer, then the answer must be obvious.

First - Matthew 18 principle -you approach the offender (in this case, coward - he's proved that - Herbie), and if he didn't listen (which he wouldn't anyhow), then go with the grievance to a few others, and (since he wouldn't listen) then take it to the congregation. Since the congregation would obviously go against Apostle Herbie, then, they'd kicked the bastard outa the door. The whole problem would have been solved by men of courage in those years of around 1947. No more money. No more buckos. No more power for ego push.. Herbie might have been reduced to almost human. But no such gutsy men existed on the AC campus. As I understand it, we had Hoeh (there's a real winner - with insinuations of "boy lusting" according to the AR's), we had Ray Cole, who was regarded as a gravel mouth egotist, and founder of his own cult, (he graveled too long anyhow), and there was Merry-Death. During the middle-ages, he might have been dubbed the "Chief Inquisitor." Can we all imagine the priest Roddy, in his black robes and his pill-box hats, and causing the "Power of God," onto some poor female? Why don't we ask Roddy about his tryst with his Japanese "Geisha," according to JWT's info, and the night spent for mucho buckaroos? How can he have the nerve of judging people now? Doesn't the saying go: "He who is without sin among you, then let him cast the first stone?" Something 2 think about.

So much could have been done by those cowards. Cole. McNair. Hoeh, etc. Why didn't these whores speak up? Why didn't they take the opportunity? They could have saved the misery of countless thousands of lives. Why won't these guys (when they realized the whoredom), say nothing? Why didn't they have the guys to "Cry aloud, and spare not your voice?" Do you realize how many lives that you could have saved? If only you guys - I call then "wimps" - had the courage.

I don't apologize for being an engineer/scientist, as most of the world thinks we're nuts (nerds) anyhow, but I do look at the universe from that perspective. Everything MUST be proved from either a mathematical or scientific perspective. Screw the emotion. I've been there - in Worldweird - and it don't work. I've had some fascinating emails from Bill F (who's also a mathematical guru and computer programmer), and we discuss things like this. Bill's input is great, and we argue, but what two scientists don't? This is what makes things interesting. Trust me, and you'll have to, "God" takes on a much more infinite perspective. It's also fun to read about it and investigate it.

I figured, right or wrong, that if everyone stopped looking at God as some big "guy" in the sky, and used common sense logic, then maybe we could get somewhere. If we start from where we are, then that's a good start. We are physical beings, and so is everything else around us. Like it or not, we exist in a time-space continuum. And like it or not, it's our prison until we're released. Believe me, there are better levels, and much better continuums. That means we're all energy. If U want a reference, then check out "The Elegant Universe," by Brian Greene. This is one of oodles of similar books on the same subject. Our existence is only relative. We go from physically infinitely small to infinitely big. There's a thot. Our physical manifestation is nothing more than a particular (ours exclusively) frequency in motion. This frequency is overlaid by sub-carriers that mark out our color, size, DNA, etc, etc, etc. There are sub-carriers on our main frequency carrier. This is much like an infinitely complex TV signal. Multiplexing from a space satellite can work the same way. With not as much complexity. I.E. we're way MORE complex

Since we're energy in vibration (some call it vibes), this implies intelligence behind all this. Since there's intelligence, there MUST be life. And life implies controlled intelligence. If there's controlled intelligence, there must by controlled formulation of our particular psyches. Let's please, all think about that one. We were, we are, we always will be. And that's a fact of nature. Our particular formularized energy will never dissipate. Each of us individually, are forever. We are provably eternal. Sorry, WCG.

Behind this formularized energy lies (obviously) intelligence. That means this life force requires thot. That means this life force is driven by consciousness.

In other words, the logic here, is that life is nothing but thot. And so is the Earth, the solar system, and so is the Universe and the time-space continuum - ad infinitum, et al. This explains the veracity in the article ACTS OF GOD. Does God care? No. Certainly not. God is the energy of life - whether we like it or not. It's not our job to get down and worship It, but simply align ourselves WITH It. Now, this must make sense to any skeptic. If I'm wrong, then show me. Indeed, I'm correctable. I've goofed millions of time, like in WCG, and I'll probably do it again. But, I'm only asking the reader to look, prove, and verify what's written.

This is where I think that Grant and his buddies are going astray. They're following a God that doesn't exist. They're following a "poof" of unproveable imagination. They're following a personal God. And He/She/It doesn't exist. God is Life, Love, Energy - and for those definitions, there is no more to say. But, you can believe anything that you want to. You work WITH It. You don't pray to It. It's your source of power, and not your mother or father. It's not gonna hold you hand when you're sick, It's not gonna help you when you slam your car into a tree. It's not gonna help you when you have your first heart attack. And it sure ain't gonna help you when you take you first - and lifetime - helping of 80+% proof. God doesn't rush in to help anyone. Why should He? God ain't human. God is impersonal, and the source of universal power. God honestly doesn't care. God cannot. Some people think otherwise, but look at the logical evidence. Please forget the emotion. God is energy. Look at electricity. It's the same analogy. Meld with It. Don't pray to It. Praying to a power outlet has never lit a bulb. You must use that power as intended. Then it works.

Since history shows that praying to this Higher Source has never worked, then why keep flogging the dead horse. True, some say that God answered their prayers. But the other side thinks differently. (E.g. Britain Vs Germany in the 1940's) "Is God a respecter of persons?" That's why religion (pardon the expression) always "sucks." Did God's Catholics in the USA have better prayers than God's Catholics in Germany? Since when did God take out US Citizenship for a select few? PLEASE THINK DIFFERENTLY. Prayers don't work every time. They never do. It's 50%/50%. It's all - like Solomon said - "It's time and chance." If you honestly think that prayers work, then please prove it. But no one can.

On a personal note:

I told the truth about the WCG, as I saw it (gently) to the extraordinary, and wonderful, Hawaiian people, and the rest is Hawaiian WCG history. Granted, to many, I was nuts. But - boy, are those ex-members having a blast . . . and growing spiritually, at an incredible rate. But, on the other hand, Herbie is a dead Herbert, and thankfully, he is exactly that. A DEAD Herbert. He is (thankfully) a chunk of a worm ridden corpse and a cosmic (upchuck) rejection. They are nothing more than the used, waste material of the Herbie cultmasters. He is gone. He is finished. He has no more control over any of you, as do his HERBIE WANNABES. Need we say more? Those HERBIE WANNABES are happy in their own particular egotistical sewer, and they apparently love the smell and flow of the effluent. Herbie wealth. Ego, and bucks says it all. If there are people gullible enough to feed these ego-maniacs, then we'll always have ego-maniacs.

On another personal note. Really, for a long time, I was a lost soul. This may sound silly, but I was really scared too. I know (from many of the emails from all you folks - that many were scared too) I remember kicking up my toes in the red soil of one sugar cane field of Oahu, at one time. I really didn't know what 2 do. Yes, we lived on Oahu. (Oahu's is called the "Meeting Place," by the way, an unless some people will persistently stop meeting there, Oahu [granted it's a God blessed Island, and I luv it 2) with it's 800,000+ inhabitants - It's honestly gonna sink, (there has to be limit to what God will handle as mass - just kidding), and if John's prophecy is true, then we're gonna have only seven major islands (just kidding), Niihau (owned by the Robertson family - ex missionaries), Kauai (the Garden Isle) , the now, sunken Oahu (have mercy), Molokai (the Friendly Isle, although some Haoeles (Caucasians have been slaughtered when they were camping in the Kamalo Valley, Lanai (the Pineapple Isle - a poor place, except for the new Gill Gates site at Manele Bay), and Maui (of course the Valley Isle - the recommended tourist one. Ask your webmaster. Kahoolawe, the Navy blasts the hell outa of it as it's usual bombing range, and they originally stole the island from the family who owned it I've flown over it many times. It's nothing by a mass of red dirt. The Navy has destroyed it. They're ruined a paradise. There is a green, trimmed area that the bombs haven't touched. Now, the local mountain goats cluster by the sea and eat the grass. When some stray bomb blasts into the ocean around the island, it splatters bones, skin, blood, and intestines so that it covers the red foliage with the skulls, bones, skins, and blood of the mountain goats that once called it "home."  They're all gone now, but I understand the Navy feasts, licks their lips, sips their (plenty proof) as a celebration from their occasional bombing kills. Come on, let's face it. A novice private pilot could hit the top of that huge Kahoolawe rock. It doesn't take a genius. The integrity of the Island of Kahoolawe exists no more. It's just a chunk of blasted, rocky, and ruined soil that thrusts up into an ocean of the Hawaiian green/blue. But who cares? The families are probably all dead by now. I wonder if the Navy cares? They're thinking is that of mindless automatons. Why should they care if the land that they stole from the original, resident, is nothing more than a bombing site on an area that was once their home?

The Navy have apparently NO respect for ecology. Come-on. What military does?), and my favorite, the Big (Orchard) Island of Hawaii. That behemoth that pushed itself over the white capped waves is another story. Do you know that while driving through the Big Island, you can eat the purple orchards from the side of the roads? They use them in the restaurant salads? Not too bad tasting either.

I walked for hours, and many days. This was on Oahu, and in the red soil. Outa work, and no money. I was one messed up and very confused soul. I actually walked through the lines of sugar cane palms, and among the pineapples, and I trembled. If I fouled up, then God would obliterate me. I was waiting for the lightning blast. For a long while, I didn't know what to do. I didn't know whether to cry or scream with joy. I honestly couldn't decide if I had done the right thing. Reject Herbie? That was rebellion. Or was it? I was still soaked in guilt. I remember the pine-app prickles that spiked me as I changed the walking location and eventually wandered through the Oahu pineapple fields. There were a lotta tears with me, and fear did its predictable following. Let's face it. I'm human too. I loved the sugar cane fields, and I loved the pineapple fields. But I honestly thot that I was gonna die. God would certainly kill me instantly for my disloyalty. I was waiting for certain death. My body, I thot, would be found between the pineapple or sugar cane rows. What about those cows that wondered between the lined of plantation? Did these, salivating, constantly manuareizing, over-sized beasts, ever salivate about white meat - like me? Sure, she charged. She obviously didn't like me. I have nothing against anyone, but this horny bitch, quite obviously, didn't understand the human psychology. At least, she didn't like me.

Believe me, this cow's ass bumped me more than twenty yards down a slope. The mud and grass made me smothered with a new clothing. There was mud, dung, twigs, grass, and all sortsa other stuff. Anyhow, the cow won. And I stunk. Anyhow, at the time, I figured that I was the new, raw white boy on the block (and this was on Maui, half way up the wilderness of Haleakala), and cows maybe like their stuff cooked. I didn't really care if this was the sloppy, muddy, and smelly green of cow excrement on the side of Maui's extinct volcano. There was NO way I was gonna argue with the smell. The cow was definitely in charge. I wasn't about to become the next filet spread at Stuart Anderson's. In any case - surely - the Lake of Fire was imminent. Since God was obviously pissed. His cow was mad at me.

Eaten first by a cow, and then refurbished by a restaurant? For a couple of microseconds, I thot about that one. Remember, God hated rebellion? I was the most scared I'd ever been in my life. And you wouldn't believe how fast I could move. That cow looked hungry. Probably hadn't devoured a squirrel in at least an hour or two. There was a look in those eyes. I didn't stick around. Anyhow, I could climb rocks. Cows can't. Human logic? Could we have all imagined that if something had really happened? Could we have even imagined the Waterhouse sermon the next week. "God takes revenge on a rebellious minister, and does it all with a cow." That would have flowed for a whole idiotic month.

And I really thot: "Is this the last image that I will have of Earth because I've disagreed with God's anointed?" But - deep down - I sincerely felt that this (so called) "Apostle" was wrong. Something inside me bore at my innards and said: "This guy is a crook. He's a con. He's an asshole." Indeed, like so many are today, I was torn between loyalty and downright common sense. That was over twenty one years ago. Make no mistake about it. In those days, I was one scared sucker. Like so many of you who read this, I was in the same condition. And I found, that if you stick to common sense and wisdom, you will ultimately prevail. In time, you'll see the hatred, greed, ego, and venom behind those cultmasters who would control your lives, your possessions, and your futures. Indeed, please good people, look at the fruits. These criminals are the real tares. They KNOW better. Let's not kid ourselves. They ARE the tares - as good as they may sound. And as much as they try an intimidate us. Please, keep your heads outa the sewer. Let's keep our minds above the effluent.

In blue Hawaii, it rains somewhere almost every day. The sea is blue-green, but when the rain comes, the sky is gray. But when the sun comes out again, there's the white, bouncing froth of foam, and the blue-green all over again. That's why the land is always so green. And that's why the women love the climate. My wife adored it. It's always so moisturizing. The clear skies, the swift, cumulus clouds, the lack of pollution (as the winds blow it away), the tropical and salty breezes, and the warm, moist air. We were surrounded with water - the stuff that makes up 85% of our bodies. We were a part of nature. A warm part of God. And, it was great for the skin. Women loved the moisturizing. It sure felt great for those who like to hang out in T-Shirts, shorts, and thongs. Especially us bums don't like to dress up. In case you haven't recognized it, I'm a professional bum. I hate to formally dress. Jeans are infinitely better than a tux. T-shits and shorts are infinitely better than jeans. And this perfect climate was great for the aging of those who care. Namely women.

We lived in Kailua, Oahu. Many of you have been there. It's on the Eastern side of the island. It was greener there. There was the lush green, the eastern side of the mountains (the Koolaus - check the map), the high green of the deep valleys, the absence of the blathering traffic chaos, and the wash and sparkle of the silver waterfalls that spilled over the notches of the mountain clefts, and the ancient wash that cut through those streams that rushed into the brackish that melded with the blue-green of the ocean water that oozed its way inland. The brackish was a forever mixture of the tumbling mountain water that spilled into the soggy, windward valley, and it combined with the swelling current that worked its way into the salty mixture that came from the outer and larger water mass - that wavy and powerful body of water that recently became known as Pacific. In the late 1800's they had a war there - on top of the Koolaus. King Kamahameha's band of attacking goons, pushed their enemies off the top of the Pali Koolaus. Those enemies were pushed back, and fell a thousand feet, straight down. The skeletons of the losing warriors can still be found by those who wander the base of those mountains, near the Windward Gold Course. Not too pleasant. Those bones are sorta crumbling. You really must be careful with a precision shot to the green. No one likes to play an accurate five iron shot from the top of a de-composed and two hundred year old skull.

We lived on the windward side of Oahu, and there were usually lotsa clouds that danced among the Koolaus (the Eastern, jagged and spiky mountains), and I remember the wispy clouds that grazed and touched those high but jagged, mossy, green peaks. I remember a couple of times looking up at a dark cloud at around three to five thousand feet that crossed the spiky line of mountains. It was usually headed my way. Why was it there, I thot? With the gushing of the rain waterfalls, it looked like a silver line dance moving through God's fear of the threatening storm cloud. "This is it," I thot. "God is coming to get me. Lightning will zap me at any minute." I was that scared. It took me a long time to get over it. And in later years, I found that I was not alone in my feelings. Many of the members also told me of their fears. We were honestly scared for a long time. So, I deeply empathize with those of similar fears, doubts, and worries. We've all been there too. You're not alone. But, it's Ok. You'll come out of it, the same as we all did, and continue to do so.

FEAR = IGNORANCE = CONTROL . . . . and if WCG&WCG+ can blind anyone of us into that scenario, then they have total control of our lives. Sure . . . . they'd like to tell you it's the other way round, but let's be honest, the bottom line is your money. Without it, they couldn't exist. And I can prove it. Cut off their money (unnecessary anyhow), and you cut off their lifeline. I'll make you a promise. If you cut back on the money, THAT is the first thing they'll come whining and threatening you about. So, what's the most important thing to the WCG&WCG?

I remember one case when I grabbed a lunch bite on a biz trip to Maui, and I sat next to the ocean. For a moment, I wondered if the Kraken was going to erupt from the Pacific and engulf me by my human sacrifice. We all become so paranoid.

We were brainwashed that to even doubt Apostle Herbie was a sure pathway to the Lake of Fire. And today, I look at the feelings, the pain, the doubt, the guilt, and the fear that soaks into the members of the WCG+ cults. Their cultmasters are putting on the same egotistical pressure. "Follow me, or perish in the Lake of Fire." Worry not. These dingbats don't even know how to cook a steak over a barbeque, let along throw someone into a Lake of Fire. But, the membership. Those people I really feel for. I really ache for them. I KNOW what they're feeling. But, it's Ok. It's all part of the exit procedure. Let it flow. It'll take a little time, but the feeling of relief will eventually come. The Higher spiritual mind will dominate, and you will fear no more. You're free. Really - you're free.

I get the usual (private) email letters that tell me they agree with the site, but sometimes, they wonder why the PT Site appears to be so bitter. Please, lemme clue you in on something. If TRUTH sounds bitter, then I'm sorry. Truth simply exposes the hypocrisy. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it's uncomfortable. No one ever said truth was a basket of roses. But that's the price that you paid, but what you will suffer will eventually set you free. The AR's for example, have been classed as bitter, but there's NOT one item that's in there that can be disproved. Also, there's NOT one item of reporting in the PT Site that hasn't been verified time and time again. Folks have, time and time again, told the same old stories. It almost gets repetitious - monotonous too. The same proven stories, over and over again. But it's all true. And sometimes, it really hurts. I'm sorry for all you doubters, but we've "proven all things," and indeed, "the truth shall make you free." Please, have the guts to - at least - go and examine the proven evidence.

In the oodles of communiqu,s that I've had with this site's editors, I've never found a spirit of revenge. The only object that I've found is the telling of the truth. Like it or not - take it or leave it - it's the proven truth. So, if you cannot stand the truth and its proof, then it's time to please: "Get the hell outa the kitchen." When you honestly prove all things, and have the guts to go with it, then something wonderful happens. You suddenly find that you're free.

FEAR is the ultimate (and non-existent demon ) is what holds WCG & WCG+ members captive. When we get past the stupidity of that reasoning, then we'll start to fly. There are 40,000 others that will undoubtedly agree with you. Go figure.

But, however, in the spirit on going, anything goes! You WILL make it.


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