The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
By JohnO

Dear Editor/s:

Just recently, I received information from a friend that happened to get access to some of the recent United Church of God  sermons.  One "minister," it seems, is very upset at what was said about him on the site, and in some of the articles that I've written.  As it was told to me, "he doesn't understand why anyone would say anything bad about him."  Maybe this hireling has forgotten a little bit of true history that's verifiable by many people.

In the first place, anything that I've said about any minister of any of the Worldwide Church of God+ cults is NOT a condemnation.  Anyone can repent.  But these hirelings are still taking a paycheck, and preaching stuff that (as many have privately admitted) they no longer believe.  All that has been said in any article that I've written is the facts as I've experienced them.  This is a country of free speech, and while he can say what he likes about me (and has), I can reply by telling the truth in my own defense.  And that's all I am doing - defending myself, as well as telling the truth so others may learn and NOT get hooked as I was dumb enough to do.  I did NOT start this fight.  The barrage of Worldwide Church of God lies that were spread about me, in those years and times after we left, was totally unreal.  The lies were started by reports generated from this particular hireling and his lackey.  In later reading what was said about me, I could NOT identify that person (me) that they were accusing by the ugly descriptions and falsehoods.  (This scenario appears to be typical of cults.)  It was as if I was reading about someone I didn't recognize at all.  So, in some of the articles, I'm setting the record straight (sarcasm included), as well as trying to help others.  And I don't really care if any Worldwide Church of God+ hireling agrees or not.  Those things really happened.  Any my wife and children will be the first to cry out:  "Foul." 

The lives, finances, future, and stability of my family (and others) were totally disrupted by this man (and a follow up hireling) who made our existences miserable for a long period of time.  I personally consider his actions an abomination (and that of his follow up lieutenant), because of their loyalty to a cult which did not allow freedom of thought or speech, and his loyalty to that cult which paid his generous salary with generous expenses, and which violated the Constitutional rights of every American  . . . the right of freedom.

He has every right to disagree with me, as much as I have to state the truth about what I've said.  And I have about 100 witnesses to his untoward behaviour. 

Anything that I've said about Worldwide Church of God+ on the site actually happened, and apart from personal experiences that we suffered at the hands of a vengeful, retaliatory Worldwide Church of God (you don't mess with a cult), the facts of the whole sordid Worldwide Church of God mess have been well outlined in the Ambassador Reports.  I still have the paperwork on the devastation these characters tried to make of our lives, and the destruction that they tried to achieve to my character, reputation, and finances.  It also chronicles lie after lie.

Now, this poooooor baby can't understand why people don't like him?  He's starting to sound more like GTA every day.  They cause irrevocable damage in people's lives, and when someone states the facts, warning others so they don't get caught as well, these hirelings start to whine.  "Poor me."

While I've never condemned anyone in any article or email (and will not), I've given the facts as they stand, even though the perpetrator may not like it.  But if such a one doesn't like the heat (as they previously dished it out), then I have a good suggestion..  Repent, stop taking a paycheck, and get out of your cult.

Also, I have one question to ask this hireling:  "How come you're reading the PT Site?"


It's always amazing to me that when criminals are either justly apprehended or convicted of a crime, they invariable start to whine and claim that it is actually they who are the victims. John Wayne Gacey, Ted Bundy, Richard Speck, and O.J. Simpson have all gone on record, whining and claiming their innocence. Even the nazis in the Nuremberg trial after WWII claimed that they were victims of the allies, because they were: "Chust following orders."

So, it's really not all that surprising when the cultmasters and hirelings in the Worldwide Church of God+ cults are faced with the truth about their aberrant behaviour (like the nazis), they too start to whine and bemoan the fact that they are being "persecuted." As such they claim to be deeply hurt, wounded, and offended when they get hit in the face with the truth from people that they've psychologically injured or crippled. Maybe they're forgetting what horrendous damage they've done to other people's lives in any number of areas?

Telling the truth about a situation that happened in the past is NOT some revenge-kick. It's simply a statement of what happened, and in many cases, the detailed (with names included) explanation of what really occurred in any given circumstance. Past history shows that we cannot trust any Worldwide Church of God+ version with the recounting of any situation. Since we've seen the avalanche of lies that's been vomited out of the Worldwide Church of God+ areas, it needs victims of this religious persecution to come out, tell the "plain truth" and explain what really happened. And this scares the heck out of Worldwide Church of God+ cultmasters and hirelings, because they know what's said is the truth. It exposes them and their conduct for the criminal behavior that is really is.

Now, these cults have no more "mind" power over us, and as such they cannot stifle the truth with their past iron-fisted, bullying, fear induced approach. They cannot brow-beat anyone now, and since all their numbers and finances are dwindling, they don't have that nazi sway that they once enjoyed. Since they can't force anyone to believe their defensive lies anymore, they must now use another tactic. This is the ploy used by most criminals. They all simply start whining and moaning.

"Poooooooor me. I'm being persecuted. I'm just a victim. How could anyone do this to me? Why are they doing or saying this about me? Poooooooor me."

In many cases on the PT Site or in the AMBASSADOR REPORTS the truth has either been told or reported to simply clear the air and get to the real facts. Most of us have seen how the cultmasters and hirelings in Worldwide Church of God+ have totally distorted the truth innumerable times, perverted the facts, and misrepresented situations in order to justify their own ego, their untoward actions and make themselves look "squeaky clean." This is true of all cults and most religions. They do nothing wrong - according to their own twisted reasoning - and will accept no responsibility for any damage done. Let's face it, business doesn't admit mistakes because it can lose credibility . . . and cults are big business.

But doesn't any person have the right to speak in his/her own defense? Doesn't anyone have the right to speak the truth? Doesn't everyone have the right to lay out the facts as they happened, and thus cut through the confusion brought about by an endless progression of Worldwide Church of God+ lies? If personal damage was done to someone's reputation by these hirelings, doesn't that person or persons have the right to respond with the truth?

So many of the PT Site have done just that. No one's out to "get revenge" here. That's not our job. The universal karmic law is more than adequate in this matter. But - as the Proverb said - shouldn't we be able to: "Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he become exalted?" There are times when people's reputation is on the line, owing to a deluge of lies told about them from the likes of the cultmasters and hirelings in the Worldwide Church of God+ cults. These liars have caused tremendous damage in the lives and reputations of many ex-members, as well as the lives of many ministers who left.

When members leave, and especially ministers, the propaganda machine goes into effect, and just like the lies and garbage that was typically spread by nazi and communistic brainwashing, the cultic "programming" machine goes into effect. Current members must be told how "evil" these departed people were. Existing members must now be informed as to how these departed ones were really: "evil, heinous, backstabbing, conspiring, children of Satan." All these descriptions have been used by Worldwide Church of God cultmasters and hirelings to describe departed members and ministers.

So, ex-members find a forum where they can express themselves, tell the truth, and inform others as to what really went on, and sometimes, naming a particular minister. And since these cultmasters and hirelings have no spiritual ammunition (or in many cases, intelligence), to oppose the logic of truth . . . they simply start to whine.

"Poooooor me. I'm being persecuted. I'm just a victim. Feel sorry for me. Poooooor me."

Apparently these cultmasters, etc. don't feel the necessity to ever apologize for their wrongdoing. There can be no doubt that many ex-member's lives have been ruined, and the cultic trail of blood leads along a path of suicides, alcoholism, broken homes, ruined finances, mental breakdowns, and stolen retirements. The same will apply to current members when they come to themselves, see the hypocrisy, and exit.

Since the cult leaders and their lackeys feel no remorse, they have no conscience. And since they have no spiritual or religious power over us, they simply start to whine when someone states the truth about them.

It doesn't matter whether a person believes in a literal Jesus in the Bible or not. But any lessons derived from ANY teaching can be valuable. One Biblical lesson these cultmasters, etc. might heed is the tale of the man making his offering in the temple. And this applies to all those hirelings who think they only need to make peace with "God" and do not need to make amends to the brethren for all the damage they've done.

"Leave you gift at the altar," the quote says, "and go be reconciled to your brother first. Then, return and offer your gift."

For those current Worldwide Church of God+ hirelings who secretly read these pages, lemme explain something. You can never have any forgiveness or peace within yourself by simply trying to make amends to some "Higher Power" alone. Unless you reconcile and apologize to the real victims, there can be no forgiveness. So please, quit whining.

Any and all of us have the Constitutional right to explain our side of the ugly stories that have been spread about us by the Worldwide Church of God+ cults. But there is a big difference to these accounts. Our versions will indeed be the truth. We have nothing to hide, no ego to defend, and no paycheck to "garner." While so many cult hirelings relish in the lies, equivocation, and chicanery of their organizations, the true victims that they've left are innumerable - and we're now speaking out against the Worldwide Church of God+ cults, sanctimonious oppression, church dictatorship, religious domination, personal intimidation, and cultic greed. Cult hirelings will undoubtedly rationalize their continued ungodly actions, but those of us who are finally free are at liberty to come out and state the truth.

"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."

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