The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God. The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
The First Fairy Tale

Dale K. Brown



"David Berg" was an unassuming enough name for a Baptist preacher in the 1940's. Strait-laced conventional, it was the epitome of pastoral correctness. But when starting your own religion in the late 1960's, especially one targeting the disaffected youth of that era, a name like that would hardly do. Something else was required, a name of true Biblical proportions, and "Moses David" certainly fit the bill.

At this time, "Mo" was running a Christian coffee house in Huntington Beach, California called "Teen Challenge." But God, having greater things in mind for the modest innkeeper, began appearing to him regularly. Soon, they were on a first name basis.

The "god" which appeared to Mo was a closet Democrat with Republican leanings. Yes, the world was coming to an end and California, den of iniquity that it was, was going to be the first part of that world to go. Just what iniquities Californians were guilty of committing was difficult to assess however, because the gospel as delivered to M. D. was exceedingly liberal. Just about any type of sexual behavior was permissible as long as it was kept in the family; the family of Moses David, that is. And there was no prohibition against the accumulation of worldly wealth as long as Moses David did all the accumulating. On the other hand, the world in general and America in particular were too materialistic and far too preoccupied with sex for this particular god. For these and other reasons, the end was now near!

God's plan, according to middle aged Mo, was for God to cause a mighty earthquake which would dump at least half the golden state into the Pacific Ocean. This interesting event was forecast to occur in 1968. Being forewarned of the apocalyptic calamity, Moses David led his family and followers out of the Californian Egypt and into safer parts of the promised land.

They wandered the Wilderness of North America's freeways in a caravan of aging school buses, preaching the word as revealed to Mo that America was about to be destroyed for unspecified crimes and misdemeanors against the Almighty. Prior to this coming period of social unrest they, as the called and chosen, would be supernaturally whisked away and protected. After that they were to form the form the proletariat of God's new government on earth.

They now envision a full nuclear exchange between Europe, China, and America. The U.S.S.R. used to be the favored tool of prophetic judgment, but since it fell apart, God apparently could make no further use of it in this regard.

But if the number of casualties they predict is accurate, it is unclear just who they will be ruling over. This has been a sticky issue for doomsday religions since time out of mind. On the one hand, they, as good guys, get to take over the shattered remains of the entire planet. On the other, with everyone but them dead and the earth a radioactive wasteland, one might be excused for wondering, why bother?

Because America, like California, is doomed and also because the Justice Department and State prosecutors began seriously investigating the constant charges of kidnaping, unlawful imprisonment, and rape leveled against Moses David and the children of God, Mo and many of his flock have deserted the United States seeking asylum in Canada, Mexico, and Europe. There they continue to prepare for their awesome responsibilities as the future lords of all the earth.


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