The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
 Stop The Herbeze Virus!

 Much in the manner of pranksters who slyly tuck viruses into the internet to crash computers, the Worldwide Church of God and the splinter groups are openly injecting their deadly virus on their web sites. Their purpose is to crash the minds of gullible, innocent people. Then, when these people are hooked, their minds are remolded into a receptacle into which is poured Herbie's poison. The agenda remains the same ever since the old maniacal pervert died. (Which he claimed he wouldn't do 'til Christ came). It has proven to be the perfect formula on how to con people out of their money. Of all the scams on the internet, this has to be the scammiest and the scummiest.

 It appears to be a blatant attempt to increase their membership and their fat pocket-books. To lure unsuspecting souls into their "Tangled Web," manipulate their minds, their money, and drastically alter their normal life style. They are "Transformed By the Truth" of God's real plan for mankind. Then they are transformed into rabid cultists who will have nothing at all to do with "Satan's world."

 Hey, folks, does this sound all too familiar? We've all been there. We all became infected and fell for the same crap and suffered the disastrous results. But back then it was easy for those voracious vultures to peck over our booty, our bones and our minds. Trechaks' Ambassador Report was a strict no-no. You read it at the risk of being disfellowshipped. Not to worry. We were all programmed to focus all of our attention on God's coming Kingdom and "The Wonderful World Tomorrow." To even think of consorting with the blinded and uncalled ones in Satan's world never occurred to us. As a result, many families were torn apart, marriages ruined, and many deaths occurred among the faithful brethren. Due to Herbie's strict adherence to the rule of totally relying on God to be healed and ignoring advanced medical technology in "Satan's" world that could have easily cured the cause. Of course Herbie's top echelon was exempt. He and Rod made damn sure they got the best of care by making doctor appointments. But the faithful flock remained deep under Herbies' spell and the shepherds' command.

 And now Herbies' retreads are initiating the same pernicious process. But now, they will have a much harder time succeeding. But now, the playing field is level. But now, we have access to the same internet. But now, we can rebut. And now, we have the tools to do it with. We have the Painful Truth, that contains the Ambassador Report plus the experiences and testimonials of the victims who can testify as to the veracity of what these CG cults post on their sites. We know their game plan by heart. We used to be on their team, and they will never change their play charts. We can refute any damn argument they bring up, and the burden of proof will lie on them. Their one and only defense lies in a gobble-de-gook bible that most of us who left can shoot full of holes. Due mainly to the fact of what we learned more about it, as much as we learned what was in it. But the shepherds quake at the mention of facts. They would much rather deal in myths. We are onto their favorite "out of context" ploy when they have difficulty responding to an intelligent question.

 UCG is well on the way fishing for suckers by posting a bible course on their web site. Its' editorial reviewers seem to be headed by Scott Ashley and includes about 16 others. This, in essence, is how it is presented:

 Why The Bible Is The Word Of God

 Part 5


 It is abundantly evident we live in an uncertain world. Three thousand years ago Solomon confirmed that "man is greatly troubled by ignorance of the future: who can tell him what it will bring?" (Ecc. 8:6-7 Revised English Bible). He said, "The living know that they will die" and "time and chance happen to them all." (Unquote)

 That's the same old broken record we heard years ago. The needle's stuck in the same groove. Honestly now, how many people give a diddly dam what Solomon said 3000 years ago, or if he really did exist, or if he said it at all? Where's the proof? Look around you. We're in the year 2001. We're all busy in our own scheme of things. We have many things on our minds. Problems to solve. Duties to perform. Obligations. Working to make ends meet. Family responsibilities. Some are performing hi tech jobs, involved in new discoveries, medical advancements, blue collar jobs, etc. For recreation we go on cruises, trips, Las Vegas, Europe and other distant places. visit points of interest and enjoy the night life. Including Friday evenings. (Herbie did). So who is going to stop and ponder what an old man said 3000 years ago?

 I can see it now: Some zealous UCG geek has just distributed the church slick magazines to designated stands and dental offices. He stops in a bar for a drink. Sits next to a guy just off from a hard day's work. The boss had bawled him out. His ears still aching from the 8 hours sound of pounding presses. Had a spat with his wife just before he left for work that morning. Moodily sipping his Bud wondering how to make this month's car payment. The geek studies him for a moment. Then suddenly he smiles and extends his right hand.

 Geek, "Hi, my name is Don Diehard. What's yours?"

 Moody guy mutters something unintelligible.

 Geek thrusts an extra slick copy under the guy's nose.

 "Do you know that you must rely on God because you live in an uncertain world?"

 Now, what do you think Moody Guy's reaction would be? I know what mine would be. The geek would've shrieked after I grabbed him by his shirt and knocked him on his righteous ass.

 But there are many on the internet who are susceptible to such scare-the-hell-out-of-you tactics. And this is the particular segment cult leaders aim for. They're exploring for new mother lodes.

 Now we have the means to fight back and meet them on even terms. If UCG can publicly declare a dogmatic proclamation both in their literature and on the internet WHY THE BIBLE IS THE WORD OF GOD, then by the same token the Painful Truth and its many supporters, contributors, cult exiters and others who disagree, should declare just as adamantly WHY THE BIBLE IS NOT THE WORD OF GOD. We rely on facts, where they rely on fantasy. We rely on the courage of our convictions and firm evidence of fraud and corruption that occurred in WCG. And since UCG is spouting the same Herbie philosophy, it also remains under a cloud. Let's keep that poison from spreading by all means. We shouldn't just stay mute while people using the internet are exposed to the Herbeze virus. Don't allow their brains to be crashed like ours was. Let's kill that virus. Let's furnish the antidote.



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