The Cage

How easy is it to manipulate and enslave mankind. We all grew up with ideas handed down to us from our parents, our schools, and the society around us . Ideas about government, politics, or religion. The question is, can you actually perceive what truth is? Not what is presented as truth by others, but the truth that is found within the multiple layers of your own individual personality?


We all have a set of beliefs we believe to be true, that we function under on a conscious or subconscious level, a set of personal assumptions about the world. Some of these assumptions are considered to be obvious or more widely accepted as true. This is called ‘personal reality.’ If you believe that you are a insignificant, powerless person in a basically evil and exploitive world, then you will look at yourself as a victim of the society you reside in. If you believe in yourself and the process of self determination given you at birth, then you will have the courage of convictions and act in accordance.

A healthy minded individual learns to observe the many layers of their own personality as a objective observer. This is very demanding as you can imagine. It is also very enlightening. Over the course of time one starts to realize how many thoughts and fears are residing within the self all at the same time. You discover the roots of many of the actions or reactions in your life that you have made life choices with. Both good and bad reside within.


Real truth is not to be found externally outside ourselves, but in our inherent selves, each of us, powerful and sovereign in our own right, if we so chose to exercise that right. Those who choose to be followers of men will remain sheep for the slaughter.

There is a reason that ‘others’ need us confounded, oblivious and controlled.

Should we follow men and enslave ourselves?

Our lives, which consists of our time and money, can be harvested by ‘others’ if we allow it. We enslave ourselves to the conclusions of various assumptions made by ‘others’ and not by consciously choosing the truths we wish to live by. A free thinking individual will staunchly defend their rights by resisting those overlords who wish to exploit and destroy them.

Regardless of whether we stand up for the right of self-determination, to every one of us, that remains an individual choice. In any case, your God given rights are inalienable, and set in stone. It is up to you to exercise your rights.

When a person chooses to take part in creating their personal-reality they become a reflection of the divine. The right of free choice. Your very existence is about learning the proper utilization of the will. It is what makes you, you and reflects the true inner being, not only to your fellow man, but towards God.

So when you chose to learn the process of thinking for yourself, when you learn to look deep inside yourself and are able to explore your own personal assumptions and sort out deception from truth, when you are ready to exit the cage and embrace personal freedom independent of others, you will have learned to rejoice in expanding your own personal reality and will have embraced truth. You shall be independent and free from those who would exploit your labor and rob you of your life.