The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God.
The Ekklesia Compendium of 550 697 759 784 796 Essential Worldwide Church of God Words and Phrases

That is 666 plus 130.

"O" thru "Z" this page.

Compiled by Glenn Parker

From the great members of the Ekklesia! email list and its Founder, Bill Ferguson, the following painful memories of the Cult.

(This list cannot be used to start your own cult. You have to make up your own stupid stuff. If you control the language, you control the people.) My comments in BLUE. Ed

Magenta - Offering (above and beyond the tithes.)

Magenta - Offering envelopes

Magenta - Olive oil - for anointing

Magenta - Olive oil - used for medicinal purposes

Magenta - One day from Sunday is Monday. (How to figure the right day for Pentecost.)

Magenta - One day is like a thousand years

Magenta - One True Church

Magenta - Orange Grove Boulevard

Magenta - Orr, MN.

Magenta - Osamu Gotoh (the man Herbert W. Armstrong paid to get Herbert W. Armstrong "invited" to meet dignitaries)

Magenta - Our calling

Magenta - Overcome

Magenta - Overcomer

Magenta - Ox in a ditch (permissible Sabbath work)

Magenta - Pagan

Magenta - Pagan holidays

Magenta - Pagan Holidays

Magenta - Pagans

Magenta - Paradigm

Magenta - Passing the baton

Magenta - Pastor General

Magenta - Pastor General's Report (PGR)

Magenta - Pastor rank minister

Magenta - PDA (public display of affection - not allowed)

Magenta - Peanut butter and honey

Magenta - Peanuts and raisins

Magenta - Peculiar people

Magenta - Pentecost means "Count Fifty"

Magenta - Persecution

Magenta - Personal Correspondence Department (WCG equivalent to "Jeopardy")

Magenta - Petra

Magenta - Phallic

Magenta - Pharmacist means sorcerer

Magenta - Philadelphian

Magenta - Physical sin

Magenta - PK (preachers kid)

Magenta - Place of final training

Magenta - Poison plus poison equals poison! (i.e., don't take medicine)

Magenta - Porneia

Magenta - Post-baptismal trial

Magenta - Post-feast let down

Magenta - Potluck

Magenta - Pray and pay

Magenta - Pray for the Work

Magenta - Prayer and fasting

Magenta - Prayer booth

Magenta - Prayerful attitude

Magenta - Pre-Adamic humanoids (Herman Hoeh, @1974)

Magenta - Pre-feast trials

Magenta - Preparation day

Magenta - Prepare to be kings and priests

Magenta - Prepare to greatly reduce your standard of living.

Magenta - Presenters ...(telecast)

Magenta - Prize Winning Campus

Magenta - Proactive

Magenta - Professing Christianity

Magenta - Prospective member

Magenta - Proverbs 31 woman

Magenta - PT (the Plain Truth Magazine)

Magenta - PT Distribution Program

Magenta - Purge the body

Magenta - Putting sin out of our lives

Magenta - Qualifying for the kingdom

Magenta - Queen Sirikit and King Bhumibol

Magenta - Queers! (Rod Meredith)

Magenta - Quest Magazine

Magenta - Radioactive half-life

Magenta - Raise up (as in raise up a church)

Magenta - Raised in rank

Magenta - Ranch-Dash Rhoda (Pasadena "fat girl" students of a certain era)

Magenta - RATS! (alternative: BATS!) exclamatory phrase of deep frustration

Magenta - Raw sugar (brown sugar)

Magenta - RCG (Radio Church of God, later changed to Worldwide Church of God)

Magenta - Rebel

Magenta - Rebellion is as of the sin of witchcraft!

Magenta - Rebellious

Magenta - Rebuke

Magenta - Recapturing true values

Magenta - Redwood building

Magenta - Regional director

Magenta - Remember Lot's wife.

Magenta - Remove the poison from this food we are about to eat [a frightful request for the uninitiated!]

Magenta - Repent in sackcloth and ashes

Magenta - Repent means to turn around and go the other way

Magenta - Repent!

Magenta - Reprimand

Magenta - Restroom duty

Magenta - Revealed

Magenta - Revelation

Magenta - Righteous indignation

Magenta - Root of bitterness

Magenta - Rose Parade Fund Raiser

Magenta - Rule with a rod [Meredith?] of Iron

Magenta - Rumors

Magenta - Sabbath Dress/Wear

Magenta - Sabbath Music

Magenta - Sabbath treats

Magenta - Sacrifice (e.g., "You need to sacrifice for God's Work.")

Magenta - Sand in stockings from Piney Woods

Magenta - Satan broadcasts through the air.

Magenta - Satan is attacking the Church

Magenta - Saturnalia

Magenta - Scapegoat

Magenta - Scintillating

Magenta - Scrip (ersatz money sometimes used to "pay" AC students)

Magenta - Sea gates

Magenta - Seatwarmer

Magenta - Second Coming in 10 to 15 years

Magenta - Second Passover

Magenta - Second resurrection

Magenta - Second tithe

Magenta - Secret sin in your life (why your life in a mess even though you're in Worldwide Church of God)

Magenta - Self justification (to defend yourself in any way)

Magenta - Self righteous

Magenta - Semi-annual letter (to all PT subscribers)

Magenta - Senior dinners with Herbert W. Armstrong

Magenta - SEP (Summer Education Program)

Magenta - Sermonette

Magenta - Set before us an open door

Magenta - Seven last plagues [refers to the booklet on success]

Magenta - Seven Laws of Radiant Health (e.g. dry off briskly with a towel - RCM)

Magenta - Seven successive church eras

Magenta - Shocking

Magenta - Should We Listen To Others? (actual article - answer: NO!)

Magenta - Shut-ins

Magenta - Sick society

Magenta - Sick!!

Magenta - Sign up list

Magenta - Simon Magus

Magenta - Simplify your life (applied only to lay members)

Magenta - Sin IS the transgression of the law.

Magenta - Sin lies at the door.

Magenta - Singles Drop-In

Magenta - Slap their face and send them home

Magenta - So-called

Magenta - So-called Christianity

Magenta - Sometimes the barn looks better if it is painted. (That should have made the women feel wonderful about their gender.)made the women feel wonderful about their gender.)

Magenta - Somos una familia. (We are one family. Joseph Tkach, Sr.)

Magenta - Soon-coming kingdom

Magenta - Sound system

Magenta - South Saint John Avenue

Magenta - Spanking

Magenta - Special Announcements

Magenta - Special Music

Magenta - Special offering over and above regular tithes and offerings

Magenta - Spew you out of his mouth

Magenta - Spiritual Israelites

Magenta - Spiritual Jews

Magenta - Spiritual maturity

Magenta - Spiritual meat

Magenta - Spiritual sins

Magenta - Spiritual widow

Magenta - Split sermon

Magenta - Stanley Rader - baptized in bathtub in Tokyo Imperial Hotel and immediately made an evangelist

Magenta - Stealing from God (euphemism for not donating to Worldwide Church of God)

Magenta - Steuben Crystal

Magenta - STP (Systematic Theology Project)

Magenta - Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

Magenta - Submission

Magenta - Submit to authority

Magenta - Super deacon

Magenta - Surely, God would do nothing except He reveal it first to His servants, the prophets.

Magenta - Swats - mandatory SEP attitude adjustment

Magenta - Take up your hymnals and open to..

Magenta - Tape library

Magenta - Telephone tree

Magenta - Tent washed away in the Piney Woods, clothes drenched.

Magenta - That's actually a mistranslation. It should be translated....

Magenta - The 100-Year Period

Magenta - The 1160 days prophecy

Magenta - The 144,000

Magenta - The 800 number

Magenta - The Amazing Archer Fish (anti-evolution)

Magenta - The Angler Fish (anti-evolution)

Magenta - The Auditorium

Magenta - The Beast

Magenta - The best age for marriage: men 27/28, women 23-24 (Herbert W. Armstrong & Loma)

Magenta - The best age for marriage: Whenever you're in love! (Herbert W. Armstrong & Ramona)

Magenta - The Blessing of Little Children

Magenta - The Brussels Super-Computer

Magenta - The Campus

Magenta - The carnal mind is enmity against God...

Magenta - The Church

Magenta - The Commissary

Magenta - The Compendium

Magenta - The Correspondence Course

Magenta - The Deceivership

Magenta - The Dig (excavation in Jerusalem partially funded by AC)

Magenta - The Digester (a huge organic materials recycling machine at Big Sandy)

Magenta - The Englishman's Greek New Testament

Magenta - The Falcon 50 Fan-jet

Magenta - The Feast

Magenta - The final trump

Magenta - The Gerringer Letter (Thanks, Bob and Connie)

Magenta - The Gestapo (AKA The Visiting Program)

Magenta - The G-II, G-III

Magenta - The Great Commission (given to Herbert W. Armstrong, NOT to the church)

Magenta - The Great Tribulation

Magenta - The Great White Throne Judgment

Magenta - The Great Whore

Magenta - The gun lap

Magenta - The Hammer Family(Donated the Big Sandy property to the Cult)

Magenta - The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. (can't trust your mind)

Magenta - The Hebrew Calendar

Magenta - The Holy Days show God's plan for mankind

Magenta - The Incredible Human Potential (book by Herbert W. Armstrong)

Magenta - The Kessler Letter (Thanks, Jack)

Magenta - The King Air

Magenta - The lilting melodies of the 1930' and '40's (Herbert W. Armstrong's choice in music for everyone)

Magenta - The little horn

Magenta - The love of many will wax cold (you are dead meat if you leave the Worldwide Church of God)

Magenta - The Manpower Committee (a group that determined who would be hired)

Magenta - The Missing Dimension In...(whatever)

Magenta - The missing keys that unlock... (prophecy)

Magenta - The most important book since the Bible

Magenta - The Mystery of the Ages (the most important book since the Bible)

Magenta - The only reason any of you are called now is to help ME!!!

Magenta - The Plain Truth About....(whatever)

Magenta - The Portfolio

Magenta - The Primacy of Peter (first ridiculed, then advocated by Herbert W. Armstrong)

Magenta - The Real Jesus (book by GTA)

Magenta - The Receivership

Magenta - The Redwood Building

Magenta - The Rock of Gibraltar

Magenta - The satellite transmission

Magenta - The Second Law of Thermodynamics

Magenta - The seven laws to, oops, of success

Magenta - The seventh seal

Magenta - The seventy weeks prophecy

Magenta - The sign of Jonah

Magenta - The sin of Korah

Magenta - The soul that sinneth it shall die.

Magenta - The Sound of Music (especially Rolf - Thanks, Dan.)

Magenta - The Spirit in Man

Magenta - The telecast

Magenta - The Tribulation

Magenta - The truth shall set you free (Amen)

Magenta - The Two Babylons

Magenta - The two most common positions for sex (never defined - thankfully!)

Magenta - The two trees

Magenta - The Two Witnesses

Magenta - The very elect

Magenta - The Visiting Program

Magenta - The way of give

Magenta - The weak of the world

Magenta - The West Point of God's Work

Magenta - The Work

Magenta - The World

Magenta - The World Tomorrow ...both the TV show and the utopia

Magenta - The Young Ambassadors

Magenta - There is a balm in Gilead (as opposed to a bomb in Gilead)

Magenta - There is a lot of love in this church. (usually said in local churches only)

Magenta - Third resurrection

Magenta - Third tithe year

Magenta - Third tithe year blessings

Magenta - Those who accuse others are usually guilty of the same thing.

Magenta - Those who bear the vessels of the LORD must be holy

Magenta - Three day fast

Magenta - Three days AND three nights, not one day and two nights

Magenta - Three times in a year you shall appear before the LORD ( & not empty)

Magenta - Times, time, and half a time

Magenta - Tithe

Magenta - Tithe of the tithe

Magenta - Tithes (1st, 2nd, and 3rd)

Magenta - To the Kingdom! (Clint Zimmerman)

Magenta - Tohu and Bohu

Magenta - Tomorrow's World (a very effective magazine for getting new members)

Magenta - Train up a child in the way that he should go....

Magenta - Traveling evangelist (Gerald Waterhouse)

Magenta - Trouble maker

Magenta - Trumpets

Magenta - Turn the hearts of the fathers toward their children...

Magenta - Turn with me, please

Magenta - Two thirds of the Bible is unfulfilled prophecy.

Magenta - Unclean meats

Magenta - Unconverted

Magenta - Unconverted mate

Magenta - Uncovering the throne of David (the real purpose of The Dig)

Magenta - Uniplural

Magenta - Unleavened bread

Magenta - Unleavened recipes

Magenta - Unpardonable sin

Magenta - Until next time this is Herbert W. Armstrong/GTA saying 'Goodbye Friends.'

Magenta - Utopia

Magenta - Valley of Megiddo

Magenta - Vicious gossip

Magenta - Wait for God/Headquarters to fix the problem.

Magenta - Waiting room program

Magenta - WAKE UP!!

Magenta - Warm and happy smiles of our students

Magenta - Watch world news

Magenta - Watchman

Magenta - Watering down period

Magenta - WATS line

Magenta - WATS program

Magenta - WCG (Worldwide Church of God)

Magenta - We are Family

Magenta - We are NOT changing the doctrine....

Magenta - We do NOT set dates

Magenta - We just...(repeated several times during opening and closing prayers)

Magenta - We just...(repeated several times in opening & closing prayers)

Magenta - We NEVER SAID the world would end in 1975

Magenta - We NEVER SAID you couldn't go to doctors

Magenta - Well Greetings Friends, around the world!

Magenta - We're not spiritual beings yet. (excuse for any mistake)

Magenta - Whales' guts - makeup

Magenta - What does that have to do with the price of beans?

Magenta - What Is Worldliness? (sermon given at AC each year to OK drinking)

Magenta - What other church do you know of that is willing to change?

Magenta - What time is sunset?

Magenta - What WILL the Wonderful World Tomorrow be LIKE!?!

Magenta - When the Bible first mentions Israel they are fighting the Jews

Magenta - When you point a finger at someone you have three pointing back at you.

Magenta - Where God has placed his name...

Magenta - Whitened sepulchers

Magenta - Whitewash brush (being too nice to a speaker in your evaluation)

Magenta - Who are you to judge God's servant? (no questions allowed)

Magenta - Whole wheat

Magenta - Why are we here?

Magenta - Why did God call me?

Magenta - Widow's mite

Magenta - Wilderness

Magenta - Will a man rob God? (fund raising)

Magenta - Willful disobedience (second of two reasons for disagreement with Herbert W. Armstrong)

Magenta - Wine - used for medicinal purposes

Magenta - Wine and cheese meeting (spokesman club)

Magenta - WN or WWN (The Worldwide News, a tabloid for members)

Magenta - Wonderful World Tomorrow

Magenta - WORK and WORK and WORK and WORK and WORK! (Rod Meredith)

Magenta - Work harder and smarter

Magenta - World Tomorrow Magazine

Magenta - Worldly

Magenta - Worldwide Advertising

Magenta - Worthy of double honor (why some ministers make really big bucks)

Magenta - Would you all begin finding your seats, services will be starting in five minutes.

Magenta - Wretched

Magenta - Write for your copy of our FREE booklet

Magenta - Write this in your margin.

Magenta - X -just because we needed an X on this list

Magenta - Xenophobia (WCG attitude toward everyone and everything not in Worldwide Church of God)

Magenta - YES (Youth Education Services)

Magenta - YES Bible memory verses

Magenta - YES memory verses

Magenta - YOU (Youth Opportunities United)

Magenta - You are all just a bunch of DUMB SHEEP!!)

Magenta - You are the salt of the earth

Magenta - YOU Bible Study (post-service)

Magenta - YOU Biblebowl

Magenta - You cannot be a good leader until you have learned to be a good follower.

Magenta - You can't outgive God

Magenta - YOU Lock-In

Magenta - YOU Talent Show

Magenta - Young Philadelphians

Magenta - Your best investment [Tithing!?!]

Magenta - Your calling

Magenta - Your request to transfer to a different festival site has been denied.

Magenta - Your sins will find you out.

Magenta - Zip Codes 91109 and 91123

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