The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God.

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The Ekklesia Compendium of 550 697 759 784 796 821 Essential Worldwide Church of God Words and Phrases

That is 666 plus 155.

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Compiled by Glenn Parker

From the great members of the Ekklesia! email list and its Founder, Bill Ferguson, the following painful memories of the Cult.

(This list cannot be used to start your own cult. You have to make up your own stupid stuff. If you control the language, you control the people.) My comments in BLUE. Ed


"6. LOADING THE LANGUAGE. "The most far-reaching and complex of human problems are compressed into brief, highly reductive, definitive-sounding phrases, easily memorized and easily expressed" (p.429).

A.) Used to mark membership in the group; you "know the lingo".
B.) Constricts thought by dismissing problems through cliches.

For example, "John is a `lukey'" (meaning a lukewarm christian) answers all necessary questions about why John doesn't pay tithes, even though he prayed fervently to God about his terminally ill daughter and believed that God allowed him to use all his resources for a hopeful operation."

New On 8/30/98

Magenta - !!?!! [also with scattered UNDERLINING and CAPS!!!]

Magenta - A car is a bedroom on wheels [Garner Ted Armstrong's reason single church members couldn't have a car]

Magenta - At one ment

Magenta - Coming out of Spiritual Egypt

Magenta - Day of Atonement

Magenta - Fasting and prayer

Magenta - Feast attendance

Magenta - Filthy lucre [why didn't they have a hand washing service?]

Magenta - Foot washing service

Magenta - From Genesis to Revelation

Magenta - Humble yourselves before God [or we can publicly humiliate you]

Magenta - If any man shall add to these things, God shall add to him the plagues that are written in this book [it would be nice, if true]

Magenta - New Covenant (Christian, etc.)

Magenta - Old Covenant (Christian, laws, etc.)

Magenta - Passover service

Magenta - Stand in the Holy Place

Magenta - The better resurrection

Magenta - The first five books of the Bible [the law]

Magenta - The first four books of the New Testament [the gospel]

Magenta - The Law, the prophets, and the writings

Magenta - Throne of David

Magenta - Today's offering was $$,$$$.$$, $$.$$ per person

Magenta - Pray at least half an hour per day

Magenta - Pray three times daily

Magenta - Spiritually hot [I certainly feel burned!]

Older Alphabetical Listing Below

Magenta - 1 800 423 4444

Magenta - 1/3 of the Bible is prophesy

Magenta - 12 - the number of organized beginnings

Magenta - 1-800-423-4444 (WATS line number)

Magenta - 1-800-faw-23-faw-faw-faw-faw (David Hulme's version of the WATS line #)

Magenta - 19 year time cycle

Magenta - 1927

Magenta - 1934

Magenta - 1972 - the year the church would flee

Magenta - 1975 - the year Christ would return

Magenta - 1975 In Prophecy

Magenta - 2T (second tithe)

Magenta - 3T (third tithe)

Magenta - 40 - the number of trials

Magenta - 40,000 - number of confused, hurt, depressed ex-WCGers sitting at home

Magenta - 6 - the number of man

Magenta - 666

Magenta - 7 - the number of completion or perfection

Magenta - 7,000 year plan

Magenta - 8 million a month circulation

Magenta - A bowl of spiders...(the receiver's description of the Worldwide Church of God)

Magenta - A crisis in the Work

Magenta - A doorkeeper in the Kingdom

Magenta - Abhor

Magenta - Abhor yourself

Magenta - Abomination

Magenta - AC (Ambassador College)

Magenta - AC depicts the colleges of the World Tomorrow

Magenta - AC students (a privileged class of human beings)

Magenta - Against The Gates of Hell (a book by Stanley Rader)

Magenta - AICF (Ambassador International Cultural Foundation)

Magenta - All together now!

Magenta - All your righteousness is as filthy rags...(you are scum and don't forget it)

Magenta - Always buy the best quality you can afford

Magenta - Ambassador College

Magenta - Ambassador College is the happiest place on earth. (HWA)

Magenta - Ambassador College students are the happiest students on earth. (HWA)

Magenta - Ambassador for world peace

Magenta - Ambassador Foundation

Magenta - Ambassador quality

Magenta - Ambassador Report (Thanks, John)

Magenta - Ambassador University

Magenta - Ambassador Without Portfolio

Magenta - America Listen Campaign

Magenta - America Listen!!

Magenta - An open door

Magenta - Ananias and Saphira

Magenta - And greetings friends around the world!

Magenta - Anointed cloth

Magenta - Approved by Headquarters

Magenta - Around the rugged rock...(and all the other stupid vocal exercises)

Magenta - Art Gilmore (announcer for radio and TV shows, and tapes)

Magenta - Ask yourself, "Would Herbert Armstrong behave like this? "

Magenta - Attack speech

Magenta - Authority

Magenta - Autobiography

Magenta - Azazel

Magenta - Azel goat

Magenta - Babe in Christ

Magenta - Babylon Mystery Religion

Magenta - Babylon The Great

Magenta - Back on the track

Magenta - Back on Track

Magenta - Backsliding

Magenta - Bad attitude

Magenta - Balderdash

Magenta - Basketball - THE game at AC (NBA = Nobody But Ambassador)

Magenta - Battle of Armageddon (not the Bruce Willis movie)

Magenta - Be ready always to give an answer

Magenta - Beast with 7 heads and 10 horns

Magenta - Become a light

Magenta - Beep! Wrong Again. Sermon by Joe Jr. about how they really weren't changing anything.

Magenta - Begotten, not yet born

Magenta - Best Feast Ever

Magenta - Best feast yet

Magenta - Between the two evenings

Magenta - Bible bag

Magenta - Bible baseball

Magenta - Big Beak ...nothing but good clean, wholesome entertainment

Magenta - Big Sandy

Magenta - Big Sandy

Magenta - Blessings and cursing.

Magenta - Blessings so great you would not be able to receive them.

Magenta - Blood up to the horses' reins

Magenta - Blow the dust off your Bible

Magenta - Bobby Fisher (former world chess champ & former Worldwide Church of God disciple)

Magenta - Bombastic

Magenta - Booklets

Magenta - Booth City

Magenta - Box 111

Magenta - Brethren

Magenta - Bricket Wood

Magenta - BS (Bible Study)

Magenta - BS (Big Sandy)

Magenta - Build character

Magenta - Build holy, righteous character

Magenta - Building fund

Magenta - Building iron bridges between nations

Magenta - By fiat (e.g., "God cannot create holy character by fiat.")

Magenta - CAD (Church Administration Department)

Magenta - Call for anointing

Magenta - Called

Magenta - Camping in the Piney Woods

Magenta - Can A Christian Raise Dogs and Tithe On The Income?(actual article "Yes")

Magenta - Canaanites

Magenta - Captain of 10, 50, 100

Magenta - Carbon dating

Magenta - Carnal

Magenta - Cayenne pepper - used for medicinal purposes

Magenta - Century of 19-year time cycles

Magenta - Charles Dorothy

Magenta - Charles F. Hunting

Magenta - Check your brains at the door

Magenta - Children shall be their oppressors and women shall rule over them.

Magenta - Chosen

Magenta - Christ is the Head

Magenta - Christ was ready to return in 1975 but WE weren't ready

Magenta - Church "A" Team; "B" Team; "C" Team

Magenta - Church literature

Magenta - Churchianity

Magenta - Circumcision (not REALLY required but strongly encouraged)

Magenta - CIS (Computer Information Systems - formerly DPC)

Magenta - Clean Jell-O

Magenta - CO (conscientious objector)

Magenta - Cognitive dissonance

Magenta - Combined services

Magenta - Come out of the world

Magenta - Commit this service into your hands

Magenta - Conscientious objector letter-writing sermonette

Magenta - Consider the ant, o sluggard...

Magenta - Converted

Magenta - Coruscating

Magenta - Coruscating, scintillating, bombastic table topics

Magenta - Counseling for baptism

Magenta - Count the cost

Magenta - Counterfeit religion

Magenta - Courier Insurance

Magenta - Coworker

Magenta - Coworker letter

Magenta - Creation demands a Creator.

Magenta - D&R (divorce and remarriage doctrine)

Magenta - Deacon and deaconess

Magenta - Dead woodpeckers laying all over the forest floor (anti-evolution)

Magenta - Deceived by Satan (first of two reasons for disagreement with HWA)

Magenta - Deceived person doesn't know he's deceived

Magenta - Decently and in order

Magenta - Del Mar Boulevard

Magenta - De-leavening

Magenta - Demon possessed

Magenta - Dick

Magenta - Disfellowship

Magenta - Disfellowshipped and marked

Magenta - Dissident

Magenta - Dissident literature

Magenta - District softball tournament

Magenta - Do NOT attempt to make festival housing arrangements on your own.

Magenta - Don't believe me, believe your Bible!

Magenta - Don't look back.

Magenta - Double Sabbath

Magenta - Double services

Magenta - Downfall of Western society

Magenta - DPC (Data Processing Center)

Magenta - Drinking from the spiritual fountain

Magenta - Drive you to your knees

Magenta - Drought, famine and pestilence will hit the U.S. in 3 to 5 years!

Magenta - Dual nature of prophecy

Magenta - Dumb sheep

Magenta - Earthquakes in diverse places

Magenta - Eddie Koo (AC Pasadena barber, discount jeweler and YO-YO champ)

Magenta - Egypt - a type of sin

Magenta - El Mundo de Manana

Magenta - Emulate

Magenta - End-time prophecy

Magenta - Ephraim and Manasseh

Magenta - Eunuch for the work

Magenta - Evangelist

Magenta - Everest House Publishing Company

Magenta - Every one of the Ten Commandments was in force before Moses.

Magenta - Evolution

Magenta - Exacerbate

Magenta - Exactly 72 hours in the grave

Magenta - Examine yourself.

Magenta - Excess second tithe

Magenta - Faculty row (housing in Pasadena and Big Sandy)

Magenta - Faith without works is dead [so do your works by sending us money on faith]

Magenta - Family prayer

Magenta - Famine of the word

Magenta - Famine of the word

Magenta - Father.....Father........Father.......Father.......Father....Etc. (Lasting from two minutes to eternity. The opening or closing prayer.)

Magenta - Feast Ad Building

Magenta - Feast chain

Magenta - Feast dance

Magenta - Feast days

Magenta - Feast fever!

Magenta - Feast gift

Magenta - Feast of Booths

Magenta - Feast of Booze [Garner Ted Armstrong: "Whatsoever your heart desires... Strong drink, That's Booze, Brethren!"

Magenta - Fellows and girls

Magenta - Fellowship

Magenta - Fellowship with the brethren

Magenta - Ferret-faced fink

Magenta - Fervent prayer

Magenta - Festival advisor

Magenta - Festival planner

Magenta - Field ministers

Magenta - Final prayer [isn't that just a chilling thought!]

Magenta - Fine Israel [as opposed to fine China--another Watermouth aberration.]

Magenta - First color edition of the PT

Magenta - First fruits

Magenta - First resurrection

Magenta - First tithe

Magenta - Flee fornication (except for HWA and Garner Ted Armstrong)

Magenta - Fleeing

Magenta - Fleet car

Magenta - Follow me into the Kingdom of God!

Magenta - Foot washing basin

Magenta - For where your treasure is there your heart will be also. (Fund Raising)

Magenta - Foretaste of the World Tomorrow

Magenta - FOT (Feast of Tabernacles)

Magenta - Four Great Mandates

Magenta - Fox's Book of Martyrs

Magenta - Franz Joseph Straus

Magenta - Friday Night Bible Study

Magenta - Fringer

Magenta - Gag-a-maggot

Magenta - Get back to the trunk of the tree

Magenta - Get converted

Magenta - Get over it.

Magenta - Get the point?!!

Magenta - Ghastly (the word that inspired the creation of this list)

Magenta - Give until it hurts!

Magenta - GN (the Good News Magazine, for members only most of the time)

Magenta - God can raise up rocks [used in association with, "I can start this Work all over again with my eight Japanese Sons!" and similar threats.]

Magenta - God chose ME!!! (HWA's credentials.)

Magenta - God gave you to me. (HWA to Dorothy)

Magenta - God had the computer invented so the Church could handle its mailing list

Magenta - God helps those who help themselves [Herbert certainly did!]

Magenta - God is going to spank, and He's going to spank HARD!

Magenta - God is not the author of confusion.

Magenta - God is reproducing Himself

Magenta - God likes quality.

Magenta - God loves a cheerful giver

Magenta - God names things what they are! (e.g. Armstrong = Strong Arm)

Magenta - God places you in the body where he wants you (so don't complain)

Magenta - God works in families.

Magenta - God's People

Magenta - God's Apostle

Magenta - God's chosen people

Magenta - God's Church

Magenta - God's Feasts

Magenta - God's Minister

Magenta - God's people

Magenta - God's plan of salvation

Magenta - God's protection

Magenta - God's sacred calendar - handy wallet version

Magenta - God's true Church

Magenta - God's way of ... (doing whatever)

Magenta - Gospel OF Christ, not ABOUT Christ

Magenta - Gossip

Magenta - Government from the top down

Magenta - Government of God

Magenta - Graduate ghetto (where most AC grads lived after graduation)

Magenta - Great falling away (you are dead meat if you leave the Worldwide Church of God)

Magenta - Great unseen hand from somewhere

Magenta - Great White Throne Judgment

Magenta - Green Street

Magenta - Growing in grace and knowledge...(forget grace, obey HWA)

Magenta - GTA- Garner Ted Armstrong , son of Herbvert

Magenta - Garner Ted Armstrong has a special calling from God. (& is therefore exempt from the rules)

Magenta - Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle (sound of Americans on German meathooks;Rod Meredith)

Magenta - Hag Sameakh (Hebrew corrupted to mean "Happy Feast")

Magenta - Harmony at Headquarters

Magenta - Has Time Been Lost? (It sure has you bastards! You stole our lives.)

Magenta - Hat pin test

Magenta - Headquarters

Magenta - Headquarters Church

Magenta - Heathen

Magenta - Help-meet

Magenta - Herbert Armstrong Chair (Endowed chair at USC School of Law)

Magenta - Herbert Armstrong was not the church. (Hoeh at HWA's funeral.) Yes he was.

Magenta - Here a little, there a little...(how to construct doctrines)

Magenta - Hidden for nineteen hundred years

Magenta - High Holy Day(s)

Magenta - History written in advance

Magenta - Hitler is alive and is living somewhere in South America

Magenta - Hold up the hands of the apostle

Magenta - Holding up Mr. Armstrong's arms

Magenta - Holy Day(s)

Magenta - Holy Days

Magenta - Holy days absence forms

Magenta - Home Economics (THE major for AC female students)

Magenta - Honey - a medicinal salve

Magenta - Honey - an acceptable sweetener, if "pure"

Magenta - Honey Bears

Magenta - House of Israel

Magenta - House of Judah

Magenta - How did you first hear about *The Truth*, or *The Church*?

Magenta - HQ

Magenta - HQ (aka Headquarters, Pasadena)

Magenta - Human instrument

Magenta - Human Potential Magazine

Magenta - Husbands and wives will be a team in the Kingdom of God.

Magenta - HWA - Herbert W. Armstrong, founder of Worldwide Church of God (AKA "Herbvert")

Magenta - HWA has a special calling from God. (& is therefore exempt from the rules)

Magenta - HWA's dad had a beautiful baritone voice.

Magenta - HWA's Japanese sons

Magenta - Hypocrites

Magenta - I AM Ambassador College!!!

Magenta - I AM NOT A PROPHET!! (HWA in Jan. 1972 after church did not flee)

Magenta - IB (Imperial Brat)

Magenta - IBM 360 (WCG's first "big" computer)

Magenta - IBM 370/158 (WCG's first big computer upgrade - very difficult project)

Magenta - If a man seeks relief he should sleep on his back.

Magenta - If a man swallows a marble...

Magenta - If I pinch you, would you feel it? (not yet born again)

Magenta - If you can prove a doctrine once you can prove it twice

Magenta - If you don't like it, there's the door!

Magenta - Immanuel Velikovsky

Magenta - Immunization exemption forms

Magenta - Immutable, unchangeable

Magenta - Imperial Schools

Magenta - Inclusive reasoning / exclusive reasoning (how to count days)

Magenta - Inculcate

Magenta - Inductive/deductive reasoning

Magenta - Inspired

Magenta - Inspired margins

Magenta - Internalize

Magenta - Internet Lies

Magenta - INVITED to services (only by the ministers, of course)

Magenta - It happened at the Feast. (some sin, especially THAT one)

Magenta - It is the MISUSE of (whatever) that is a sin

Magenta - It's God's money

Magenta - Jamieson, Fausset and Brown

Magenta - Japanese Diet [Ruling body, although, after Herbert was there, his eight Japanese sons probably did have to diet!]

Magenta - Jerusalem time

Magenta - Jeykle Island

Magenta - Jezebel - whore, vanity, what HWA called women who wore makeup

Magenta - Job and I (why I too am self-righteous)

Magenta - Joe A. C.

Magenta - Josephus

Magenta - Judgmental

Magenta - Junk Mail (mail from kooks, crazies and possibly possessed people)

Magenta - King Leopold III

Magenta - Kingdom of God in embryo form

Magenta - Kosher

Magenta - Ladies only on verse three.

Magenta - Lady's Night

Magenta - Lake of Fire

Magenta - Land Sabbath

Magenta - Laodecian

Magenta - Last Great Day

Magenta - Leaven - a type of sin

Magenta - Leavened Bread

Magenta - Lemon juice - used for medicinal purposes

Magenta - Lest he smite the earth with a curse [Well, didn't we get Hitler, J. Edgar Hoover, and Herbert Armstrong?]

Magenta - Let go, Let God

Magenta - Let's all SING OUT!

Magenta - Liberals & intellectuals

Magenta - Like a brand plucked out of the fire... (there is hope for Garner Ted Armstrong)

Magenta - Like a dog returns to his vomit

Magenta - Local church

Magenta - Loma

Magenta - Loner

Magenta - Looking forward to a steak dinner (Always said by a local elder trying to interject some levity into an otherwise dry and boring Atonement service.)

Magenta - Los Angeles should be ashamed that it has a black mayor! (Rod Meredith)

Magenta - Lose your crown

Magenta - Lost century of church history

Magenta - Lost sheep of the House of Israel

Magenta - Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel

Magenta - Lot's wife

Magenta - Love is an outgoing concern

Magenta - Lukewarm

Magenta - Magnify the office of the apostle

Magenta - Mail Report (weekly summary of volume of mail and money received)

Magenta - Make a joyful noise

Magenta - Makeup - is NOT OK.

Magenta - Makeup - is OK.

Magenta - Man didn't fall, Satan did.

Magenta - Man is a God-plane being

Magenta - Man will never go to the moon and return safely. (HWA)

Magenta - Managing Your Personal Finances (triple tithes plus offerings)

Magenta - Marked

Magenta - Marked from the pulpit

Magenta - Mat training

Magenta - Melchizedek priesthood

Magenta - Member

Magenta - Member letter


Magenta - Millennium

Magenta - Ministerial Assistant (once mistakenly abbreviated as Ministerial Ass.)

Magenta - Ministerial material (a most illusive substance)

Magenta - MISTER...(whoever)

Magenta - Modern day Israelites

Magenta - Modern-day Elijah

Magenta - Monkey pus (derisive term for inoculations or medicine in general)

Magenta - Moses' seat

Magenta - Mothers' Room

Magenta - Moving crew

Magenta - MPC (Mail Processing Center)

Magenta - Mr Belshaw (brave, intelligent, honest man who, in 1933, urged HWA to "preach Christ and Him crucified.")

Magenta - Mt. Pocono (SP?)

Magenta - My name is Rod, not God - yet. (Roderick C. Meredith)

Magenta - Nave's Topical Bible

Magenta - Neglect your calling

Magenta - Nematodes (anti-evolution)

Magenta - Never before understood

Magenta - Never change a winning game - Always change a losing game. (Big Bill Tilden)

Magenta - New moons - definitely NOT to be observed

Magenta - New truth

Magenta - News Stand program

Magenta - Nineteen year time cycle

Magenta - NMH (needs more hormones - why male students were rejected)

Magenta - Noah will be in charge of relocating the races after Christ's return.

Magenta - Not giving even the appearance of evil.

Magenta - Not many mighty

Magenta - Not many wise men now are called (because the wise would recognize the con and have nothing to do with "God's Church".)

Magenta - Now you'll notice that's written in italics.

Magenta - NTBMO (Night To Be Much Observed)


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