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2018. The Year in Review
The Churches of God have invested millions to shape the minds of the membership. If they can control the minds of everyone, who will stand for the righteousness and good of the entire body?

Church of God Pedophiles
You are disconnected from the act, the perpetrator & yourself…Viewing the scene from up above or some other out-of-body perspective is common among sexual abuse survivors.

Ethics and Evolution
Unity and Division in the ACOG's

The Bible IS NOT the Word of God
In the past 100 years, there have been discoveries, tens of thousand of New Testament manuscripts dating back centuries. And what biblical scholars now know is that later versions of the books differ significantly from earlier ones—in fact, even copies from the same time periods differ from each other.

1980/1981 Spanish Department Break In
Burglary at AC

The Ministerial Welfare Program
Herbert W. Armstrong chose to live most of his life in poverty rather than work with his hands, and it was only when he discovered how to make religion pay that he began to live the life to which he desired to become accustomed.

Armstrong Family Interviews
Interview with Armstrong's relatives on the incest issue.

The Danny Lee Thomas Story
Professional baseball player was in the WCG and playing on the sabbath was not allowed...

The Cage
Free yourself from the dictates of men.

Church Member's Bill of Rights
You are a human being. Demand your rights.

 Winning back my Anchor in Life
Your anchor, its your tower of strength.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tithing
Preceding the eighth century tithing was voluntary. By the finish of the tenth century it was legitimately required with a specific end goal to subsidize the church.

By Wes White

Why I Reject Armstrongism
Wes White on rejecting Armstrongism

Is your Pastor a Thief?
Or a pickpocket...

The Year Ahead
Bob Thiel and the ACOG's

Herbert W. Armstrong Trends
Search Terms on Google

Intellectual Integrity and the Churches of God
A reprint by Keith Stump

Herbert W. Armstrong. The Racist
"And this letter also says that they are trying to line up a group of blacks to give ME AN ULTIMATUM, that I get on the side of the social trend of this world, or else! I’ll tell you what I’ll give them, I’LL GIVE THEM THE ‘OR ELSE!’ " -HWA

Thomas Jefferson and the Bible
"Question with boldness even the existence of a god; because, if there be one, he must more approve the homage of reason, than that of blindfolded fear.”




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