Ralph Haulk Collection

Abraham’s Promise–Destroys Judaism, Christianity, and Islam!

Tower of Babel and the “Gray Goo”

What Next? And What Of “God”?

Math, Machines, and God

Why We Have Religions

“Touching God”, Numbers and “Common Sense”

Why Religions Are Wrong(All Of Them)

Why Religion “Deadens” Us To Physical Truth

Why We Will Never Get to “God”

Why “God” Is An Extension of Ourselves

Genes, Alphabet, And An Imagined “God”

Dawkins, The Selfish Gene, And “God”

Why Dawkins Proves The Bible Correct

“God” Is Not What You Think!

How DO We Get to God, If At All?

Religion Is Merely a Mechanical “Closed System”

Your Body-Made In The Image Of God?

A New Reality Emerging

Faith, War, And The “Purpose Machine”

Are We Evil At Heart?

What Is Evil?

“God” And The “Superorganism”

“God” And Nightmares

“God’ Is An Information Theorist!

Medium IS The Message–Key To Truth

“God”, History, And The “Superorganism”

“God” And The “Root Of All Evil”

More Of The Root Of All Evil

“God” As Computer

Where Does Life Come From?

Intelligence, War, And The Immune System

When The Message Changed

The Superorganism Is Challenged

“Etherealization” and “Spirituality”

What DID Jesus Teach?

The Superorganism Splits Into Two

The Cockroach Theory of History, Or Why Christianity Is Wrong

The Hired Guns of Religion

Predestination And Randomness

Predestination And Randomness–Continued

Did The Jews Influence Luther?

Jews As Viruses

Greatest Evidence FOR God

Why Religion Leads To Destruction, Increased Government

Hillel’s Rules And The REAL Gospel

Why Paul NEVER Founded Christianity

Jesus And “Due Process” of Law

We Are Slime

Doomed To Destroy Each Other?

“Hell” And “Due Process” Of Law

Marvin Minsky And Apostle Paul

The Gospel? All Religions Are Lying To You

Where Is This “True Church”?

What Is This “Holy Spirit”?

The IRS And Self Incrimination

Germs Make Us Proselytize

“We Don’t Know What Jesus Taught!”

God, The Fed, And The Constitution

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