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     Hello Ed , I hope you're healthy and becoming wealthy again? I read on your site bio how the HWA con artist squeezed around $100k from your hard earned pockets. You have to give it to the old Goat , he was a piece of work. Well all's good he'll have to explain his life with the rest of us on Judgment Day. Luckily nobody is getting packed off to that ridiculous Lake of Fire farce. The old Goat stole that scene straight from the Catholics! Can't believe the Papacy didn't file a Law Suite on theft of interlectual property

    The reason for my email is to comment on the Dec 25th video.I had no idea how many Dec 25 Opps there are around the world? It would be very clear to any clear thinking Christian that Dec 25 has nothing to do with the Real Christ as all the established nonsense just does not add up. When the scriptures say prove all things and Trust No Man I am reading a sound Insurance Policy against Global Assholes. I think the bible transition from the Law in the OT to Faith in the New T is the perfect move by our Creator. We are free from everybody on this planet. We now communicate directly with God. No priests, vicars, clerics, evangelist, right reverands absolutely nobody. We read the scriptures and knowledge builds. Talk about keeping things simple? anyway Ed time to move on. Enjoy you journey in life Ed. Best wishes to all.


    Thanks for the note Ed.

    As you should know, the founder of the Painful Truth, Ed, handed the website down to 2 others editors over the years. Now its my turn. I am the forth editor of the painful truth and have been for 9 years.

    It is truly refreshing that those who embrace religion do not need some priestly figure lording over them. They are free. You mentioned the lake of fire concept being ripped off from the Catholics. Yes, Herbie did steal that doctrine of hell and put his own spin on it like he did with all the other doctrines. The man was a thief in more than one way. He created an army of blue ribbon tithe payers, many who became atheists later on in life.

    One thing the ACOG's never mention is their use of the bible. Its a Catholic book. The Catholics hobbled all 66 books together and called it the word of God. Sheer bullshit. It is the writing of various ancient cults all combined into one contradictory mess. The story of the 3 days and nights is indeed about the winter solstice. The rebirth (resurrection) of the sun. Its an old story told again and again over millennium with gods of different names.

    Regarding myself, it took me many painful years to figure out Herbie's scam. It was this website, the Painful Truth, that helped me put it all together. From that point I started to look at the bible and where it came from. Needless to say, I became agnostic. If there is a higher power, this power never wrote any kooky holy book. This power is so much bigger than any holy book god (who has human attributes such as jealousy, hatred and demands that go against biology or science) that its unreasonable and goes against human intellect to believe in it. A more reasonable approach to this is that we put ourselves down here on earth. All life comes from the universe (the heavens) and to the universe we return as energy.




    Hello James , many thanks for your prompt reply. It saddens me that so many people the world over have been stained by all Religious organs. My view now is to review all material , test the logic and fit into my life what applies. But nothing is permanent. Views are always changing. Life is adaption.

    Strangely I met some really fantastic people thru that HWA operation.But most just had blind faith and trust. The outcome surely is a broken heart and enormous bitterness. If these loving people had this beautiful outward community spirit without the constraints of Organized Religion we'd all still be life long friends. So here is the issue, why can't people live in harmony without some dick in a suit dishing out some looney swill morals? Why do people believe there has to be a school teacher in the yard for harmony and order?

    But this applies to All People Controlled Operations. I have lost count of all the crap Perception Rackets on this Planet. Life sadly is multiple lessons. Some are good but nearly all are toxic. Just like our bodies , once you cease exposing it to junk , it automatically begins to heal. I can only hope that all the anger and bitterness quells over time. I myself have been cheated in marriage , in finance and trust. Each to be experienced but not terminated because of negative experience. Each can only be reviewed with a different outlook. In marriage , eyes and ears open at all times. In finance , spread your portfolio. In Trust - well that's life tested on a very long road and some..

    I still believe the Bible is the good book. There are massive twistedinterpretations of it and no wonder once you get people involved in anything , it turns to shit. I mean how can a book be written in 3 languages over 2000+ years be sorted? Society today could not manage that caper and we have computers!!

    I believe the core themes of good will and charity to all people , all cultures and all walks of life begins with openess. The rest is our perception on things. There are no blacks or whites , only people. In my short life of 57 years I have found that 98% of everything I read and observed is total bullshit. Modern medicine is Bull , mass media is Bull , peoples goals in life are Bull. ( Get rich?) Slave away for possessions which cannot add another day of happiness to yourlife.

    The Global markets are a total Con.Then add rubbish like market protected processed foods , Wall street wars , Mandalay Bay mass shooting , politics , modern education , Fake science , bullshit Cancer treatments , fluoridation and on it goes. All garbage themes. I have a test in life , if it stings , smells weird , sounds weird , looks weird and utters retarded drivel I'm backing off real quick. Anyway James that's my spin on life. But who am I? Just another micro organism on this still beautiful planet whizzing thru space on a free journey to nowhere.

    I wish you all the success in helping the Herbie ex pats. It is in mynature to drill people that harm me but then that would consume my entire life and when I think about that picture I can't be bothered wasting my life on screwed up issues. Life is way too short as is. Soak up the good stuff champ and ditch the crap. ( that's what dumps are for ) what ever the outcome , no matter the future take care James. Turn the page of this book on life and live the next chapter. Yeh mahn the Peace Train is a coming.

    cheers champ Ed


    I used to enjoy Garner Ted. Armstrong's "World Tomorrow" t.v. show. I still listen to some of his sermons and even agree with some of his opinions. He was a good speaker and knowledgeable on many subjects.

    The strict, ridgid system you described is of course completely unsupported by the bible. I wish people would think for themselves and fully realize that all that speak from the bible are not saved or ministers of God. Far from it. I won't quote scripture, but I will make this simple point. In the book of Act's, after Christ's ascension, salvation went to the gentiles. They received basic starting points for salvation and then went into the Jewish synagogues on the sabbath day for more biblical truths necessary for true salvation. The book of Act's states that truth. They didn't start their own churches with their own names! All these modern day church organizations that multiply like cockroaches, didn't exist! I wish they didn't exist today as they are misleading many people. There are decent people within disorganized religion, but they are receiving truths and untruths. They are receiving lies in some instances, because the speaker is deliberately not telling the truth and not merely mislead themselves. People need to study for themselves and not trust in others to receive all the truth. I will only change my biblical beliefs when all bible scripture on a subject is considerered. Ex. The belief that Jesus is God. Nothing in the confession of faith requires it to be true and yet many believe it! Greek philosophers came up with the idea and since people love an intelligent speaker the idea caught on and spread. An internet search proved this point. A quote found on the internet from an ancient philosopher: "How could such a one be a mere man, receiving the beginning of his existence from Mary, and not rather God the Word, and the only begotten Son? For in the beginning was the Word, and the Word....."   Apostle Paul stated the falling away was already beginning in his time! It has come along way in 2000 years (approx.). Alot more could be said on this subject, but bible verses need to be examined to prove Jesus was a man and was born like anyone else with the exception of no man was his father. A rather big exception. Take Care


    Thank you expressing your opinion as to the current reality having to do with the false prophets within the Armstrong movement.

    Indeed there are many false prophets, and Armstrongism as it turns out, is excelling in the field as it cranks out more and more of them on a yearly basis. Its all about the hunt for tax tithes. They build wealth and you take the financial hit.



    Yes, I hear what you are saying and I agree. Thanks for writing your piece.

    I was forced to attend Catholic school from 1978-1989, so, as you can imagine, I have spent the rest of my life unlearning the nonsense I was taught.

    I never found the story of Jesus relevant to my personal life and spent as much time as possible shutting out what they were forcing on me.

    I disliked being told how much I "OWED HIM" when I had never met him.

    I asked why I was being held accountable for the crucifixion of this ONE guy, while no one held me accountable for slavery -which affected millions.

    I was punished for being a smart ass. Critical thinking was never allowed.

    At 18 years old, I was told I had this thing called "FREE WILL", so I held them to their word and I walked away.

    They didn't like that, but I didn't care.

    Thanks for writing your page/blog.

    Sincerely, JoAnn


    Hi JoAnn,

    Good to see you gained your freedom from religious abuse.

    When the ministry tells you that you OWE Christ, what they are really convening is that you owe THEM.

    Your one of the smarter people. You figured out that you were being scammed. Many such as myself had to go the full gauntlet to figure out that these people were parasites on the ass of humanity.

    My hat tips to you!




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