The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God. The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God
The First Fairy Tale

Dale K. Brown



Whatever the source of "the gods", they always seem to be coming down from somewhere. They're not very sociable and they all seem to be afflicted with many of the more common, troublesome, human frailties, such as anger, hate, and jealousy. Some deities are down right prejudiced.

"White people were created by God, black people by the devil, and all the other races are the result of unlawful hanky panky between the two. In the course of time, there will be a last great battle between good and evil, black and white. For all White Supremacists in good standing with their beloved Fuhrer, it will be both their honor and their duty to kill all Mexicans, Indians, Blacks, Orientals, and especially Jews for the sake of God and the glory of his great name. Amen!"

The world, in all likelihood, could've done without another impotent god who not only discriminates on the basis of religion but that of race and nationality, as well, but here he is, back again in all of his blood thirsty splendor. This time however he has competition.

"Black people were created by Allah, white people by the Devil, and Jews are the missing link! For reasons best known to him, he has patiently allowed the White Devils to keep his beloved black nation in a state of abject poverty and perpetual servitude for the last 6,000 years. But that's history. In the near future there will be a last great battle between good and evil, white and black, at which time, all faithful Black Muslims, on express orders from Allah (or a reasonable earthly facsimile) will rise up in righteous anger and kill Whitey (and the Jews) in a racially motivated Armageddon."

Other than color, these two gods are remarkably similar. They're ethnocentric, they're angry, and they're extremely frustrated. Nothing has been going right for them for thousands of years, but the end is near and it's high time for them to kick some ass, or at least hire it done.


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