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10th Anniversary Issue 
Ten Years of The Painful Truth

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Armstrong the Prophet. True or False?
Armstrong the Prophet. True or False? From the book: Armstrongism Religion or Rip-Off? -Marion McNair.

The Fluke Prophet
Armstrongism Religion or Rip-Off? -Marion McNair.


British Israelism Revisited
So, we now have both pre-exilic, and post exilic evidence that significant numbers of Ephraimites were never lost...

Does Queen Elizabeth Sit on the Throne of David?
God intended for Israel to be governed as a Theocracy, not a monarchy. He was their King!

British Israel Propaganda and Deceit
The goal of “Communism” is identical to that of British Israel and they emanate from the same source and serve the same masters. Capitalism finances Communism and Russian Communism is state capitalism. Communism promises a perfect society and British Israel promises a paradise on earth. Are they the same?

The Ten Tribes


"Stolen Ideas"
Herbert W. Armstrong rips European Union beast doctrine from 1920-1930s newspapers. Inventing the European Union Beast Power.


Worldwide Church of God Systematic Theology Project

Hall of Shame

A family favorite

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   Herbert W. Armstrong's Incest reported in the Los Angeles Times

    News of the World Article on Herbert W. Armstrong Kinky Churchman

     Herbert W. Armstrong's Incest reported in the Tulsa World


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