2017 Articles

David Pack's Reign of Terror
A parasite living on the ass of humanity.

Suspended from the Living Church of God
Ray Smith speaks out on the abuse he received!

The Plain Truth about Mr. Herbert W. ArmstrongPart 1
Challenging overzealous critics and supporters.

No Exodus
There was no Exodus. The reason is that the Israelites were never captives in Egypt. The Bible itself proves this.

The Cult Attraction
Article by Jim Baldwin

A Letter to Mother
by Orlin Grabbe —Coming Soon in Flipping Books!

Evaluating the Rumors about HWA and Incest

For those of you who contest that the Bible can provide insight into the identity of nations and international relations, go right on and keep contesting it.

2017: What's Ahead
What might be ahead gor the ACOG's this year?


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