The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

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 Dear John, I have just read the article you posted on the Painful Truth website 'Criminals'.

I found it very interesting.  I have read Herbert W. Armstrong's autobiography and wondered how he paid the wages of the 8 teachers that began teaching the 4 students at Pasadena.  I did not give it a lot of thought.  Logically you might think he was making enough money from the tithes he was receiving, but to purchase land and buildings and supply teachers as well, we are looking at big bucks.  I believe you are right about backing and organization.  Could Herbert W. Armstrong have had anything to do with the mob?

I am Scully from the forum, if you want to a little about me you can look in the introductory notes.  I will read yours when I get a chance.  I gather you were a minister for the Worldwide Church of God.  What happened?  You must of been doing well financially at the time.  Was the church split anything to do with it?



And thanx 4 your letter and the good word.  Yes, I do feel that Herbie was involved with someone (big bucks) here.  That goes for most religious organizations.  They ALL have big backers.  All those backers, from what I can detect, are tied into some form of organized crime - whether it be the mob, the Saudi connections, the drug cartels, or the Jewish mafia.  Clinton, for example, has often been linked to the drug cartels, but nothing's been completely proven.

I haven't put anything into the Introductory notes on the forum, but the best place you can go and read what happed is go to the PT Site.  Scroll down to the block that says "Articles by JohnO," and again, scroll down to the bottom and read the very first article called:  "The Plain Truth about Hawaii."  It might give you a chuckle.  I wasn't always a minister (thank God), but spent most of my life as an electronic engineer in various capacities. 

Since I was in mid/upper management in a few companies, I was fully aware of the rotten tactics that people can use.  When Worldwide Church of God tried these same tactics on me, I set them up and let them take the fall.

Thanx again 4 writing, and havva good week.  Best 4 now.  John.


Re: The Painful Truth about Hawaii

Hi again John, I have just read the above article and I found it very interesting.  What courageous people they were in the congregation.  I am in the *** and I attended both the congregations here.  Apart from a short 'sermonette' from the deacon we did not even have a minister to speak to us, but a tape recording of Flurry, Stephen Flurry or one of the others to listen to for 2 and half hours, so nobody could question them if we wanted to. (you gather I was with the PCG)  I could not imagine anybody in either of the congregations that would dare to question any of the nonsense.  They were completely 'yes men', everyone of them.  There was nothing but praise and worship for Herbert W. Armstrong.  These were not real people, they were all mind-controlled zombies as far as I could see.  Nobody had the balls to question.  Me included.

I left after attending a FOT about 2 years ago,  on the last Sabbath we sat down in the big hall for a nice dinner served buffet style.  When I saw how hard the catering staff were working, with sweat dripping off them it struck me that it was a Sabbath and they should not be doing all this hard work.  The church was paying these hard working people to put on this meal for us, I thought this was very hypocritical, we could of made it easy for them, they could of laid on a cold spread, maybe bread, cold meat, cheese, salad etc.  In effect we were encouraging them to sin.  Ok, they weren't church members, but I saw it as church members paying others to sin.  I was sitting on the same table as the regional director and I was tempted to question him about it, but I thought it wasn't the right time and I did not really have the courage.

There were many things I could of questioned and not had a sensible answer for.  I did raise the question about Herbert W. Armstrong's incest with his daughter, I was told to concentrate on Herbert W. Armstrong's work and not believe all there was on the internet.  Thank ??? for the internet.

Thank you for the reply John.  When I can I will read more of your articles. 

Take care from Scully


Thanx again for the letter.  It sure seems that PCG is becoming another Worldwide Church of God, and that Flurry is evolving into another dead Herbie.  But far too many people are sheep and do NOT want to think for themselves.  They want to simply give their money and loyalty to some hypocrite who is always anxious to fleece the flock and use it up with a sumptuous living style.

The remark that you "shouldn't believe all you read on the Internet," sounds like a shot at the Ambassador Reports and the PT Site.  However, that's not the only source of Herbie's and Teddy's perversions.  There's a long history involved here.  Dave Robinson's "Tangled Web" is a documentary of religion at its worst.  Get rid of all religions and BS artists who make money from their propaganda and drivel.  But, like PCG, far too many want to be zombies, and they become "yes men & women."

I'm still writing for the PT Site (about 97 articles now) and they're all found in the section "Articles by JohnO." 

May I send excerpts of our correspondence to the Editor?  I'll keep your real name private and use the name "Scully."  It might be enlightening to some to see more antics of the illustrious PCG.

Best 4 now.  John.


Hi John, thank you for your reply.  I feel like a cheat really,  I was never a baptized member of the PCG or any church.

 The PCG was the nearest I ever got to being a proper member of any religious organization, although I have dabbled with the JW's and the Methodists.  I always put my toe in the water but when it looks like it could be getting serious, I pull out.  Not with all things, just religion.  The PCG was expecting far too much from me and I was not going to give it.  I would not like to lay claim to it, but I must be one of the few people to have fleeced the PCG.  I was not paying any tithes because I had hardly any money of my own and I was not a member, although I did throw them a few crumbs now and then.  The church paid for me and my son to stay in a nice hotel for the FOT we went to.  It was an expensive hotel but it personally cost me very little.

 I said I feel like a cheat because the church did not cause me or my family a lot of grief, unlike a lot of the people on the forum.  I did not let it.  I have learned more about the real Worldwide Church of God from the PT website and the forum than I ever did with the church and  I am constantly amazed with what they got away with and the abuse of decent people.  It makes me angry if I think about it too much.

 I will be honored for you to write about my experiences. 

I'll give you something else you might find interesting.  In the congregation there was an elderly lady who had walking difficulties, and no transport and probably not too well off either.  She was a very gracious lady, loving and caring and deeply serious about her membership of the PCG.  I will call her Mrs. Smith.

When going to the FOT, my husband drove me and my son to Mrs. Smith's house where we were taken to the feast by another member of the church, about 2 and half hours drive.  My husband made it clear, when he came to take us home from the feast, he did not want to take passengers, he had nothing to do with the church.  However Mrs. Smith believed she was going to be taken home by my husband and was very disappointed when I told her she couldn't come with us, we had made other plans.  At first the regional director told her he would take her home and later he became non committal and Mrs. Smith believed she was going to be stranded at the hotel after the feast.  She became increasingly worried and hysterical throughout the time we were there.  At the end of the feast Mrs. Smith was very upset.   When I tried to comfort her in the presence of a deacon and another member,  they said nothing and just looked at me.  There was nothing I could do, but to tell Mrs. Smith that I would take her home.  It ruined our plans but Mrs. Smith was very distressed and I could not leave her.

I had to leave the hotel that day but Mrs. Smith had paid for another night, but she was so relieved to have somebody take her home she got ready immediately.

My husband was very angry about being used by the church, it seemed that Mrs. Smith believed from the start that we would take her home.  Somebody must have told her we would.  My husband sent a very angry letter to the regional director, complaining about the way he had been used by the rotten church and the way Mrs. Smith had been treated.  The next day I had Mrs. Smith on the phone, very upset, because the RD had sent her a letter telling her off for putting the church in a bad light and setting a bad example.  Mrs. Smith had been a long standing member of the Worldwide Church of God and then the PCG, I think she deserved better for her loyalty.



I am sorry, but I am going to impose on you.  It should not hurt, I just need information.  Please.  I was never a member of the Worldwide Church of God but I was a *co-worker* with the pcg.  They asked me to leave when I (honestly) admitted I smoke.  I have issues with that, hell of a way to help someone!  But that is not why I am bothering you.  It's background that will probably annoy you but I feel is important for some reason.  Anyhow,  I have had issues with the pcg and a couple of the teachings of hwa but I decided to table them for the time being.  We were taught that hwa was Elijah (go figure) and that the Worldwide Church of God was bad and had/were corrupting everything.  Now I am learning that I’ve been fed a lot of hooey about the late great hwa.  If I find a second witness to what he allegedly did with his daughter my mind will definitely be made up!  However,  if hwa was as bad (or even 10%) as this site claims and was a plagiaristic liar, what of the bible?  I don't think I am a complete idiot.  I did my homework and took seriously God's instruction to prove all things!  Why else would I be reading this site?  (I was doing a search for sendmail, e-mail serving software, and this popped up, go figure)  how do I reconcile the bs fed through the pcg and what I perceive to be truth?  For instance:  do you eat pork?  Work Saturday?  Et al.  If so, why/how? (I am NOT attacking you even if you do, I am trying to get understanding. I also realize it's none of my business.)  I read one of your letters about the end of the Hawaii cog and applaud your methods!  That's why I am harassing you now: your people refuted the ministry with scripture, you did not just throw up your hands in disgust and walk away!  How does that affect the bible?  Keep in mind, I have no doubt in God, with or without the bible.  I am not crushed by all of this.  I may even be relived!  But.... I know I was not around for decades of hwa saying Deutschland uber alles ANY MINUTE, however, Europe IS considering sending their own peacekeepers into Israel just as hwa/pcg have said and as I have been *shown* in my bible.  I am thoroughly confused and would appreciate some dialogue from you!  Either to set my brain straight or to confirm my faith.  I have been literally begging my friends for years to prove me crazy (led) and would appreciate it if you could! 

Thank you for the time!



Hello Greg:

Thanks for your letter.  First, I'm glad you're not in any of the Worldwide Church of God offspring cults.  They can destroy your life, and in being "out," you've started on the road to proper thinking.

Second, is the problem with the Bible.  It is NOT the word of God, but the work of men - probably from priests in the Old Testament, and the Catholic Church in the new.  It's a book loaded with allegories, myths, superstitions, and outright lies.  This is NOT to say that people cannot derive some good principles in its pages, but many books over the millennia have done the same thing, and they've done it better.  If I were you, I'd forget the Bible and go onto following the aspects of kindness and love to your fellow man.

The PCG sounds like a mirror image of the Worldwide Church of God, and with some reports we've gotten, it sounds worse.  It's legalism all the way.  One famous author once said:  "He who is best governed is least governed."  But the Bible will smother you with laws. 

Please continue to read the many articles on the PT Site, as they present many different points of view, and they WILL make you think.  It's going to be up to you eventually as to which direction in life you take.  Also, you could take advantage of the FORUM, and discuss things with others who have followed the same road.

You're in a questioning stage now, Greg.  So make the most of it, and PROVE everything, and then, build on that.  Best of luck, and please, stay completely away from cults.

Best.  John


I agree with much of what you say about spirit.  I believe spirit and supernatural are at best inaccurate terms.  I view reality as one contiguous stream.  The things we know little about are generally cloaked with much fear and superstition.  I resent the fact that God is relegated to some nebulous entity.  It is hard to explain a high-energy multidimensional light being to the common man, but at least this description has some basis in the reality which we know something about.  The view of God sitting on his throne in Rev is like a shinning moving protoplasm encased in a shell.  The density may be more than that found in a black hole, who knows.

There is an interesting effect of nuclear radiation known as cerenkov glow, or something.  It is a blue light given off when rays in water exceed the speed of light in water; I would have to research this more to be more accurate.  In any case there is seen in Rev a green emerald light emanating from God about his throne.  This could be an effect of waves of energy which are exceeding the speed of light in the medium in which God sits.

Einstein’s famous equation, E=MC2, may form one simplistic view in that it shows an energy side and a matter side to reality.  In other words mass can be converted to energy and energy can be converted to mass.  There may well be an equilibrium in the universe of these two items; or maybe God can create energy, I think so.

I do not want to argue theological points necessarily as many things are hard to understand if not impossible.  Clearly If there is a God, he has left man to do as he pleases.  Sadly with idiots, nuclear, biologicals, meteors, etc. the biosphere we live in sooner or later will have a problem.  If there is a God then maybe he will help; otherwise debating this has little meaning.  The Bible was transcribed by imperfect men and churches contain imperfect men.  I am not surprised when error is found.  Well I hope you find my ‘Two Cents’ interesting.  I have enjoyed reading yours and the many articles on the web.


Thanx Brian:

There’s so much we don’t know.  Once upon a Herbie time, we used 2 think that we arrogantly knew everything.  Now we know that we knew NOTHING, including the Unified Field Theory, which I ascribe to as part of Einstein’s reasoning – with the resultant E=MC2.

But we keep truckin’ and thanx 2 your input which I’m passing onto the Editor.  It will be a good input for all who read it.  Thanx again.  Best.  John.


Thanks for the articles on “Ego, Hatred, & Herbie” and “The Many Faces of Spirit”. The ego article answered the questions that I have had about what “they” knew and never told “us”. I think your article laid it all out correctly as to why we all did what we did—good and bad.

I was fascinated by your separation of “Elohim” and “YHWH”. One is a “creative force” and the other is “another story”. Zecharia Sitchin say that YHWH or El Shaddai “was” an extraterrestrial...

Take care,


Hi there, Bryan:

Altho’ I didn’t say it in the article – regarding YHVH – the legends and past (not Biblical) history do indeed point to something more logical than some “man God” making a man outa slop and breathing into him the “breath of life.”  This is a diatribe of allegory.

I’m gonna leave it to the reader to think 4 themselves.  I’m gonna let the reader to figure out some things.  That’s called “teaching.”  How come the legends call out a “pillar of smoke by day and a pillar of fire by night?”  How come the legends call for three men appearing (beaming down?) to Abraham in the plains of Mamre?  How come so much stuff in the Biblical allegories could be relegated to something extraterrestrial?  I have no positive answers, only speculation.  But, I LOVE people 2 think.  I URGE & BEG all of ’em to think 4 themselves.  Thanx again.  John.


Hey John,

I noticed many fundamentalist groups are really pushing for the resurgence of the 6,000 year dogma.  And they are tying it to Intelligent Design.  I have no problem with the basic concept of ID, but it did not happen in 4004 B.C.  People have this concept that “God” sat at a “drawing board” and designed every living creature on this one planet where life exclusively exists in all the Universe.  I think the real miracle is that life was set it motion with all the components for development intrinsically “there”.

You should see the looks on people’s faces when I tell them that I believe in a Creator, but that I don’t believe in “god”.  I have suffered more denigration at the hands of fundamentalists since1996, than in my 10 years in the Worldwide Church of God.  I have been called an atheist, a heathen, and basic fodder for hell; just because I think.  People are so simple that they cannot see that I have turned my back on “the Blood of Christ” for more reasons than just the teachings of the Worldwide Church of God.  When “the changes” were occurring in the Worldwide Church of God  between ‘90 and ‘95,  I was also getting a look at the Hubble Space Telescope pictures.  Religionists should do themselves a favor and forbid their followers to look at such pictures.  While people were worrying about the Sabbath and clean and unclean meats, I was looking at images that were in essence, 12 to 15 billion years old.  I decided it was time for me to open my mind...

Regards,  Bryan


Hey there, Bryan:

You’ve brought up a valid point, and one that’s still in limbo for me. The last time I looked (on the Internet), man has been around for about 3 million years.  My wife told me that she saw a PBS science program of man existing with dinosaurs. In the fossilized remains, there were a combination of dinosaurs AND men.

How many ages have we had?  I don’t know, but knowing ourselves, it’s possible that it’s hundreds.  If that’s the case, then man has been demolishing himself for ages upon ages.  Obviously, we’ve NOT learned the lessons that we need.

It’s an interesting point you’ve raised.  The YHVH of the Bible could be (as one reader to the Site suggested), an extra terrestrial.  They may be millions of them.  This could tie right in with your dating details.  I don’t believe in evolution.  Neither does science.  Simply because it ain’t really scientific.  It’s a theory.  Science still calls evolution a “theory.”  But, here’s the big question  . . . were we “planted?”

This poses a fascinating study.  Naturally, and hopefully, it blows the Biblical theory to shreds.  But it raises the question of:  “How old are we on this planet?”  It also raises the question: “How many ages have we had, and how many times have we wiped out ourselves?”

4 wot it’s worth, I think we’re doing it now.  Any thots?  Best. John.


From Bryan:

A few months ago I pulled a chart off a website

That supposedly shows a timeline of our species based on the current paleontological and archaeological evidence.

The chart shows:

Homo sapiens--400,000 to 200,000BCE

Neanderthal---200,000 to  30,000BCE

Us------------130,000BCE to THE DAY OF THE LORD...

There may have been a coexistence between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals.

And science strongly believes that there was a 100,000 year coexistence between Neanderthal and Us.  The big argument is:  was Neanderthal absorbed or extinguished?

The bigger question for me is why were “our ancestors” using stone knives and bear skins for millions of years, and then about 130,000 years ago, a mind capable of technology appears?  Maybe I don’t believe in evolution anymore.  Maybe it was “manipulation.”  Isn’t it interesting that we are on the verge to being able to manipulate the species.

Have we “become as gods”?   Just thoughts, since I can now.  



JohnO’s thots on the above:

Bryan has made a good point:  “  . . . was Neanderthal absorbed or extinguished?”

There was a news article about a month ago on the MSN science news about this phenomenon.  Unfortunately I didn’t copy it.  However, it stated that recently, genetic scientists have discovered the Neanderthal DNA in the physical make-up of many African tribes..

This would indicate the pre-historic characteristics, and its resultant savagery is a spill over and still extant in the world today.  Please see some of the barbaric behaviour now extant in Africa contained in the article Old Man River.  I wonder how many Neanderthals were running loose in Worldwide Church of God?   For wot it’s worth.


 Just because there may have been some bad apples back in Worldwide...does it, at ALL, change the truth? Some people in Worldwide's problem was that they followed a man...and not God.  What if some higher authorities took money from tithes? That only means that the people were in the church for all the wrong reasons, and that they had serious issues.  It doesn't change the fact that there is biblical proof that this doctrine is sound.


 Hi Eric.  It sounds like you're a member of the UCG group, but thanks for reading the PT Site anyhow.  Keep at it, as the more you read, and the more you honestly prove to yourself, the more free you'll become.  For the record - in UCG etc. the membership are still following men.  Only the corporation's name has changed.  The doctrine is still wacko.

You are indeed correct, in so far as bad apples in any organization will not change the truth.  But do you really feel that Biblical truth is "sound?"  If you're basing your assumptions of truth on the Bible, then it's time for you to re-evaluate the Bible, which is provably nothing but a conglomeration of Old Testament priestly and scribal writings, legends and myths - while the New Testament is nothing but a mish-mash of the early Catholic Church's redacting and selective documentation compiling.  It's time to do some honest homework on this subject.

Many of us once thot as you are now doing, but an open minded and fearless study will lead you to "Prove all things and hold fast to that which is good."  Please also remember that while there were many sincere people in Worldwide Church of God, the upper leadership know that they're selling those people a useless panacea of verbiage and therefore leading them into a destructive future that will eventually leave those sincere folks spiritually empty, psychologically confused, physically hurting, and financially damaged.

It's all about money, ego, and power in any cult.  And UCG is no different than Worldwide Church of God in so far as it follows the same drivel for doctrine which is only one group's interpretation of the Bible, which in itself, is nothing more than the work of a bunch of early controlaholic men.  To use the flawed Bible as sound doctrine is using the same perspective as saying that since the WWII Nazis religiously followed the doctrines of "Mein Kampf," then their doctrine is sound.  It was - according to a lunatic.  But if the fundamentals of Hitler's book were wacky, then so are the fruits of those who followed such "doctrine."  As I said:  "Prove all things."

I've personally seen and heard the antics of many of the cultmasters in UCG, and I know for sure, that altho UCG uses a softer approach than Worldwide Church of God once did, they are just as bad with their fleecing of the flock.  The same goes for LCG, PCG, BCG, and whatever other 'CGers there are out there.  The doctrine is NOT sound as it's based on man's interpretation of Biblical falsehood, and in this case within the last two hundred years, this original scam basically falls on Ellen G. White who started the Seventh Day Adventists.  Do yourself a favor.  Check into the SDA literature, and you'll find it almost identical to HWA's "revelations" that God supposedly revealed to him, and him alone.  Obviously Herbie lied, but if you've never checked into comparative religions then you'll never see this "plain truth."  This all happened over 70 years before HWA's supposed conversion.  So Herbie lied when he said God had revealed this "doctrine" to him.  UCG, etc. is following on with the same lies, the same misleading salesmanship, the same ego stroking for the leaders, and the same money machine for the church corporation.  You can also do yourself another favor.  Check out the lifestyles of the UCG upper echelon.  Is that how servants are supposed to live?  They're sure NOT going without, are they?  "He that is greatest among you, then let him be your servant."   They're not supposed to be your masters and then live in luxury in comparison to the congregation.

Thanx again for reading the PT Site. 

Best.  JohnO.


 Dear John,

Check out Garner Ted Armstrong's webpage and read his dedication remarks.  Almost verbatim from what I recall being said at the dedication of the Pasadena "Auditorium."  This guy (and all the others) only have to write one script and then they can keep dusting it off for newer or just plain dense followers [of which I was certainly one for many years!!!] no matter how long they live.  Even when HWA died, the letter announcing his death, sent out by JT Sr. was incredibly unimaginative for the death of a man well into his nineties:  [I'm paraphrasing here, but you could check it out] "Mr. Armstrong's illness has ended in the manner least expected by us all. . ."  This was the same wording HWA used to announce Loma's death in 1967.

Also, it's interesting that when Stanley Rader died, the current administration of WWCG had the gall to praise him for his "vision" and credit him with the fact that the Auditorium was a concert hall/church building.  Apparently Herbie wanted it to be just like Solomon's temple [bad enough, right?], but it was Rader who had "bigger" visions.  I've wondered for the longest time if there is a connection between Rader and Tkach getting the "throne."

FYI, you may not have heard that Garland "Gay" Berg passed away from cancer earlier this last year.


Hi 2 U both:

Good 2 hear from U again.  Thanks 4 the info on the Garner Ted Armstrong speech.  It's true.  These guys have NO imagination or creativity - or if they have, then I sure haven't seen it.  If (as these characters claim) the Holy Spirit gives NEW life to all things, then how come these cultmasters/hirelings missed the shuttle?

Yes, I heard that it was a toss up between Rader and Tkach as to who got the "throne," but Herbie's last ejaculation was that Tkach (a nobody) was to receive the sovereignty.  Despite the fact that we knew he was a crook, Rader was still liked by many in Worldwide Church of God.  Even Mike Wallace in a snippet of "60 Minutes" re-runs openly called Rader a crook.  But Rader was known and Tkach was not, and God's ONLY pontiff wanted no one of any credibility to follow him.

Yes, I heard about Berg's wife dying.  As I mentioned on the Site, Berg was the joke that came to HI in 1979 to take "control" of the church after 90% had left.  As I've mentioned, he spent almost all of his month there touring the islands and spending tithepayer's money in the name of "God."  He left after his month of luxury with nothing accomplished.  I know he literally hated me.  His violent letter to the brethren proved that when he libeled me throughout several pages.  However the membership were savvy enuf 2 know better.  They smiled and ignored his ravings.

Thanx again 4 touching base.  Best 2 U both.  John.


I'm a former Worldwide Church of God'er who's now a Catholic. Your observation that The Lady of the Angels is a pagan temple is right on target. The traditionalist Catholic site has made the same observation about LOTA, The bronze doors to the abomination of desolation has over 23 pagan deities molded into it. The old, beautiful cathedral that the diocese of LA already had could have been restored for a fraction of the cost of the Taj Mahoney. The thing is as ugly as sin. I hope the next earthquake that hits LA swallows up the temple of Baal-Mahoney. If not, maybe they can turn it into a public urinal, like Jehu did in II Kings 10:27. A lot of Catholics and non-Catholics are p.o.'ed at the thing anyway, so it might as well be used for that purpose!


Thanks Stephen:

There's some excellent observations. I had to wonder what Mahoney was thinking? However, I didn't know about all the pagan symbols. That's most interesting and funny in light of the "heathen sinful" mess that the LA diocese is in at present. Thanx again for the input. I'll pass it along without your name attached because I'm sure the Site readers will get a chuckle.

Best. John.



I have always wanted to read a book on Tesla, because the man certainly seemed ahead of his time.  I had a schematic back in the sixties of a tesla coil, which used an 812A triode vacuum tube as an oscillator, and one had to wind the coils by hand.  It used a 10 amp filament transformer, and I forget what other components.  It proved to be too expensive for my humble budget at that time, and probably explains my continued existence as well.    Electronics was a lot more fun in those days, I think. 

I worked in the Press building (maintenance dept) when I was a student at AC Pasadena in '68.  I remember one project we worked on was an attempt to detect the presence of money in mail sent to headquarters.  If this could be done, it would expedite the processing of  donations, and the coffers would fill even more rapidly (it that were possible).  The concept was for a machine to feed the envelopes rapidly passed an electronic detector.  This detector was actually a tank circuit (sounds like your tesla coil explanation) which was a capacitor in parallel with an inductor, the inductor being the detector.  It was explained to me that paper money had a metallic property to it which would change the inductance of the coil ever so slightly when it came close, thereby producing a change in frequency, or perhaps amplitude of the signal (I forget which), and this was interpreted as the presence of money.  Damn thing never worked.  Is it plausible that paper money has a metal like quality?

I don't think Tesla was transmitting energy using 60 Hz.  It must have been in the RF region.  There are some health issues with high voltage AC power lines in proximity to housing lately, and there seem to be some health issues with the energy transmitted by cell phones it proximity to the brain. 

But I am intrigued with the concept of a Tesla coil, especially if one could be concealed within, say, a rather large pot of a floral arrangement.  A floral arrangement which could possibly become located near the pulpit of the "Living" Church of God.  The bible does say that God makes his ministers flames of fire, if memory serves correctly.  Burn, baby, burn!



And thanx for the letter.  It's interesting to see how Pasadena tried to ferret out the cash that might be in envelopes, but someone obviously didn't do their homework.  A few countries have metallic strips in their paper money, but (even if there's some quantities of metallic ink used in our notes) it would be of little value in this case.  The change would be miniscule - in the micro or even nano-Henries.  And the metal would need to have magnetic properties as well.  Good ole' Pasadena.

It's true, as you said, that the Tesla Coil will produce an AC output in the RF region, but that can be rectified, smoothed, and that DC converted to AC again at a lower pulse frequency.  This time at 60 Hz.  In any case with the low voltage input (from wire wound coils cutting the Earth's magnetic lines of force) the energy output would be enormous.  But it will take some initial capital, and in the long run, it will pay off.

However, the Tesla Coil is only ONE source of free energy.  Many others are listed on the site:  Topping the list, I noticed, was the Tesla Coil.  But as you indicated:  Don't try this baby at home.

I can see your point about it being a good idea to activate one under the podium of most of these new cultmasters.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! 
Best and thanx again.  JohnO.


 Wow, what an eye opener your article was!  I was literally stunned when I got done reading it.  And I don't know if that was because of how dumb I've been about this, or because of the scientific truth you demonstrated there.  Probably both.

Anyway, I thought about this all night long. How could we be so stupid to think that the sun is sending us all this heat when it's so cold in outer space?  I mean, like you put it, where's the heat?

I posted a link to this on the Worldwide Church of God Alumni board, but it got deleted.  They told me that they don't want anything to controversial over there, lest some of the Armstronites, who are beginning to see the light, should get offended and backslide into Herbie's schtick.  I don't think it was the nature of you article, only the fact of where it is living on the Internet.  So I think I will forward the link to some of my e-mail buds.

None of this of course is going to alter my bank balance, get me a job, or improve my golf score.  But it certainly will force me to look at the universe in a different way than before.  And for that, I thank you.




 Hi Richard:

And thanx, as always, for the good encouragement.  I'm not surprised at the Worldwide Church of God gang rejecting the article, as they obviously have no luv 4 the PT Site.  Since the article also encourages people to think, then that's reason enuf 4 their rejection of any such material.  They're simply scared that any of their clones will use their brains and exit their Almighty Cults.

Hope all is well with U, and the best from here.  Thanx again.

Best.  JohnO.


 I read your article on the PT. Fascinating stuff to think about! Of course, any Armstrongite reading your material will think you have either completely flipped, or else you are possessed by Satan himself. The rest of the "Christians" there will probably think you just need a little Jesus therapy or something.

You've made the statement a couple of times about the earth being off its proper axis by 23 deg. I am puzzled at this. I always just assumed the Deity wanted us to have seasons, and hence the shift. Are you saying that somehow mankind has caused this shift? How would this be possible? And what would this planet be like with no seasons? A more moderate climate comes to mind here, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, thanks for making me think again, something I didn't do much of (not critically, that is) in Worldwide.


Hi Richard:

Thanx 4 the letter.

We are the most off-axis planet in our solar system. Pluto (which is debatably a planet as now being investigated), is off 17 degrees. All the others are about +/less than 5 degrees.

I don't know what caused the tilt, but the usual physics would be from the sun, and spin off our solar system in a lateral mode, and whizzing around in a normal vertical mode. That would be the normal physics,

We take our planet and put it on a 23 degree axis. This axis stays the same. It's always 23 degrees. As we rotate around the sun (picture it) and axis doesn't change, but we're a rotating body, and not titling. Therefore, our angle to the sun is always 23 degrees. Let's face it. We are a tilted planet. Given that fact, the northern hemisphere is closer to the sun in what we call "winter," and the lower part will be called hotter, and therefore "summer:"

The axis doesn't change. Our orbit does, and so does our rotation. But it's the AXIS that determines the climate change.

Check back with me if U have any other questions on this subject, as it's a fascinating one, and none know the origin.

Thanx for the letter, friend. Best. JohnO

 Gotta typo in my first letter 2 U, 'cause I got the poles reversed.  Here's a more in-depth answer.  And I'm forwarding it to the PT Site Editor.

The 23 degree off-axis does indeed provide the seasons.  But, let's imagine our planet with relation to the sun's energy.  The tilt always stays the same.  Our vertical axis does indeed have a "wobble," and that's only a couple of degrees +/-.

Hold that thought of the tilt and now  . . . move that tilt axis around the sun.  Imagine a titled Earth moving around the sun but with its tilt unchanged.  It takes 365 and a quarter days to orbit the sun.  The axis stays constant in all three dimensions and so does it vertical direction.  Half of the orbit time, the Northern Hemisphere is closer to the sun, and in the other half of that yearly time, the Southern half gets its butt burned.  Since the equatorial region is about the same 93 million miles distance, then the climate remains the same (xtra hot and muggy stuff), as the fulcrum of the planet remains around the equator.  All this accounts for our climate changes.  But, something could have happened to make those climate changes.  Who knows?  Not all people like all types of climates.  I've met people who have hated Hawaii, and would prefer Bangor, Maine.  No criticism, but we're all different.

I haven't a clue as to what caused our tilt, as I can't remember back that far.  The Yucatan peninsula (Guatemala/Honduras - a la S.E. Mexico)  was a place that scientists spec could have been hit by a giant meteor.  This, they spec, could have caused the tilt.  But to the off-axis of our planet, this could NOT have been a direct hit, otherwise our planet would be smashed from our current orbit, starting from around the equatorial region,  This would have resulted in a mis-alignment of our orbit, but since we, and all planets, show a similar, and slightly elliptical orbit (which is mathematically plausible owing to our increasing speed at the half-way point (add to this, the resultant centrifugal force) and centripetal attraction to the sun's electro magnetic energy), then IF (that's a big spec) a gargantuan meteor hit our planet, it would have had to do so at an angle so as to tilt the North and South Poles into the 23 degree axis.  There's still no proof of that.  But, I'm still checking.  Lemme know if you have any further info.

As for the seasons?  I see a wonderful answer.  Some people like to live in a snow country.  They've told me this.  Some like the tropics.  Some (like me) like the semi-tropics - a la Hawaii. Everybody differs.  But even with the wobble - if we had about an axis (or little more instead of the now almost 23) around that 23 degree axis, then people could choose their places to live.  An almost vertical axis of our planet would guarantee predictable climates in every zone.  Some folks can live in snow country (toward the North or South), others like to live in a moderate climate, people can live and fry on the equatorial belt, and people (like me) could live in beautiful downtown Hawaii.

However, the off-axis scenario leaves us no other alternative.  You MUST live where you work.  We're stuck.  Personally, I like the idea of the mystical (?) idea of Atlantis.  It supposedly spread its wings from the north - west of the Straits of Gibraltar, weaving its skinny way across the Atlantic trench (supposedly the deepest spot on the planet) and across the equator, to the southern tip of FL.  At least it had the numerous climates for all modes of living, and its center was on a parallel to HI.

Best 2 U, Richard.  JohnO

 Bill asked:


I loved your latest piece "Who?". It makes one stop and muse, meditate, ponder. Very good thought-provoker.

As usual, a couple of scientific, mathematic, technical, and/or comments. :-)

I am vibrating in perfect harmony with your disapproval of the forewords, prefaces, introductions, epilogues, and all that other bullshit filling most books. Unfortunately I have this weird inner need to read ALL of a book that I bought, so I read through all that bullshit. If I ever write I book you can bet it won't have any of that useless annoying shit in it. Another pet peeve of mine is that printers/publishers don't put a stinking page number on every page, and they start out with silly Roman numerals for all the prefaces, introductions, etc. My book will have none of that, and the first piece of paper in the book will be page 1, etc.

"Religions seeks to control a man's mind while church seeks to empty his wallet." A real classic. Did you originate that? I put it into my data base of memorable quotes. Beautiful.

"Higher wavelengths, for example, are displayed on the encephalograph when we're happy. On the other hand, lower wavelengths are displayed when we're depressed, angry, or in grief. The higher wavelengths correspond to the violet and blue end of the spectrum, while the lower wavelengths correspond to the red and brown end of the chart." This is confusing. Wavelengths are typically described as being longer or shorter rather than higher or lower, and frequencies are typically described as being higher or lower. Of course, longer wavelengths are associated with lower frequencies, and shorter wavelengths are associated with higher frequencies. I seem to remember an equation in physics involving Planck's constant, lambda, and other groovy shit.

"Half of each cell our bodies is made up from DNA and the other half is protein." Do you mean literally 50% of each cell is DNA? Or did you mean to say "PART" of each cell is DNA and the rest is protein? Is that 50% by molecular weight, by volume, or what? I must respectfully disagree with this statement of yours.

"Inanimate life, on the other hand, has no such DNA. It's molecular in nature, and has no consciousness." Another thing is that inanimate, unconscious life is also vibrating! Until you get down to absolute zero, which is probably unattainable as it is really the limit of an infinite series, everything still vibrates. Energy won't be destroyed, but it can be diffused, so a small section of the universe can cool down relative to all the rest. But the total amount of energy (whatever that is) in the universe (whatever that is) will stay constant. I guess. :-)

"it's a known and proven scientific axiom that energy never dies. It simply changes form." I didn't know this had been proven. I would accept that we have never yet seen any evidence of energy's complete destruction.

"Everything was once in balance on this planet, but now we live on a globe that's almost 23 degrees off axis," The 23 and 1/2 degree tilt of the earth is what gives us seasons, and also what drives the ocean currents and atmospheric mixing. Do you mean to imply that the earth was originally not tilted and something evil happened due to bad karma that caused it to tilt? I don't agree with this implication.

"In a great nation with the greatest medical advances in history, we suffer (by comparison) more than many others." Our great nation is now leading the world in looting itself to total bankruptcy. I would like to think that most humans alive today are not inherently evil looters, but are simply ignorant of what's going on, and are thus hapless victims and only a small percent are inherently evil looters. The looting of the USA is escalating exponentially. We have so very little time left before it all collapses. Times are really scary.

" Huge paths of bare earth that once held trees which were irresponsibly cut down ..." Our huge forestry business used to brag about how they were replanting trees faster than they were cutting them down. What they didn't tell anybody was that they were replanting with ONLY one particular type of tree, which, 30 years from now (or whenever), when those trees are mature and ready to be harvested, then it will be super-easy to cut them all down with a machine and make maximal profit. Of course, since 100% of the trees in that forest will all be genetically identical, if there is a blight or other tree disease then we are hopelessly fucked and all the trees die. Which is why your average forest has so many different kinds of trees in it in the first place.

"sold overseas by our greedy businessmen to foreign corporations who actually bought the land (with government approval), " I didn't know about this one. I knew we were selling off a lot of our assets to other nations/investors to pay for the dollars we must buy back in order to keep our monopoly money still in use. This is truly evil.

Speaking of human arrogance, I have a simple little test. Ask a randomly chosen other person: what goes through your mind in the split second when you see a speed limit sign on the side of the highway? Is it (a) that law does not apply to me, (b) yes, I know I should obey that law but I can't right now because I am late for an important meeting, (c) I would obey that law but everybody around me is going too fast and forcing me to join the crowd, (d) that law applies to me just like everybody else and I am going to try as hard as I can to obey it because I have a humble attitude. 'Nuff said.

"It's also a universal law that a lower frequency object cannot go to a higher frequency plane as it would disintegrate". This one is most perplexing. I am not aware of this universal law, nor do I know what a "higher frequency plane" means. I think you need to explain this one.

Nevertheless, a worthy effort. Very provocative article.

Bill Fairchild

JohnO says:

Hi ya, Bill:

Good 2 touch base again. And thanx 4 the good words. I'm gonna put your questions in a Q & A format, but I love the fact that you're questioning. You've now pushed me to think further, and this stimulates further growth. Thanx.

The comments about the Forwards, the Intros, etc, were personal. Some really like to read that stuff, but I simply can't be bothered. Whatever has to be said can be (I think) written in the essay/book/etc. itself. Some intro writers drive me nuts. And amen to the page numbers in some books. Could it cost THAT much more to put them on?

Q: " 'Religions seeks to control a man's mind while church seeks to empty his wallet.' A real classic. Did you originate that? I put it into my data base of memorable quotes. Beautiful."

A: Yeah that's a JohnO statement, as it's happened to ALL of us. I feel particularly sorry for people who have been bled out of their life's savings, and now they must struggle through on SS while the cultmasters live out their miserable, useless lives in comfort.

Q: "Higher wavelengths, for example, are displayed on the encephalograph when we're happy. On the other hand, lower wavelengths are displayed when we're depressed, angry, or in grief."

A: Excellent point, because you've brought up the relationship between wavelength and frequency. Since I don't have a "lambda" on my keyboard, I'll have to name it. When we get to such high frequencies like beyond ultra violet we resort to wave length (lambda) as a criterion. Since my background is in audio, I still (by habit) refer to wavelengths in the frequency mode. I have a graph that parallels the two, and I'll download it to you if you want. C (velocity of propagation) = f (frequency) X lambda. So frequency and wavelength are entwined. Most scientists today use the lambda expression, but I guess I'm an old hold out. A shorter wavelength = a higher frequency.

Q: "Half of each cell our bodies is made up from DNA and the other half is protein." Do you mean literally 50% of each cell is DNA? Or did you mean to say "PART" of each cell is DNA and the rest is protein?"

A: The mix, as I understand is about 50/50. Cells don't divide down the middle, but the internal particles intermix. They've been studying this for years with only partial answers, but it seems they've got this part right because they can PROVE their results and now it's an established part of biological science. No one (to my knowledge) has either measured the molecular weight or specific gravity of anyone's cell. They'd all be different anyhow.

Q: "Inanimate life, on the other hand, has no such DNA. It's molecular in nature, and has no consciousness."

A: Absolutely. Another excellent point. This however is a matter of perspective, and how one defines "life." As a general rule, I regard everything as life because of the vibration of the molecular structure. Energy lives. A rock, for example (and one lady asked me about this), is molecular. It's life, but it doesn't think, and that's because there's no DNA in there. There's no intelligence.

Q: "Everything was once in balance on this planet, but now we live on a globe that's almost 23 degrees off axis," The 23 and 1/2 degree tilt of the earth is what gives us seasons, and also what drives the ocean currents and atmospheric mixing."

A: Looking from a physical viewpoint, something cannot spin out of the sun and somehow land at a 23 degree off-axis position. When we spun from the sun, it's logical that we might have a little tilt + a bit of a wobble. But we're way off base here. Yes, the off-axis does give us seasons, etc, but who needs seasons when you can live anywhere you like, travel to a warmer or colder climate whenever you wish simply by moving more north or south. People do it all now. The tilt gives us the angle that produces seasons, etc. But how that angle happened? I don't know.

Q: "it's a known and proven scientific axiom that energy never dies. It simply changes form."

A: This is a formidable theorem, and a tragic one. Energy only changes from one form to another. Smash a U-235 atom with a neutron, and that whole Uranium energy changes. It's called the atomic bomb.

Q: " Huge paths of bare earth that once held trees which were irresponsibly cut down ..." Our huge forestry business used to brag about how they were replanting trees faster than they were cutting them down. What they didn't tell anybody was that they were replanting with ONLY one particular type of tree, which, 30 years from now (or whenever), when those trees are mature and ready to be harvested, then it will be super-easy to cut them all down with a machine and make maximal profit. Of course, since 100% of the trees in that forest will all be genetically identical, if there is a blight or other tree disease then we are hopelessly fucked and all the trees die. Which is why your average forest has so many different kinds of trees in it in the first place."

A: This is an EXCELLENT point Bill, and one that I would recommend anyone to seriously consider. I'm not some sort of crazy conservative when it comes to the environment, but I do consider our planet. If we don't look after it, then our Mother Earth will come back and eat all of us. This is a good point and worthy of a lot of thought from our illustrious gov.

Q: "It's also a universal law that a lower frequency object cannot go to a higher frequency plane as it would disintegrate". This one is most perplexing. I am not aware of this universal law, nor do I know what a "higher frequency plane" means. I think you need to explain this one.

A: Here, I'm talking about a usually lo-freq item (like us) going into a band of ultra gamma rays. Sorry I didn't clarify it better. Gamma rays are X-rays, and we know that constant exposure to them can fry your marbles. In a lower freq sense, take a steel torpid through an RF field, and it will go hot immediately. If left there long enuf, it will glow. I've learned, by painful experience, that you don't mess with the really higher frequencies. E.g. Tesla's output from the series resonant circuitry was up in the RF level, and that wasn't even in the Gamma range.

Q: Speaking of human arrogance, I have a simple little test. Ask a randomly chosen other person: what goes through your mind in the split second when you see a speed limit sign on the side of the highway?

A: You must know me by now, Bill. I'm just a little off-the-graph of crazy. I see the sign of a speed limit? Pedal to the metal.

Thankx for the questions, as this is really good stuff, and you've raised questions that I never thought about.

Take care. JohnO.









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