Worldwide Church of God Pastor General, Herbert W. Armstrong, 85, recently told a number of senior college students at his home that he would not be marrying again even though he was in love. Mr. Armstrong has, during the past few years, been seen in the company of Ramona Martin and many have speculated that they would eventually marry. Mr. Armstrong told the students that both his son, Garner Ted, and his legal counsel, Stanley Rader, have strongly urged him not to remarry as marrying Ms. Martin, a woman approximately 50 years younger than he is, would only lead to much undesirable publicity for the church.

Dr. Charles V. Dorothy, Professor of Theology at Ambassador College, Pasadena and former Dean of Faculty at Ambassador College, Big Sandy, has been relieved of his faculty position by President Garner Ted Armstrong, in spite of his being a tenured Professor. In his Old Testament Survey course, he is to be replaced by that renowned Old Testament scholar and theologian, Ben Chapman. Mr. Chapman received his B.A. from Ambassador College, is a member of the Board of Trustees, a member of the Armstrong family, and is a defunct Data Processing department head.

As one can easily see from a survey of Ben’s academic credentials, President Armstrong made a “wise” move in 11 upgrading” the Pasadena Faculty. This is another encouraging example of President Armstrong’s program of “vigorously pursuing accreditation.” Evidently, Ted has also been equally excited about vigorously pursuing doctrinal research, since he also scrapped the entire Theological Research Project under Dr. Dorothy’s direction. We are certain that both the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and, especially, next year’s Old Testament Survey students will be absolutely thrilled by the “progressive steps” which President Armstrong has taken!