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 Youth Symphony Orchestra Involved in Drive-by Shootings

 The Fundamental Flaw With HWA Is That He Was A Pharisee

 Mental Illness begins in the Church

 Greetings from the Festival Office!

 A Brief History of Herbert W. Armstrong

 Organizational Atrophy And The Worldwide Church of God Monkeys

 Herbert Armstrong, A man of EXTREMES!!!


 The Buffet Churches of God

 Assertive Incompetence: The Conclusion

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Herbert Armstrong can be seen as bad source code of particularly malicious aggressive religious malware, difficult to detect and even more difficult to remove.

Armstrongists aren’t very bright. But they would like you to believe they are.

The Armstrongist Churches of God are not war-like tribes — they are warring tribes, at war with one another, to the point that they not only don’t look Christian or necessarily godly, they look downright barbaric and uncivilized, as though they are waiting for civilization to catch up to them some time in the future — a future which will never come.

Do you trust your Armstrongist minister? Should you trust your Armstrongist minister?

VIP Trust
In one fell swoop, Dr. Stanley Schmidt just described the sociological world of Herbert Armstrong in the Worldwide Church of God

Con Games
Part One

Con Job
Part Two of "Con Games" Above

Ezekiel 37
It's All Rubbish and I Can Prove It!

Daniel 8: A wonderland of Bad Assumptions
The Armstrongists insult God and deny history

Lost Prophecy
Prophecies they should have made

The Last Days
Why would the Armstrong crowd care about incest?

Give until it hurts

How Armstrong got it wrong!

Many people in difficult situations continue to put up with their torment simply because they are even more afraid of what will happen to them if they make a move to change the status quo.

Daniel 9
Herbert W(olf) Armstrong is proved wrong again by Daniel 9 and the inconvenient proof cannot be ignored.

The Plain Truth about Church Eras

Brilliant, smart, clever, shrewd, cunning, witty, sophisticated, precise, complex, accurate — you can be all of those things and more.

2012: Year of Failure
Douglas Becker

From ancient Greek, means extreme pride or arrogance. Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of ones own competence or capabilities, especially when the person exhibiting it is in a position of power.

Monsters Inc
Take Your Disabled Child To The Mall And Abandon Him – Let Someone Else Take Care Of Him

In the 1950s, it was the standard, at least in the United States, that, all things being equal, a man was as good as his word:

The Cult of Herbert Armstrong is full of itself, puffed up in full arrogance, confident in its overweening ego, that the only truth is here with them and you dare not go anywhere else because, if you do, disasters will surely follow, you will be in deep trouble, you will have terrible problems...

The important thing here is for the alpha male Corporate Executive to assert his superior dominance over an underling to maintain Corporate Order and insure the proper image for the Corporate Executive in the hierarchy of the Corporate “monkey tree” where all the executives are striving to be “top banana”

Swindlers have been an endemic epidemic within the Cult of Herbert Armstrong since the 1950s: It isn’t just the leaders and ministers, it’s the members

The Joe Schmo Show
Those of us who have been in the Cult of Herbert Armstrong have lived through our own Joe Schmo Show: It is all fake — the joke is on us.

2013: What Could Possibly Happen Now?
Here at the Painful Truth, we analyze trends and project them forward; we do not predict, prognosticate: We are a non prophet organization.

News Flash: Herbert Armstrong is Dead!
It’s sort of like, you know, Herbert Armstrong is on an extended vacation, maybe in Argentina, along with Hitler, and he’ll return any day now and revitalize...

Bad Neighbor
Herbert Armstrong was certainly a bad neighbor. For the most part, he was a bad neighbor to the Church of God Seventh Day.

What's Ahead for 2014?
2013 should win some sort of weirdness award, particularly because of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong.

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