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Email To The Editor
(Page 105)


I don't see anyplace on your website where you apologized to the people you hurt while you were in leadership at WWCG. It was the self-righteous arrogant men in leadership that caused me pain.. You were one of those men.
You don't blame Herbert W., and others for how you treated people, do you?
Back then you appeared to know what was right for everyone. If anybody disagreed, or questioned, we were treated with an arrogant dismissal. I was one of them. I was fortunate enough to get out within a year.
Ed, You thought you had the, "Truth" back then, and you taught "That truth" to many others. How did you feel back then when others didn't agree with you?? You acted arrogant...
Ed, Now you think you have, "This REAL Truth," and you're hurting people with this continuing saga that seems to have consumed your life. 
You are no innocent victim here. At least not anymore.You used to hurt people by telling them what to think because you thought you knew the "Truth" then ... and now this...you are still hurting people by telling them what to think because you think you know "The truth," now. It's just in little more subtle ways. 
And it's lots and lots of people, over many many years, and you continue to hurt others. How do you know whether or not some of the writings on this website didn't cause people to despair enough to take their own life?  You are being used to spread hopelessness, bitterness, unforgiveness, confusion, and unbelief.
I read some of this website a few years back and it's only gotten darker through the years. It's evil, Ed.
Yes, mankind is greedy and corrupt, in every walk of life! What is it to you? Who appointed you to expose everybody else's sins?  
I would venture to bet that you've not even read much of the bible, or spent time on your knees before your maker in repentance for the role you played in that church, obviously you chose bitterness over earnestly asking for His direction.  When we stand before our Father we won't have anybody else there to point our finger at, Ed. 
Anger & Bitterness can fuel us, but only for a time.

I hope you don't let the enemy keep winning this battle!

Thanks for the letter.

It always makes my day when someone calls me Ed. Great guy! For your information Ed was the original web master and the first editor of the Painful Truth. Since that time there has been three other editors. I am the fifth editor and my name is James.

As to the apology Ed made, it can be found at the bottom of the page HERE. As to the content of your letter, it appears that you have a wide range of complaints about Ed when he was a deacon in the WCG. It would appear that your note is simply a criticism of the Painful Truth. You accuse the Painful Truth of creating and spreading hopelessness, bitterness, unforgiveness, confusion, and unbelief.” The Painful Truth absolutely contests your accusations, and notes that it will not deny information or education to those who seek it out. The readers of the Painful Truth are represented in all professions and careers and who lead productive lives as good citizens of countries around the world. The Painful Truth rejects your allegations as being without foundation and false.

Your feeble attempt as to characterize the former editor as one who is evil, dark, bitter and full of hate is to deny the evil of Armstrong-ism and is an attempt to invoke guilt and repentance for the sins of others. To deny current and former members of the Armstrong empire this information is to deny them the chance of freedom and healing.

I hope this has been helpful,

Painful Truth Editor #5



I am not sure if you are aware of this moron, but I thought you might want to see some of the tripe he speaks. He has been a glutton of the Herby Koolaid.

Here is his website: davidbenariel.org

Thank you for your site, it has been great to view.


The web link does not work, however I am aware of this guy. Another pimp for Armstrong-ism.

Painful Truth Editor #5



From: Alex XXXXXX[mailto:#1moron@cox.net]
Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 1:01 AM
To: painfultruth@comcast.net
founding fathers

You have a pretty limited list of founding fathers.  I love it when secularists like yourself go to such lengths to try and argue a point you can never prove.  The great thing about so many of our founding fathers is the amount of writing they did, which we still have…primary sources of information – you should try reading a primary source sometime instead of relying on someone else’s unreferenced fabrications. 

 You should check out some of the 100 volumes of GW’s writings.  He had over 54 descriptions of God in these writings, including many descriptions of Jesus.  GW attended a Pentecostal Church…last time I checked they don’t preach deism.  His adopted daughter wrote a letter to a chaplain in congress, which said to deny that her father was a Christian would be a great heresy.  His daughter’s name was Nellie Custis – you should read the letter sometime.  Did you forget the events that surrounded G.W.’s inauguration?  Have you read his inaugural address? 

Did you know following his inaugural address George Washington and all of Congress paraded to Church, where they prayed and listened to sermons…by the way it was an official act of Congress that day.  Did you know that the first session of Congress ever, was begun with prayer and study of four chapters of the Bible? Wait a minute – I thought you said they were all deists and atheists?  Why would they perform these religious acts?

Thomas Jefferson used Federal funds for purposes of evangelizing the Indians and building Churches.  He authored a book, called the Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth, commonly known as the “Jefferson Bible”.  He put this book together to easily go thru the words of Jesus in efforts to evangelize the Indians.  It was re-published by Congress starting in 1905 for members to read.  He started the Virginia Bible Society and donated money to it.  Do you know what the term “year of our Lord” means?  Why did Jefferson begin to attach it to official documents of Government?  Every time you write the date, you acknowledge Christ as our savior.  Why would a deist do these things?

How come you don’t mention people like Benjamin Rush, John Langdon, Charles C. Pinkney, Charles Thomson or John Witherspoon in your list of founding fathers?  You know Charles Thompson, the secretary of Congress, who was the only one besides John Hancock to sign the original Declaration of Independence, responsible for the “Thomson Bible” – a 25 year work translating the Greek Septuagint into English.  What about John Witherspoon, founding father who signed the Declaration of Independence, responsible for two American editions of the Bible, including the first family Bible.  You can go on and on – have you ever read the prayer proclamations published in the newspapers by John Adams when he was president?  He called for fasting and prayer in the official Proclamations on numerous occasions for the purpose of attempting to bring unbelievers to their senses and  obey the Gospel…doesn’t sound much like a deist.  What about his son, John Q. Adams, who read the Bible thru completely annually.  While serving as Ambassador, wrote his son 9 lengthy letters about how to study the Bible properly when reading it… it was later published as small book for kids.

Do you know why the founding fathers designed the eye in the triangle, which is now on our money?  It represented the providential “eye of God” in the formation of our country.  Why is “God” in our national motto?

At any rate, these were just a couple of thoughts you should consider – I don’t want to spend a bunch of time here – I’m sure you won’t publish this stuff on your website because you’ll be scared people might read for themselves.  Americans are not as stupid as you assume them to be.  Dig in and read some of our founding fathers original writings – you would have to a have your head stuck in the sand or suffer from invincible ignorance to still believe they were deists or atheists after doing so.  Be careful what you wish for Mr. Painful Truth.  Have you read the work by Alexis de Tocqueville – the original, not the republished version for the “modern reader” like you.  Our constitution, freedoms and way of life will fall apart without the religious foundations upon which it was built.  That’s what Alexis de Tocqueville reported anyhow.  You know France has had 15 constitutions during the same time we have lived under one.  Of course they attempted to live under a completely secular constitution.  Guess that didn’t work out.


Thanks for the letter. You should contact the author of the article(s) as to your concerns.

The articles in question never said ALL the founding fathers were atheists. I question if you even read the article in full. Your understanding is incomplete.

As to your statement: 

"I’m sure you won’t publish this stuff on your website because you’ll be scared people might read for themselves."

 It is not that they "might read for themselves" that you meant, but think for themselves. Correct? Thinking is what the Painful Truth endorses. Think before you write stupid shit like that.

You wrote: 

"Be careful what you wish for Mr. Painful Truth."

Well I don't take kindly to condescending pricks like you. Your a right wing religious fucking whack when you make statements like: 

"Our constitution, freedoms and way of life will fall apart without the religious foundations upon which it was built."

In purely political terms, most people would react to your religious/political-oriented "conjectures” as they would to having a pile of steaming pig shit dumped on their doorstep.

It seems you have learned to hate with a pure and perfect hatred, for all those who offer a framework for discussion and thought. From your mind to the pen, your hatred and self-righteousness is reminiscent of a tyrannical Armstrong minister.

If I decide to publish your rant you will see it on the e-mail page. In the meantime fuck you.


Painful Truth Editor #5

Note: Jefferson wrote: “Christianity will be the ruin of America…” (ca. 1792)
We concur.



I read your story abour Giraldo Rivera interviewing Someone who had a video tape of GTA attempting to have sex with her.  Is there somewhere I can see that tape??


Which video are you talking about? This one?



Well I must say that I'm not really sure where to begin this email. I guess I'm just not certain if you care what I have to say. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to write something with the hope that you can understand where I am coming from, because whether you believe me or not I know exactly how you feel. I have just finished reading your FAQ page and I must admit that it unfortunately brings back memories. Memories of my past and some of the many feelings that I went through for years. As you might assume from me looking at your web page I am quite familiar with the teachings of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. I grew up as a child in the WCG until Mr. Armstrong's death and the ensuing division and confusion which took place soon after. Since I was young (about 12) when my family left WCG, I lived my teenage and young adult years more or less with the rest of the world.
Its a strange thing to think back on it now, but I still have many of the same opinions about life and our existence. Whenever I look at this place, all I see is sorrow. You mentioned the early death of your 1st wife and upon reading the account I was nearly brought to tears. Death is the one thing that you can always count on. Its funny because the one question which many  people ask themselves is, "why am I here?" While I have wondered and realized this question, the more obvious question to me is, "where am I?" Just take a moment to meditate on our position in this ever expanding universe. We don't have much more time in this place to figure things out.  We sit on the precipice of a seemingly futile existence marred by hate and self-seeking.
I guess at this point you are probably wondering what my point is. I'm not here to try and convince you to believe in God or to join a church. I want to encourage you to continue to question everything and search for an answer for the purpose of the life you have. I used to be angry at God and unsatisfied with everything about religion. I was an atheist by most respects and like everyone else I sought after satisfaction, but couldn't find it. So one day I came home late, walked into my backyard, looked up at the sky with tears in my eyes and told God exactly how I felt. I didn't hold back either. I was tired of yearning and desiring and never being satisfied. I was determined to end my life because I saw no point to the meaningless struggle anymore. But I am not a coward, so I decided that even though the task seemed near impossible I was going to research and study to find out if there really was a God. I had to know the truth. I had nothing to lose and I never held a bias towards what the truth was. Over the years I have come to realise that I was the one to blame for most of my misery. In fact all humans are to blame to a certain extant.
I wanted to hopefully push you towards searching for the truth yourself, it seems that you have suffered much in the past and for that I am sorry. I am sorry that you had to lose your wife and that you were betrayed by those you trusted. Please don't waste anymore time harboring hate and feelings of resentment towards those who did you wrong. Instead channel that passion and energy into finding out where you are and why you are here. Life is too short to spend criticizing others, if you can learn to forgive those who hurt you, you can find a greater peace. This website that you have channels your pain and in turn creates pain for others.
Please don't mistake my intentions for writing this letter. This is in no way a threat and I don't want you to feel like you have to respond. I just want you to think about the benefits for hurting others reputations (whether they deserve it or not). I sincerely wish the best for you and your family and I hope that I have not offended you in anyway. I'm sorry that this letter ended up being so long, I just had a lot on my mind. There is a reason for the way things are, don't be discouraged if it takes a while to find it.
Have a good weekend.


If you want to do God's work, go do something to help people and don't worry about any perceived pain of mine. Your not Dr. Laura.

You wrote: I am sorry that you had to lose your wife and that you were betrayed by those you trusted. Please don't waste anymore time harboring hate and feelings of resentment towards those who did you wrong. Instead channel that passion and energy into finding out where you are and why you are here. Life is too short to spend criticizing others, if you can learn to forgive those who hurt you, you can find a greater peace. This website that you have channels your pain and in turn creates pain for others.

First let me clarify this point. The first editor of this site did lose his wife. I am not that person.

You mention that life is too short to spend criticizing others.

Consider what Armstrong-ism is. Armstrong-ism is criminal in that they commit the crime of enslavement and oppression, taking even the substance of life from the children's mouthes.

You call this website a waste of time that channels and creates hate and pain for others.

The refusal to acknowledge the evil of Armstrong-ism is to support the very premise for which it stands. To allow others to suffer because it might be too painful for myself is the path of a coward.

Our purpose is to liberate and to promote understanding and healing for all those poor souls who joined that miserable church cult. Those who are in the process of exiting and for those yet to come out, this site stands.

Good luck on your journey Dan and thanks for writing.

Painful Truth Editor #5


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